Rumored Survivor Season 34 Cast

Inside Survivor recently revealed information regarding seasons 33 and 34 of Survivor. The upcoming cycle of seasons will film in Fiji, with the 34th edition featuring returning players. Casting is currently underway; a round of finals took place this past weekend in Los Angeles. Below is a list of former players rumored to have attended finals.

UPDATE 05/31/16 – The Final S34 Cast Revealed.

Note: This is NOT the final cast. Between 30-40 people are invited to finals before CBS eventually cut down the short-list to a final cast of 18/20. But all of these players are in contention. We will add more as we hear.

Age: 24 | Season: Cagayan | Placement: 12th

Age: 26 | Season: Redemption Island, Caramoan | Placement: 5th, 7th

Age: 29 | Season- Kaoh Rong | Placement- Runner-Up

Age: 28 | Season: Kaoh Rong | Placement: 15th (Medevac)

Age: 54 | Season: Worlds Apart | Placement: Co-Runner-Up

Age: 30 | Season: One World | Placement: 2nd Runner-Up

Age: 45 | Season: Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains | Placement: 4th, 3rd, 17th

Age: 40 | Season: Guatemala | Placement: Winner

Age: 50 | Season: Kaoh Rong | Placement: 9th

Age: 44 | Season: Fiji | Placement: Winner

Age: 26 | Season: Worlds Apart | Placement: 11th
Age: 50 | Season: Australian Outback, Cambodia | Placement: 10th, 17th

Age: 31 | Season: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains | Placement: Winner, 10th

Age: 32 | Season: Blood vs. Water | Placement: 13th

Age: 28 | Season: San Juan Del Sur | Placement: 6th

Age: 54 | Season: Cook Islands, Micronesia, Philippines | Placement: 7th, 15th (Medevac), 7th

Age: 37 | Season: Cagayan | Placement: 9th

Age: 29 | Season: Philippines, Caramoan | Placement: 4th, 9th

Age: 54 | Season: Nicaragua | Placement: 11th

Age: 39 | Season: Worlds Apart | Placement: Winner

Age: 45 | Season: One World, Blood vs. Water | Placement: 14th, Runner-Up

Age: 29 | Season: San Juan Del Sur | Placement: Winner

Age: 40 | Season: Micronesia | Placement: 4th

Age: 34 | Season: Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific | Placement: Runner-Up, 9th, 4th

Age: 35 | Season: Kaoh Rong | Placement: 12th

Age: 38 | Season: One World | Placement: Runner-Up

Age: 41 | Season: Pearl Islands, Heroes vs. Villains | Placement: Winner, Winner

Age: 32 | Season: Cagayan | Placement: 11th

Age: 26 | Season: South Pacific | Placement: Winner

Age: 52 | Season: Kaoh Rong | Placement: 2nd Runner-Up

Age: 54 | Season: One World | Placement: 8th

Age: 42 | Season: Cagayan | Placement: Winner

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  1. Very curious cast. Is this an attempt at a regular All Stars v2? Lots of winners in this mix. Danni, Natalie, Mike, Sophie, Earl would be great to have back! Really want Nat Bolton, LJ, Debbie, Chelsea, Hali, Caleb, and Alexis back

    • Penner is on this list, YESS!!! Please bring him back, PLEASE!!!! I love his voice and he is sooooo nice to look at!
      (Not all Survivor fans are in their 20s, okay?)

  2. this may be the most excited I’ve been for a cast yet and it isn’t even finished. I’m so hyped holy moly.

  3. They could make a Winner vs Jury vs Pre-Jury (or Merge vs Pre-Merge instead of Jury vs Pre-Jury).
    Three-time players shouldn’t be in. I mean, enough of Ozzy and Cirie!
    Caleb, Mama C, Jon and Tai are probably in.
    Tony should be in this season, but I think he may be voted out soon unless he plays his Kumbaya Kass version of himself, which I doubt it would work.
    I would love so see some pre-merge boots back, but I doubt Alexis or John would play better this time around. And Peter was just unlikeable.
    Natalie B. would be someone fun to watch!
    And I doubt Sandra would survive her first tribal. But I would love to see her getting her 3rd title.

    I hope they get Anna (32), Kelley (29, 31), Kass (28, 31) and RC (25) back. Kass would be, once again, unpredictable!

    • That’s what season thirty-one was for. Regardless of how often people on this list played, there’s only a couple that I wouldn’t be thrilled to see compete, and the other few I wouldn’t mind so much as well.

    • I agree strongly about having played twice or more already. But I’d like to see past winners if it’s a group or tribe of them. Of course, we’d all like an all winner season, but I don’t think they can manage that.

    • I was just hoping that more people who didn’t make it on season 31 could play in this season.In particular Jim Rice Shane TBird Sabrina. Hopefully Troyzan makes it on this time.

      • I want Sabrina to have another chance to play so badly. In any other season, she would have won, I believe.

  4. I hope Brenda is in casting finals, otherwise excited about Malcolm, Cirie, Sandra, John C, Jon Misch and Marty

    • Brenda looks good… and that gives her a 12 day extension to her very lame game.

      Don’t get me wrongly… she’s a nice person and all that, but she lacks the killer instinct to take the game over and run it like it a boss.

    • Why Brenda again? I love her, but… And I don’t think she would, after last time. Malcolm? please baby jesus no. twice was more than enough. Cirie we all worship, but three times was good. Sandra’s twice should be preserved as such.

