Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Season (Fan Poll)

Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance came to end this past Wednesday when Jeremy Collins was crowned the latest Sole Survivor. Throughout the season we have been running a Player of the Week poll after each episode (you can see the weekly results below). However, now it is time to vote for your Player of the Season. Who impressed you the most with their gameplay over the course of the season?

Vote below on who you think was Player of the Season for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance.


Player of the Week Results

Week 1: Kelley Wentworth (Inside Survivor pick) | Kelley Wentworth (Readers pick – 53.7%)
Week 2: Jeff Varner (Inside Survivor pick) | Jeff Varner (Readers pick – 52.69%)
Week 3: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (56.68%)
Week 4: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (34%)
Week 5: Jeremy Collins | Kimmi Kappenberg (50.74%)
Week 6: Ciera Eastin | Ciera Eastin (55.1%)
Week 7: Jeremy Collins | Ciera Eastin (20.7%)
Week 8: Kelley Wentworth | Kelley Wentworth (80.6 %)
Week 9: Stephen Fishbach | Stephen Fishbach (57.5%)
Week 10/11: Spencer Bledsoe | Spencer Bledsoe (40.2%)
Week 12: Kelley Wentworth | Kelley Wentworth (34.5%)
Week 13: Tasha Fox | Spencer Bledsoe (47.9%)

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One response to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Season (Fan Poll)”

  1. You know Jeremy’s not liked as a winner when even Kimmi’s got more votes than him.. xD (As of right now, Dec. 22nd, 2:00 PM EST)

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