Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Player of the Week – Episode 6 (Results)

Each week on Inside Survivor we will be awarding one castaway from the current season the title of Player of the Week. After watching the latest episode fans can vote for which player impressed them the most with their social skills, strategic prowess, craftiness, and creativity. We will keep a tally throughout the season so that we can keep track of who is impressing the most.


Week 1: Jason (14.7%)
Week 2: Caleb (40%)
Week 3: Debbie (42.4%)
Week 4: Caleb (67.8%)
Week 5: Scot (29%)

Yesterday we opened up a fan poll for the Inside Survivor readers to vote on their player of the week for Episode 6 of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn. The winner of that poll and Player of the Week is…


Julia was in a tough spot having been exiled last week at the tribe swap. Returning to the Gondol beach where her ally Anna had been voted out at the previous tribal council, it put her in a precarious position in the game. Despite having a conversation with Peter, who seemed open to working with her, the Brains ultimately decided they were going to stick together. With the target on Julia, she quickly snapped into action and used her knowledge of Peter’s scheming against him by informing Aubry of his underhanded tactics. She also bonded with Scot and Tai and together they aimed their votes at Peter. Aubry eventually decided to switch her vote from Julia to Peter.

By remaining optimistic and using her game knowledge, Julia managed to save herself and that has earned her Player of the Week.

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Full Results:

Julia 383 37.1 %
Aubry 348 33.8 %
Scot 133 12.9 %
Michele 80 7.8 %
Nick 24 2.3 %
Tai 20 1.9 %
Debbie 14 1.4 %
Joe 13 1.3 %
Peter 5 0.5 %
Neal 4 0.4 %
Cydney 4 0.4 %
Jason 3 0.3 %

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Martin Holmes

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15 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Player of the Week – Episode 6 (Results)”

  1. Pleasantly surprised Aubry didn’t win it for this week since I thought she might and I would have strongly disagreed with it. Since in my personal opinion I think she played terribly this week.

    Now the vote itself for Peter was fine. I think you could argue either way whether it was smart to keep him or not. Personally I think he was basically going to be the new Sierra and keep talking about flipping but never act on it and that he wasn’t an issue, but again, you can go either way there.

    The problem in my opinion is how she handled it. If she was going to flip on Peter, she had an opportunity to really lock down an alliance with Scot-Tai-Julia to further herself in the game. She didn’t do that and even when Tai and Julia approached her about Peter targeting her, instead of seriously talking about a long-term alliance she just said “thanks for the heads up.” I understand that she wasn’t sure on her decision but I think that by going back and forth so much on it she sort of squandered an opportunity to get a solid alliance here. As things are now, nobody from her tribe is going to view her as a truly close ally, and I think that’s her fault for not committing to a choice earlier. The lie to Joe was also completely unnecessary and will definitely hurt her relationship with him in the future.

    I’m sure Julia is glad Aubry voted for Peter at the end of the day, but when she thinks about who she owes her priority is definitely going to be to Tai and Scot moreso than Aubry, since they were the ones she had been counting on and Aubry was much more of a mystery. I think that by being noncomittal Aubry kept up the perception of the Brains tribe as the “obstacle.” If she had been more open about forming something more concrete with the others at the start (maybe propose a four person alliance of her, Scot, Tai, and Joe or something) she could have been seen as a potential close ally for most of her tribe. Instead she kept the mindset of “Brawns and Beauty vs Brains” up in the other three’s head even despite her vote, and I think that she and the Brains tribe as a whole will be paying for it next week.

    Just my two cents. I also think Julia handled the tough situation as perfectly as she could have and I’m glad she got credit for it here.

    • You know? Before reading this I thought it was insane for someone to say Aubrey was stupid for voting this way.
      She wasn’t stupid for voting against Peter. She was for not making a solid agreement with Julia and Scott about agreeing to vote together. Maybe she thought she could look like a mastermind taking all the vote in her hands but honestly, the only thing she did was loosing possible alliances for the future and even loosing the current ones.

      Thanks for making me open my eyes Ramsey! I owe you one! Looking forward to see your comments next time (:

    • Couldn’t agree more. Aubry’s social game was awful this week, she has slipped into a cocky state of mind that will bite her in the butt soon. Julia, meanwhile, had a great social game this week. Social gameplay is very important this season

  2. WHY! This makes no sense whatsoever, she only just made it it past the vote. So shouldn’t the player of the week distinction at least go to Aubry the swing vote that saved her! I hope these aren’t just impulsive decisions based on preference, because in my opinion she doesn’t deserve it at all.

    • She only just made it past the vote that was stacked against her by managing to convince Aubry to flip by saying that Peter was coming after her, and before that happened it looked like she might have managed to get Peter to flip. It was all on her own steam. Aubry on the other hand might have alienated Julia by writing her name down, and might have alienated her ally Joe by flipping after telling him to go fix things with Peter.

    • Julia should have been eliminated, logically it was the right move. However not only was she able to bond so closely with Scot in 3 days that he was willing to potentially cause a tie for her, but she also managed to convince Aubry to swing. Now Beauty tribe holds all the power as the seing votes going into the merge.
      Also, by not making a decision until the last minute, Aubry likely lost the trust of Scot, Tai, and Julia, and potentially a little bit of Joe’s trust too. The move worked out for Aubry but she could have done a better job of executing it.

    • I disagree, personally. Scot and Julia played pretty well, securing themselves in a majority grouping before the merge. Aubry willingly put herself in the minority, losing a number in Peter, so I don’t believe she was the best player. Plus, at least with how the edit wants us to see it, it wasn’t Aubry saving Julia, it was Julia saving herself through Aubry. With that in mind, both Scot and Julia deserved Player of the Week over Aubry for their strategic and social play. Ramsey went into a lot more detail about that already, though.

    • While I still voted fro Aubry, Julia was easily my second choice. Just barely making it past is a great thing- because it means that despite being at risk, SHE MADE IT. And many people who have won Survivor, have been those that just barely make it past a LOT of votes.

  3. Julia is a good Survivor but didn’t deserve this poll.

  4. Julia? Why? What did she do to earn this? I think Scot should’ve won this since he was the one who got Aubry to vote for Peter. And even Aubry would’ve been more deserving since it was her vote that saved Julia. Julia did basically nothing.

  5. Really? Julia? Yeah she survived after being the big target, but she had no control of anything that happened to her. Peter talked to her then abandoned her, then Scot and Tai brought her into their alliance and also almost abandoned her. Scot and Aubry were much were deserving, since without either of them Julia would’ve been out of the game. Although Aubry is debatable since she kind of contradicted herself a lot this episode and her plan was to vote out Julia, but she ended up voting out Peter because of her own paranoia.


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