  5. […] I am surprised they are doing another returnees season, but this will not be a fan vote this time. This is NOT the final cast. Between 30-40 people are invited to finals before CBS eventually cut down the short-list to a final cast of 18/20. But all of these players are in contention. Some have played 3 times, some have played twice, some have only played once, and some have won. Check it out I wanna hear you guys thoughts. Rumored Survivor Season 34 Cast | Inside Survivor […]

  6. Any word on whether this is a full or half all-star season?
    Here are my thoughts on this cast
    Alexis- Very good.
    Andrea-She gave me a very good surprise last time. Good.
    Caleb- I would much rather Neal before Neal again, but this is fine. I would have preferred him for a Philippines like season. I am still glad he is returning.
    Carolyn- Not happy.
    Chelsea- I hope if she makes it then she is the first boot.
    Cirie- Three times should be the limit. At least she pays a good strategic game and she isnot placed on a tribe with two allies from last season again.
    Danni- goo
    Earl- Yes
    Hali- Not too interested despite that I liked her in Worlds Apart.
    J.T.- After his spectacular fail in Heroes Vs. Villains not interested.
    John cody- Not interested.
    Jon Misch- Yes.
    Malcolm- Overrated player in every category but he is still very good and deserves a third shot. Very good.
    Marty- Fine
    Mike- I will probably root for him. Go Mike go!
    Monica- Too little strategic game and I am not interested.
    Natalie- Very overrated winner, but still a very good player. I would be fine with her playing again.
    Natalie B. I can see her winning.
    Ozzy- I was sick of him in South Pacific. I have no interest in seeing him play again.
    Peter- Not interested.
    Sandra- Please be the first one voted out. She does deserve to return.
    Troyzan- Kind of interested. I did vote for him last time.
    Sarah- She had real potential.
    Sophie- yay.
    Tai- I am tired of watching Tai. At least I like his chicken, but not enough for his top ally, Tai, to come back.
    Tony-Hooray! The only problem is I want him to play with Spencer again, but that would still be possible. One of the only Vs seasons (Redemption Island, Guatemala, and South Pacific) seasons I would want to see is Tony vs. Spencer.

      • I just saw a red herring winner. She was trying to use Rodney as a shield, but Rodney used her as a shield. Exit interviews constantly attacked her. Most importantly she was on the axis of evil alliance, the group that would have made me turn Survivor off if not for Mike.

  7. Why do we need to bring back 8 past winners??/ Some of the cast looks GREAT…Chelsea….Carolyn….Natalie Bolton….Marty…LOVE Marty, but Hali and Alexis???? why them??? and why do we need Ozzy back for a fourth time….i mean, atleast Cirie is a FANTASTIC strategic player. This cast has Major waves of iffyness for me.John Cordy did nothing for me….Monica prob wont make the merge for a second time…..OF the past winners….I’d LOVE to see Danni, Earl, Mike, Natalie A, Sophie and Tony back. Sandra coming back for a 3rd time is a HUGE mistake….she’ll be one of the first out of her tribe, Guarenteed, and then her “BEST PLAYER EVER” status is gone.

  8. This is absolutely the most repulsive cast I’ve ever seen.

    Sandra, having won twice, coming back for a third time. REALLY?
    Peter, Mike, Hali all EW.
    Not looking forward to seeing JT again.

    This cast will ruin Survivor.

  9. Some good, some bad, some really bad.
    My eyes are so bad :/ when I got to Debbie’s line I was sure for a second it said “Placement: 7” and I was like damn, surprise spoiler lol

  10. Yay: Carloyn, Danni, Natalie A, Sandra, Sophie, Debbie, Earl, Jon H, LJ and Tony.
    Could be interesting: Cirie, Natalie B, Marty, Peter.
    Meh: Alexis, Andrea, Chelsea, Hali, John C, Malcom and Tai.
    They obviously had to come back 🙁 Caleb, J.T, Mike and Troyzan.
    Why? : Monica, Sarah, Ozzy.

  11. Lots of names I’m glad to see, but several WTF’s. Alexis, like really? Hali? I really hate when they try to bring back these cute young girls just for fun

  12. I think this cast looks realistic. I could see Anna joining more of a Second Chance Season then just a kind of random returning player season. But otherwise I am a little bit surprised to not see her here.

  13. My reaction to a good number of these is ‘pls no.’ Ozzy?????? Again??????? And then a bunch of frustrating people who didn’t do anything.

    Some of these would be great though. JT back to redeem himself after HvV, Tony (‘nough said), Troyzan, Danni, etc.

  14. I don’t think much of the possibilities. Least interesting casting option is Dannii boat wright – she gave the camera nothing first time around, and second time around could be as big a disappointment as Kelly Wigglesworth was in S31. Some survivors just shouldn’t be cast again. As much as I love Ozzie, Cerie and Andrea they’ve played multiple times, as has Monica so it’s a no from me for them too. I hope sean Ricther and John Carroll get an opportunity, Caleb and Earl, and I’m sure I’ll come up with others if given sometime to think.

    • YES PLEASE. Would LOVE to see her play again and this time get to FTC and win.
      Although I think S34 is too early.

  15. My immediate reaction is that this is a VERY new-school heavy cast. Barely anyone from the early seasons.

  16. 4 tribes of 5:
    Winners- Sandra, Earl, Mike, Danni, Sophie/Natalie
    Runner ups- Carolyn, Ozzy, Chelsea, Monica, 1 man not on list
    Jury members- Cirie, Natalie B, Troyzan, Tai, Malcom
    Pre jury- Hali, John, Caleb, 1 man and 1 woman not on list.

  17. Alexis – I’m okay with her
    Andrea – Alright
    Caleb – Great!
    Carolyn – Okay
    Chelsea – YES
    Cirie – 100000000000000000 times yes
    Debbie – Love her
    Earl – Love him
    Hali – Who again?
    J.T. – NO
    John – YES
    Jon – YES
    LJ – YAAAS
    Malcolm – No, please.
    Marty – Like him
    Mike – GREAT
    Monica – What would Monica do this time? Remco wants Monica in
    Natalie A. – Yes, yes, yes
    Natalie B. – 2nd favorite, wanted her back for a long time
    Ozzy – Go away.
    Peter – yes4cockydoctor
    Sandra – Love her, but I don’t think she should play again
    Sarah – Get her in and get her brutally blindsided again
    Sophie – No
    Tai – Great
    Troyzan – No
    Tony – YES

    WHERE are J’Tia and Alecia tho and if Danni and Bolton don’t make it I’m going to cry

  18. I’m surprised that Alecia isn’t on here. The producers seemed to like her.
    Why on earth would Ozzy ever be invited back? 4th time players are awful. Same goes for Cirie I suppose, but at least she was likable so I wouldn’t mind seeing her.
    I hope Carolyn and Troyzan make it. I don’t support the idea that people who didn’t make it last time just because they didn’t make it, but I think those two deserve it.
    As long as they don’t bring back Ozzy this could be a great season.

