Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Player of the Week – Episode 3 (Results)

Each week on Inside Survivor we will be awarding one castaway from the current season the title of Player of the Week. After watching the latest episode fans can vote for which player impressed them the most with their social skills, strategic prowess, craftiness, and creativity. We will keep a tally throughout the season so that we can keep track of who is impressing the most.


Week 1: Jason (14.7%)
Week 2: Caleb (40%)

Yesterday we opened up a fan poll for the Inside Survivor readers to vote on their player of the week for Episode 3 of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn. The winner of that poll and Player of the Week is…


Debbie, the chemist from Reading, Pennsylvania, has certainly made a big splash in the first three episodes of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. The first two weeks it was easy to write her off as Coach/Phillip style novelty act that was there simply for the editors to have fun with. But this week Debbie proved to be more than meets the eye, as a shrewd player emerged from beneath the goofy exterior. She was shown to have a good read on the tribe dynamics, recognizing that Liz and Peter wanted to use her for their own benefit. While Debbie could have certainly laid back and allowed them to “carry” her through the game, she instead stepped up to take control. Already tightly aligned with fellow older tribemate Joe, she used her connection with Aubry to align herself and Joe with the Aubry/Neal tandem. This gave Debbie a majority and allowed her and her alliance to dictate the vote.

Two weeks ago it seemed like the older pair were on the outs, but now Debbie has put herself in a very strong position going forward, and that has earned her Player of the Week.

Full Results:

Debbie 707 42.4 %
Caleb 528 31.7 %
Alecia 120 7.2 %
Tai 94 5.6 %
Neal 50 3 %
Jason 42 2.5 %
Cydney 36 2.2 %
Anna 31 1.9 %
Aubry 17 1 %
Julia 13 0.8 %
Michele 8 0.5 %
Nick 6 0.4 %
Liz 5 0.3 %
Peter 4 0.2 %
Scot 3 0.2 %
Joe 2 0.1 %

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Martin Holmes

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10 responses to “Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Player of the Week – Episode 3 (Results)”

  1. Can someone please explain to me what Caleb did this last episode to earn himself 31%? Stop voting to him just because he was in big brother.

    • I don’t get it either :/// we haven’t really seen much from him in terms of strategy, i think from the beauty Anna or Tai deserve to rank better

    • It’s not because he was on big brother, everyone hated him on BB so don’t say that. He has played a strong social game when it comes to Tai and has been edited as a ‘hero” of the season. He is a loyal, nice, strong person that people want to align with, don’t jump to conclusion.

      • No, I don’t think anyone is jumping to an amiss conclusion. It’s clear that Caleb’s voting numbers are not in keeping with his performance this week. He gets 528 when Tai gets 94? Tai is getting as much of a hero edit and found the idol… its clear something is odd with Caleb’s votes. That’s not to say he played badly this week, but he didn’t do anything to be considered in the same voting tier as Debbie.

    • He’s the only contestant I believe that is actually promoting this & asking people to vote for him. Adding that he has a bigger fan base due to his BB past he’s likely win any vote as long as he’s in the game when there isn’t an “obvious” winner

  2. Debbie deserved this win. She wrecked the the game of quite possibly the most arrogant player ever in “Peter Obama”, and she sent a message by eliminating Liz his partner in hopeful world domination. The credit of course has to be given to Debbie no one else, she capitalized on the narcissism of her opponents and quickly form an alliance to boot Liz by playing with emotional intelligence. I think maybe…Peter will learn a lesson from this, in Survivor you can play people like sheep (most notably Boston Rob in Redemption Island), but you can’t treat people like that.

  3. I think Caleb gets votes for several reasons. Maybe BB, maybe his looks, he is strong and puts out 100%, but I also think that he has been getting votes because he is nice. He never bashes anyone and the fact that he is a Christian may have that community watching a show that they normally would not watch due to the bad language.
    But DEBBIE is amazing each week. To be so little and determined is impressive. Many are worthy of the votes, and it is up to their family and friends and fans to get the vote out.

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