Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 5

Each week on Inside Survivor we will be naming one castaway from the current season the title of Player of the Week. After reviewing the latest episode, we will determine which player impressed us the most with their social skills, strategic prowess, craftiness, and creativity. We will keep a tally throughout the season so that we can keep track of who is impressing the most.


Week 1: Kelley Wentworth (Inside Survivor pick) | Kelley Wentworth (Readers pick – 53.7%)
Week 2: Jeff Varner (Inside Survivor pick) | Jeff Varner (Readers pick – 52.69%)
Week 3: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (56.68%)
Week 4: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (34%)

Yesterday we opened up a fan poll for the Inside Survivor readers to vote on their player of the week for Episode 5. Currently leading the fan poll is…

kimKimmi Kappenberg with 53.2 %

Inside Survivor’s choice for Player of the Week for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Episode 5 is…

jezboatJeremy Collins

Here is what the Inside Survivor contributors had to say about Jeremy Collins after Episode 5:

Martin: While Kimmi certainly had a break-out episode, and a definite hand in the vote, I’m not sure if she made the right decision for her game. There may have been somewhat of a personality clash between Kimmi and Monica, but overall Monica was loyal to Kimmi and wanted to include her in her plans. Jeremy, on the other hand, remains the go-to-guy on Bayon. The plan was brought to him for his verdict. Disposing of Monica now takes out someone that would likely come after Jeremy later in the game. Jeremy is keeping allies, voting out enemies, and has an idol in his pocket.

Shawn: This was a great week on Survivor unless you’re Monica Padilla. Jeremy was willing to play the long game and vote out Monica, severing ties with an original member of the Bayon tribe. His calling the shots at Bayon was the determining factor in who went home. Jeremy has set himself up well with many strong alliances and looks to be in a great position

Jacob: Jeremy, by all apparent means, is in a great position right now. Idol in his pocket, diligent majority alliance, and he’s an upstanding guy! I find myself nervous for his long-term game, but for now, he’s done a great job.

Rob: My first instinct was to vote for Kimmi for player of the week, because of her breakout star edit, but thinking about it more, Jeremy really is the one coming out better. Monica was loyal to Kimmi, and the girl’s alliance was a good idea – especially because it would have only benefitted Kimmi’s game more. Monica was eventually gunning for Jeremy if this girls alliance came to fruition. He definitely used Kimmi’s distrust of Monica to his advantage and went along with that blindside, thus helping him get rid of a player who could have been a potential liability for him later in the game.


Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

7 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Week – Episode 5”

  1. Totally agree on this one! I don’t see how Kimmi is the player of the week, since she made a stupid move for her game, even though it was good TV and a greatly-executed blindside.

  2. I totally disagree with the choice of Jeremy as the player of the week, we have to give credit when credit is due. It was Kimmi that created the plan to vote out Monica, not Jeremy, they simply said yes because that’s good for them, but it is also good for Kimmi, being in a tight alliance with alpha males protects her in a Merge situation instead of being the strongest on a female alliance, plus she didn’t like Monica, this was totally a Kimmi episode, the problem is that we never expected this ability to strategize in her.

  3. How is Jeremy player of the episode when he threw a challenge? He sat out a pivotal immunity challenge and lost reward. He also voted off Monica (an absolute non threat) and kept Spencer (challenge beast) which could bite him in the ass later on. If this is what you have to do to win player of the week, I am shaking my head in utter disbelief!

    • Jeremy said from Day 1 that he wanted to keep all the big challenge threats as allies. It’ why he wanted an alliance with Savage and Joe and Keith and Tasha. It’s why he wants Spencer in the game.

      Come the merge, If Joe, Spencer, Savage, Woo, Terry, Tasha and Keith are all still in the mix, they are all more prolific challenge competitors than Jeremy has proven himself to be. They are an army of 7 meat shields in front of him as threats to everyone else, and even better, they all can’t win immunity before every tribal council. Only one person (at most two) can win individual immunity, meaning one of them is always liable to go out each week, and before him (at least as far as he’s concerned).

      Furthermore he has an idol in his pocket nobody is aware of and has networked with the people that aren’t huge challenge threats like Stephen, Kass, Ciera, and he at least should have an in with Kelley coming from the season (her also having an idol could be an unexpected benefit to him too). The players he is keeping around are easy to shift targets onto while a player like Monica come the merge is going to be difficult to ouster because there are always going to be more pressing physical threats.

      He’s setting up for a game where he is the least threatening player on the board, which is a difficult, if not impossible to do given how physically strong he looks. That being said, he is doing the best job of it he possibly can do.

  4. THANK YOU for picking the actual best player and not just the best edit 🙂 I couldn’t agree more about Jeremy’s position on the tribe!

  5. In no way, shape or form Kimmi was the player of the week. She completely blew up a perfect side-alliance with Monica/Kelly, one that could’ve ACTUALLY made her the king-pin over at Bayon (She’d have been dancing between Jeremy/Stephen and Monica/Kelly). She should’ve pushed for Spencer to go. Thanks for keeping Jeremy who’s beautifully buttering-up the competition and was truly this episode’s Player Of the Week.

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