  19. I wholly expect the former winner yet not mentioned is, Mrs. Marianno.
    I suspect she’s done being an “expecting mother” and lord knows that family only knows one way to make their own money. Rob is “played out”, but Amber still has the rockin’ body Survivor casts.

    Whether you like her or not (or her husband), she is a marketable commodity in Survivordom.

  20. My initial reaction is that there are a LOT of three time players here, and if this stayed the same, there would be two new four time players in Ozzy and Cirie.

  21. Please no Sandra. I love her and it’s unfair to put her in there and get voted out first, plus she needs her perfect record

  22. Alexis – wasn’t a big fan of her.
    Andrea – really enjoyed her social and strategic play in season 26 so I’d enjoy seeing her again.
    Caleb – deserves to return, probably will.
    Carolyn – kind of annoying.
    Chelsea – good player, good to look at
    Cirie – love her, but doubt she would make it very far due to her reputation as such a dynamic strategic player.
    Danni – she was so boring to watch win, Steph should have won so please don’t bring her back.
    Debbie – I mean, I guess
    Earl – underated winner because of such a bad season. Would love to see him play again.
    Hali – why? She did nothing.
    JT – one of my favorite winners but he didn’y do to well in HvV but if he plays like he did back in season 17 then I’d love to see him.
    John – he got screwed by Culpepper, but he looked like he had potential to be a great player. I’d welcome him back.
    Jon – funny guy, bring him back.
    LJ – probably the second best player, other than Tony of course, from Cagayan. Needs to come back.
    Malcolm – likeable player, very good challenge threat. Won’t sure if he would make it far, but hope he makes it.
    Marty – great strategic player, got screwed by the young players in season 21.
    Mike – great winner, hope he plays.
    Monica – shes such a bad strategic player, she got carried by Tyson and Gervase. Please do not bring her back.
    Natalie A – hated her in Amazing Race, but she was enjoyable to watch win so I’d like seeing jer again.
    Natalie B – devious player, would be great to see her
    Ozzy – he was so annoying to watch in season 23, but he is such a good challenge player. I would still not like to see him back again.
    Peter – if he comes back I will be very angry. Good strategist but I hes just annoying
    Sandra – GOAT but no way she makes it far.
    Sarah – underated player, got brutally blindsided so she deserves to return.
    Sophie – didnt really like her
    Tai – would be good for ratings, I like him
    Troyzan – i don’t think I could handle him for another season. He was OK in season 24.
    Tony – NEEDS to come back. Top 10 winner.

  23. Alexis-Didn’t care
    Caleb-YES PLEASE
    Ozzy-Please no 3 times is enough
    JT-If he gets on again he’d better find a way to redeem himself from that dumb move he made in HVV
    Chelsea-YES PLEASE
    Tony-Okay let’s see if he redeems himself
    Cirie-Love her but 3 times is enough
    Natalie A-not surprised hopefully she can win me over if she makes it on
    Jon Misch-YES PLEASE
    Natalie B-UGH!
    Danni-meh didn’t care
    Sandra-Loved her but don’t want her on this season
    Malcolm-YES PLEASE
    Hali-Didn’t care

  24. Desde Argentina y siendo parte de un grupo fan de Survivor les pedimos que este esta vez SI O SI Natalie Bolton!!! Merece volver y es necesaria!!!!! GRACIAS!!!

  25. I love that Cirie may come back. I hope she gets the win since she was so close to winning in Micronesia and Panama. Excited that Natalie Bolton might come back!

    • Well, South Pacific has a boring theme. And most of the cast have boring gameplays too (Coach, Ozzy etc). Sophie is a smart player and deserves to play again with a more strategic cast.

  26. Excited to see some of them back.I feel like Hayden should be one of them and Sandra should not come back,even though she was considered for the first blood vs water but was ultimately cut

  27. No more 4 tie players please! Seen enough of Ozzy & Cirie! Even though I like Cirie. Hopefully T-Bird can find a way onto the final cast before it’s too late. In a few more years she’ll be out of the running. Survivor doesn’t cast many women her age. Wouldn’t mind seeing Chaos Kass, Wentworth, Anna Khait, Rodney, S22 Holly, Neleh Dennis, John Carroll, or Jim Rice make it on either. Glad Jenn Brown isn’t on the list.

  28. I’m just going to say yes or no, yet I am hesitant with my decisions for some. Many of these are “ehh”.

    Alexis – Yes
    Andrea – Yes
    Caleb – No
    Carolyn – No
    Chelsea – No
    Cirie – Yes
    Danni – Yes
    Debbie – No
    Earl – Yes
    Hali – Yes
    J.T. – Yes
    John – Yes
    Jon – Yes
    LJ – Yes
    Malcolm – Yes
    Marty – Yes
    Mike – No
    Monica – No
    Natalie A. – No
    Natalie B. – Yes
    Ozzy – Yes
    Peter – Yes
    Sandra – No (If she makes it and doesn’t win, her reputation would be scarred)
    Sarah – Yes
    Sophie – Yes
    Tai – Yes?
    Troyzan – No
    Tony – Yes

    • I just realized that when I copy/pasted this from above me, the person left several players off the list.

  29. Shocked to see Peter on the list. Hoping for someone like Sean Rector to return but chances are they won’t bring him back.

  30. I doubt Sandra will make the final cut. Would like to see Jim Rice, Tbird, Reynolds, .
    Definitely excited about Troyzan, Earl, Sarah, .
    I don’t care if they have a couple 4th timers, as long as its a great player like Cirie.

  31. Why Peter? I like 32 cast, but Peter was the worst. I would love to see Malcolm, Brenda, Cirie, both Natalie A nad B., John and a lot of people from 32 (Caleb, Tai, Debiie, Anna, I love them all, except of Peter).

  32. While I like some of the people on cast, I’m honestly suprised that some people were even thought of being brought back. I was never a huge HalI fan and do we really need Ozzy a fourth time? I’d be okay with Cirie, but Ozzy? I’m a but disappointed there’s no Max up here; I’d rather see him instead of JT. And the fact that people are considering bringing back Peter over Neal honestly disgusts me.

    • I also don’t want to see Sandra back because as much as I love her, I don’t want her legacy to be ruined as a first boot. Everyone would gun for her.

      • I am extremely less dissapointed knowing that Penner and Aubry or candidates. Now if we could get Neal and maybe Max I will be a very happy man

  33. From the amount of the previous winners in that list, it looks like the theme could be “Winners vs. X vs. Y”. As much as I would love to see some of them again, I’d rather save them for an all-winners season some day.

    Alexis – why? If you wanna bring back someone from pre-merge, bring someone who was interested or has some potential, lika Anna or Alecia from S32 or Tracy from S16. Alexis = just a pretty face
    Andrea – first time boring, second time pleasant surprise, but I don’t need to see her again
    Caleb – Ok
    Carolyn – Ok
    Chelsea – Another pretty face, who got to the end and did nothing. I see no potential there
    Cirie – LOVE HER! would like to see her again, although maybe I would save her for some farewell season
    Danni – was a bit boring, I’d rather see Denise or Kim
    Debbie – Yes
    Earl – see Danni, I would prefer seeing Yul or Todd
    Hali – likeable, but not very interesting, I’d prefer Jenn from S30
    JT – don’t need to see him for 3rd time
    John – didn’t do much, but I like him, I see some potential in him
    Jon – not very smart, for me only one-season character, wouldn’t bring him back
    LJ – a little disappointment, but ok
    Malcolm – LOVE HIM! See Cirie
    Marty – Ok
    Mike – Yes
    Monica – No: first time voted out early and did nothing, second time got to the end and still did nothing (only had full mouth of how she would make big moves for her, and nada)
    Natalie A – Yes
    Natalie B – YES! Please, let it finally happen…
    Ozzy – NOOO!!!
    Peter – interesting, but too arogant without a chance to win, would prefer to see Jason (I hate him, but he’s a much more interesting villain with higher potential)
    Sandra – save her for all-winners season
    Sarah – a little disappointment, but ok
    Sophie – boring
    Tai – Ok
    Troyzan – Ok
    Tony – Ok

    I hope the list isn’t complete, there are still many players I would like to see: Hayden (S27), Reynold (S26), Josh (S29), Holly (S21), Twila (S09), Sierra, Erinn (S18), at least one of the trio Aubrey/Michelle/Cydney

  34. Ugh, no more Cirie! How about if you’ve already been on THREE TIMES, you can’t play any more.


    • So you have a rule that Sandra can’t be cast? Why?

      If I could take it from the list of finalists and handpick one person who CBS is then forced to cast, I’d choose Sandra.

  35. The female cast here could be amazing. Sarah, Sandra, Danni, Alexis, Sophie, Cirie, both Natalies and Debbie would be good. Hali might be alright, but I’d much prefer Angie Layton. The male cast looks awful. Outside of Tony, Earl, Jon and Malcolm, these are all people that are either overrated, from bad seasons or were already rejected (Troyzan). Why Peter and not Liz? She has so much more potential. Where is Shane? They owe him BIG. And who’s asking to see John Cody again? Or Andrea for that matter? Where’s the love for the older seasons? I demand Shii Ann, Neleh or someone like Silas again. And if were going with the ugly beauty can we have Brice instead of that Yau Man wannabe Tai. As I said ladies are killing it but it’s obvious Jeff’s faves made the list on the guy side.

  36. If Sandra gets back she will go out first so there is pretty much no point in that. I don’t think Debbie should come back because she was so over the top and exciting this season that if you have her two seasons in a row it will be to much. Caleb totally deserves another shot but I would also love to see Sierra Reed and Alecia Holden come back because they had a rough time on their seasons and it would be interesting to see them come back.

  37. Alexis- I don’t think she deserves it but i’d rather see her then most of the other Females
    Andrea- YES, I would love to see her play again
    Caleb- I am totally on board with this. As long as he is Caleb not “beast mode”
    Carolyn- Don’t like her, but better then some of the others
    Chelsea- My top female pick on the list
    Cirie- NO way. One was bad, two was worse, 3 should be her death
    Danni- Interesting that she is here but I like her
    Debbie- I’m still trying to figure out how to make it through this season with out breaking my screen cause of her
    Earl- Sure why not
    Hali- I like her and would love to see her again
    J.T.- He’s one of my top 5 winners so yeah
    John cody- YES. He wasmy favorite when he played last time and I was hoping he’d be on second chances
    Jon Misch- Happy he answered his voicemail
    L.J.- He should make it
    Malcolm- Top Male pick
    Marty- I didn’t like him the first time so no thanks
    Mike- I like him and i’d be interesting to see him play with a stronger cast
    Monica- NO WAY
    Natalie- Most hated winner please leave her gone
    Natalie B. I hope she makes it and goes out first
    Ozzy- I love Ozzy but I think he is done. I think a fourth try would be a mistake
    Peter- Don’t care one way or the other as long as he doesn’t take the spot of some one who really deserves it
    Sandra- No twice was 2 times to many
    Troyzan- He’d be ok but not sure excited
    Sarah- I’d be ok with seeing her again
    Sophie- Didn’t think she’d come back but i’m ok with it
    Tai- I don’t like him now and I doubt i’ll like him in a year so no
    Tony- Wonder how he’ll do with a cast that has seen him play

  38. Very cool! Hoping to see all the HvV return (and Sandra to win again). I want to see all the people who played twice and the people who would be considered “queens” and “legends” from older seasons back.

  39. They could do an “Outwit vs Outplay vs Outlast” season.
    Outwit: Tribe of players known for their strategic play: Cirie, Malcolm, Natalie etc
    Outplay: Tribe of players who excelled in the challenges: Ozzy, Caleb etc
    Outlast: Tribe of finalists: Sandra, Earl, Mike, Chelsea etc

  40. Why Sandra, Ozzy and Cirie. Save them for season 40 the freaking 20 year anniversary.

    Besides Sandra returning later when theres a second two time winner (if) adds more story.

    Sandra will be gone first. Ozzy wont make the merge this time and Cirie is better used for season 40 the anniversary season.

  41. I hope Sandra is a alternate and Tina, Denise, Jenna or season 32 or 33 if its a female return.

    Besides production would have a great story if we get a second two time winner in 34. Perfect let the two people to win twice enter a season together.

    I hope Sandra is cut and saved for the winner season or 20th anniversary. Surely they can do a winners season for season 40 with 38 winners to choose from to make 18-20.

  42. I really hope its a Winner x Pre-Jury x -Jury season, it would be really fun to watch

    Winner’s Tribe



    Anna (Kaoh Rong)
    Jhon Cody

    Jury Tribe

    Debbie (or Mama C or Hali, or Aubry)
    Natalie B.

  43. Kimmi deserves a third shot over Mnica Culpepper… They played very similar games with the exception of Kimmi trying to make the move in the end, while Monica floated by. It didn’t work out for Kimmi but I would love to see what she could do on a third shot.

  44. Not feeling this cast at all, there are some people we don’t have to see play again like Ozzy, Cirie, Andrea, Jonathan, Jt, Malcom, Monica like wtf? Enough with them already.

    Some people that don’t deserve it like Alexis, Peter, Hali, Chelsea, Sabrina, Jhon like what did they do?

    Where is T-Bird, WHERE IS TWILA, jenn, hayden, Pete, Rc, Lisa, Alicia, Jane, Holly, Brendan, Erinn, Marcus, Ken, Matty, Crystal, Yul, Shane, Rafe, Judd, Ian, Coby, Deena, Helen, Sean, Neleh, Silas, Greg.

    Come on survivor there are a lot of interesting players you can choose from, why give us the same players over and over again and people like Hali, alexis, like wtf?

  45. Seeing Sabrina on the list makes me really happy! I’m just hoping that Jenna Morasca will be one of the other 6 names. Penner though? I think 4th time players (besides Cirie) should be saved for a different season.

  46. My thoughts about this cast : I wish they would choose WINNER vs NON-WINNERS (as long as they reach final 5) – to redeem theirselves. but based on this shortlisted cast… hhhmmmmm
    Alexis – I’m okay with her – i think she is that strategic gal who was a victim of tribe-swap
    Andrea – game on!! excited to see her blindsided for the 3rd time. lol (strategic + challenge beast)
    Caleb – okay.. let’s give him a chance .. he is a vicim of med-evac. so let it be.
    Carolyn – favorite!! she is strategic and a challenge beast ..
    Chelsea – definitely!! strategic + challenge beast
    Cirie – NOOOOOO overrated. 3rd time is enough please
    Danni – yes! she has defeated Stephanie who we all know is a favorite from palau.. she is really good.
    Debbie – Character! we dont want a boring show aren’t we.
    Earl – YES! underrated winner. i want to see wat is really his game play or was it jst a luck for being in a season with dumb players. lol
    Hali – YES! i think i can see a next kelly W in her.
    J.T. – NO! boring.. was jst lucky in his frst season where stephen got the brains
    John Cody – YES! at least someone is hot on the show. candice will be cheering on the screen for sure.
    Jon Misch – YES! every viewer needs to see testosterone battling it out.
    LJ – YeS! did i said testosterone??
    Malcolm – YES! bold moves will always be a good television.. win or lose. im good with it.
    Marty – YES! we haven’t seen much of him.
    Mike – YES! too soon ?? hmmm
    Monica – NO! i dont want to waste a spot for her.. she did nothing in her seasons but to ride co-tails.
    Natalie A. – YES! excited to see her booted.
    Natalie B. – WINNER! a character to watch out for.. challenge beast and strategic.. luv to see her stirring things up.
    Ozzy – ENOUGH!
    Peter – Nah! too soon for an unlikeable cast to return.. he isnt russel hantz that im dying to see every season
    Sandra – NO! im not ready to see her booted.. you are as good as your last game. she is a two time winner.. impossible to have a third.. so please don’t give up the title.
    Sarah – hmmmm. maybe, she was brutally cut off in her season.. give her a chance!
    Sophie – BORING WINNER! coach deserved that season if the jury werent that bitter.
    Tai – NO!
    Troyzan – YES! id love to see him mad again. hahaha
    Tony – YES! the comeback!

    CASTAWAY I’D LOVE TO SEE : Kim Spradlin – winner (One World)
    Anna Khait – Victim of Tribe swap in S32
    Morgan – BBB1 – we need an eye candy
    Hope – FvsF2 – we haven’t seen much of her dysfunctional tribe.
    Sierra – Tocantins – love her to fight for her spot again.

    • The cast looks decent but I doubt whether Sandra would get back, and if she did probably, she would be an early target. Natalie B and Chelsea is awesome but Monica C and Tai, no thank you. I really hope that Kenny Hoang is given another shot, maybe he attended the casting finals?

  47. ^ yikes “Coach deserved that season” LMAO ok

    anyways I’m surprised with the lack of J’Tia and Alecia. I hope they get another shot. And I LOVE Cirie. One of my favorites of all time, BUT I feel like this is not the best season for her because she’ll be targeted for her reputation. Cirie should wait until a legends season in my opinion, where her reputation won’t harm her to the degree of those of Rob Parvati and Russell’s.

    WHY IS PETER THERE?? SO unlikable and such a BAD liar! I was watching it on the TV and i could see through him! Ozzy NO. It is too soon for Jeff, and why are people hating on Sophie? She is an excellent winner that happened to win in a bad season. She didn’t need to make any “big moves” because that 5 person alliance aside from her and Albert were crazy. Even Albert gave off slimey vibes. Sophie did what she had to do to win and I would love to see her come back!

  48. I like the idea of Aubry and Jeff playing again. I would consider Sabrina to be wasted spot. After episode 3 she was useless. I am against 4 time players, but I can be a horrible hypocrite. I would love to see Jonathon play again.

  49. Aubry = Haven’t liked her from the start. Hope she goes soon and doesn’t make it
    Jeff = Yes he owned the first 4 episodes last time
    Pener = Never was a fan of him
    Sabrina = Boring

  50. I think they should reserve the winners for a future all winners season. Would like to see second timers only. Why not Nadiya instead of Nathalie for instance. Where’s J’Tia, Shane, Vince for instance. Way more interesting than Alexis, Peter and John Cody. Think this current season proves again that a newbie season with good casting is the best.

  51. Alexis – NO. Morgan played better than her. I’d rather see Morgan.
    Andrea – NO. I doubt she’d be able to play a better game than she did in S26, that was the best we’d see from her.
    Caleb – YES. Interesting character, be good to see him post merge and how his strategy would develop
    Carolyn – MAYBE. Good player, forgettable character, no wow moments.
    Chelsea – MAYBE. Chelsea is to Spradlin like Tenerelli is to Boston Rob. I’d rather see Robs suckling than Kims.
    Cirie – MAYBE. But only once more.
    Danni –MAYBE. Good player but no really memorable moments.
    Debbie – YES. Fun, crazy character, but her second chance would look like Shirins.
    Earl – YES. Nice guy, decent winner, not great moments but happily surprised to see him on this list TBH.
    Hali – YES. Underrated as a player I think and could do well.
    J.T. – MAYBE. Bottom of the maybe list… Good winner but after HvV he doesn’t excite me.
    John – YES. He has everything one needs to win but not a chance of winning. Ever.
    Jon – YES. Smug jackass, good character.
    LJ – NO. What did LJ do? Nothing. Yawn.
    Malcolm – YES. Cocky, not as good as he thinks he is, but would like to see him once more only.
    Marty – MAYBE. Decent player but don’t know how he’d stack up against other decent players.
    Mike – YES. Nice guy, deserving winner. (early boot tho)
    Monica – NO. Too soon. Laura M & Katie Collins over her.
    Natalie A. – YES. Good player, great character, yes.
    Natalie B. – YES. Great player, great character, madness that she hasn’t been back yet!
    Ozzy –NO. Never again thanks Oscar.
    Peter – NO. Nick, Neal and the two Brawn douchebags are more appealing.
    Sandra – MAYBE. I want her back… but not just yet
    Sarah – NO. Too dumb, too arrogant. SO DUMB!
    Sophie – NO. Good winner, but so dull.
    Tai – YES. Fun character!
    Troyzan – NO. No moments that I recall other than being pissy about being on the wrong side of the numbers.
    Tony – YES. Just yes.

    I’d love to see more of the S31 rejects on this list- T-Bird, Shane, Tenerelli, Jim

    WOULD LOVE TO SEE: Rich (S1) Sean (S4) Helen (S5) Deena (S6) Twila (S9) Kenny (17) Katie (S27) Brice & Morgan (S28) Jaclyn & Reed (S29)

    COULD BE COOL TO SEE: Mad Dog (S2) Silas (S3) Jenna (S6) Todd (S15) Sierra (S18)

    NEVER AGAIN: Andrew Savage, Rupert, Brad Culpepper, Amanda Kimmel, Ozzy, Stephenie LaGrossa, Francesca, Coach, Missy, Baylor.

    THEY’LL NEVER BE BACK BUT I’M FOREVER HOPEFUL: Brian H, Parvati, Colleen & Amber

    • Hatch has tried to come back several times but no judge will let him out of the country. Haha

      I believe they wanted Deena at season 31 but she had health issues. I think.

      And agree with your forever hopeful

    • Missed these guys:
      Aubry – MAYBE. So far seems apt in her awareness… Too soon to see her tho
      Jeff – YES. Great character, I like him but he will never win, wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the jury
      Penner – NO. Great character, he has had his run. He can’t PLAY Survivor, he is bad at it.
      Sabrina – NO. Had some nice moments, no moments that should garner a return.

  52. Why is everyone so excited to see LJ play again? Like WTF

  53. My Choices:
    Queen Sandra of course.
    Natalie Anderson
    Natalie Bolton (long overdue)
    Malcolm Freberg
    Andrea Boehlke
    Caleb Reynolds
    Ozzy Lusth
    Sophie Clarke
    Hali Ford
    John Cody
    Sarah Lachina
    LJ McKansas

    Why are these people not in the pool:
    Courtney Yates
    Eddie Fox
    Reynold Toepfer
    Hayden Moss
    Brenda Lowe
    Fabio Birza
    Ashley Underwood
    RC Saint-Amour
    Eric Huffman
    Brett Clouser

    I’m not happy about Danni Boatwright, I lost interest on her after she said she’d only return for an all-winners season, so is Troyzan who just wanna return for an all-star season.

  54. There are a lot of Kaoh Rong players, and it’s only a thumbs up for Caleb I’m afraid. I mean Debbie is a character, but she is quite a handful to watch and Aubry is just unbearable. The problem with Tai is his age but on the other hand the producers might want the bromance to continue.

  55. There are some really great names and some duds too.

    I’m iffy on names the names they brought back from Kaoh Rong. Probably the most excited about Aubrey and Caleb… I really wanted to see Anna and Nick. I like Debbie, but I think her edit is making her look better then she is.

    Sandra- I don’t get all the hate. She’s doesn’t have the highest gear as a player… but she makes the most of what she has she’s good. I’d be excited how she does a 3rd time in a new era.

    Cirie & JT… I don’t care if it’s there 3rd/ 4th times. It’s been 8 years since they were last on. There great players… I’m excited to see them go against ” new school ” players.

    Ozzy, Penner… ehh I really don’t need to see them play a 4th time.

    SJDS- REALLY excited to see Natalie play again. Even Jon Misch… he’s good tv. and I thought he was playing a good game in SJDS… but I don’t think he’ll be as successful against a more savy cast.

    Tony!!!!!! Mike!!!!!! Malcom!!!!! Natale B!!!!!…. Curious to see how far Mike’s social game can get him without an immunity run. Curious to see his edit if he doesn’t win.

    Tony is such a great character. I’m really curious to see how Tony does on a 2nd season. I don’t think he would ever get away with his level of aggression if it wasn’t for his idols. But he leveraged them perfectly… I really think most of it was calculated. So I’m curious to see if he adjusts his gameplay a 2nd time around. It will be tough, I can’t see how anyone would trust him.

    That’s it. most everyone else I don’t have that strong of an opinion on. Some good supporting characters. Some Duds ( Hali, Chelsea etc…)

    Some one comment! Let me know what you think!

    • I kinda agree with Koah Rong – I would Love to see ANNA and Nick. But I have no interest in seeing Debbie or Aubry ever again.

      I’ve always hated Sandra I don’t like her game play. But I would be ok with her coming back and seeing her get first boot.

      Cirie and JT- Cirie I can’t stand. JT is one of my favorite winners but there are more then 10 guys on the list i’d like to see back more then him.

      Ozzy/Penner – Opposing feeling about them. Love Ozzy and hate Penner. I think neither should come back

      SJDS- HATE NATLAIE. The only reason she misses out on the bottom spot of all Survivor contestants is cause of Fairplay. I would love to see Jon again. I was really rooting for him

      Tony!!!!!! Mike!!!!!! Malcom!!!!! Natale B!!!!!…. Would love to see the 3 guys come back. I don’t like Natalie but at the moment there aren’t enough better options

      Hali, Chelsea etc- I disagree. I would love to see both come back.

      The duds in my opinion are Alexis and Sabrina

    • I don’t have any problem with how many times a person plays, provided we don’t get oversaturated with them within a small time frame. For instance, a Cirie or a Penner I’m quite happy to see back for a fourth time now because I don’t feel like its overload. I haven’t seen Cirie in 7 years, for instance.

  56. Sandras First Season: Plays with Johnny Fairplay: Top 5 Season: She Wins
    Sandras Second Season: Plays with Russell Hantz: Top 5 Season: She Wins Again
    Sandras Second Season: Plays with Tony Vlachos: ??????


  57. Alexis – No
    Andrea – No
    Caleb – No
    Carolyn – Yes
    Chelsea – Yes
    Cirie – No
    Danni – Yes
    Debbie – Yes
    Earl – Yes
    Hali – No
    J.T. – No
    John – Yes
    Jon – Yes
    LJ – No
    Malcolm – Yes
    Marty – Yes
    Mike – Yes
    Monica – No
    Natalie A. – Yes
    Natalie B. – Yes
    Ozzy – NO
    Peter – No
    Sandra – NO
    Sarah – No
    Sophie – Yes
    Tai – Yes
    Troyzan – Yes
    Tony – Yes

  58. Nice April Fool’s Joke, As if CBS would be stupid enough to cast another “allstars” season without the legend that is Billy Garcia.

  59. I would love to see Anna and Michelle from season 32 return since it looks like neither of them are going to win. 2 really good players. More players that would be good to see come back are Ciera Eastin, Joe from Tocantins, Kelley Wentworth, Monica Padilla, Mikayla Wingle, Natalie Tenerelli, Jim Rice, and Brendan from Tocantins.

    Also I would to see another Rob vs Russell season except let the 2 of them pick their own tribes of returning players because the way it was done last time did not benefit them that well. At least if they pick their own tribes of returning players then we can see how good they both really are.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure Michele doesn’t win, she’s playing a strategic enough game that if she makes it to the end (without Cydney, or Aubry) she probably wins.

  60. This probably be the Oldest vs the youngest (by age)
    The Oldest


    -Natalie A.


  61. Good players missing from the this list are:

    Good players that are missing:

    Yul Kwon (Cook Islands)
    Ken Hoang (Gabon)
    Hayden Moss (Blood vs Water)
    Ashley Underwood (Redemption Island)
    Pete Yurkowski (Philippines)
    Denise Stapely (Philippines)

    • Yes Yul and Ken were awesome! Also I like Denise, could definitely see her coming back. People would still underestimate her.

      • I haven’t heard any more names but it’s always possible I’m missing a couple. And yes, only 18/20 will make the final cast so lots will be cut.

          • Ah. I’ll probably make a new post with the final cast. I’ll keep this one up so people can see who else was in the running. 🙂

        • I’m praying to the Gods of CBS that some how they at least invited Courtney Yates, Eliza Orlins, Eddie Fox, Brett Clouser and RC Saint Amor back for interviews.

    • Ozzy and Cirie are getting old, but Penner has been old, and has a passion for the game that is rare. I would want to see Jonathan Penner back.

  62. Just hope that Ozzy, Hali, Troyzan, Chelsea, Andrea, Sabrina, Jon M, and Troyzan don’t get on the season.

  63. As long as Tony and Malcolm make it on Im good definitely my two favorites from this list. I don’t hate One World like everyone else does, I would love for Troyzan and Sabrina to get another shot especially since they didnt make on season 31, its only fair for them to return again. Sandra already won twice, so I dont need to see her play again, and I never liked Ozzy such a sore loser he was in Micronesia.

  64. Seriously cirie and Sandra again. I can’t take anymore of them. Why not Morgan? She deserves a second chance and that blonde from this year that Scott hated

  65. This list is just OK for me. Too many three-peats and people we JUST saw. Pumped for Natalie Bolton and Marty Piombo though. Maybe even Cagayan Sarah.

  66. My dream 20 from here would be Alexis, Andrea, Aubry, Debbie, Danni, Natalie b., Sophie, Sandra, Natalie A., Hali, Jeff, Mike, L.J., Jonathon, Earl, J.t.,Troyzan, Tony, Marty, and Malcolm.

  67. Alexis-fine
    Andrea-she’s ok
    Aubry-I like her
    Caleb- he will be fun
    Cirie-Again? No thanks
    Danni-she’s great
    Debbie-She’s annoying
    Earl-Yes please
    JT-should’ve stoped after Tocantins
    Natalie A-NO
    Natalie B.-Yes

  68. I am surprised that Joey Amazing is not mentioned by anyone. Is he being saved for something else like Kelly Wentworth…as in..too soon?

  69. I wonder if this will be a three tribe season with each tribe being led by a four time player (Ozzy, Cirie, and Penner).

  70. Why is Penner not in any of the comments? He’s a fun as dude to watch and smart as too. Bring back Cirie as well…but if bloody OZZY even is considered omfg kill me. Def excited if Tony comes back, entertainment to the max with his spy shacks etc. I also think players like Sarah have a lot of potential and should come back again. Also looking forward to seeing Malcom and Aubry as well.
    PS Don’t hate on the multiple time players… except OZZY

  71. Since it doesn’t look like the list is going to change. The 20 I would like to see

    Men – Caleb, Earl, Hali, Jon, John, LJ, Malcolm, Tony, Mike, Jeff

    Woman – Alexis, Andrea, Chelsea, Danni, Sarah, Natalie B, Sophie, Carolyn, Aubry, Sabrina

    Not to happy with the female options

  72. just from the outset, I’d vote for any of the people who’ve only played once over anyone who has returned already. In fact, I wish they’d just remove those that already returned from the finalist list.

    Alexis Maxwell — yes
    Aubry Bracco — yes
    Carolyn Rivera — yes
    Chelsea Meissner — sure, why not
    Danni Boatwright — absolutely
    Debbie Wanner — yes!
    Hali Ford — if we must…
    Natalie Anderson — yes
    Natalie Bolton — yes!
    Sabrina Thompson — yes. she’s got winner vibes already
    Sarah Lacina — sure, why not
    Sophie Clarke — yes!

    Caleb Reynolds — if we must
    Earl Cole — yes!
    John Cody — zzz
    Jon Misch — yes, just to see him play solo
    LJ McKanas — meh
    Marty Piombo — yes
    Mike Holloway — yes, just to see him get taken down
    Peter Baggenstos — would be interesting, I think
    Tai Trang — yes, no brainer, and will be unpredictable, even for a recent player
    Troy Robertson — if we must
    Tony Vlachos — yes, but only if he doesn’t win

  73. Alexis – I don’t really have an opinion on her but I’d be fine to see her again i guess.
    Andrea – I don’t see her wanting to play and if she does she’s def pre-merge.
    Aubry – I really don’t like her but I think she would do well with a returnee cast.
    Caleb – They have to bring him back after that tragic medevac, I think he could’ve gone much further.
    Carolyn – I LOVE her and I would LOVE to see her back for another season, she played great.
    Chelsea – eh… I would like to see her play without Kim, her game was overshadowed, but not on this season.
    Cirie – A fourth time? YESSS we need to have her back because she is a dynamic player mom strategist!
    Danni – Yas, more old school please, especially when they’re good ones.
    Debbie -Yes
    Earl – No
    Hali – No
    Varner – YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES, if he doesn’t get on I’m not wathching
    John – YAS
    Penner – Nah, he’s just… No NO NOO
    LJ – Yeah… I’d be okay with him, he was good actually.
    Malcolm – 10000000x NO
    Marty – NOOOOOOO
    Mike – NOOOO
    Monica – No
    Natalie A – Eh, I don’t really like her and we see her like every year.
    Natalie B – OMG WE NEED HER BACK!! She was a great character and a decent strategist.

  74. Players I would like to see return:

    Sean Rector
    Parvati Shallow
    Amanda Kimmel
    Woo Hwang
    Spencer Bledsoe
    Ethan Zohn
    Greg Buis
    James Clement
    Kelley Wentworth
    Kim Spradlin
    Tom Westman
    Ian Rosemburgeer
    Joe Anglim
    Russell Swan
    Russell Hantz
    Rob Mariano
    Denise Stapley
    Natalie White
    Yul Kwon
    Todd Herzog
    Courtney Yates
    Rob Cesternino

  75. I would like the 34th season the 20 contestants to return to be like this:Malcolm Fredberg,Andrea Bohlke,Phillip Shepard,Tai Trang,Troyzan,Kim Spradlin,Yul Kwon,Ozzy Lusth,Jonathan Penner,Todd Herzog,Russel Hantz,Rob Mariano,Tyson,LJ,Hali,JT THOMAS,NATALIE,TONY,ian rosenberger,Danni Boatwright

  76. Nice list, some of the castaways that I want to see again are:
    -Sierra (Worlds Apart)
    -Alina (Nicaragua)
    -Hope (Caramoan)
    -Kelley (San Juan)
    -Marcus (Gabon)
    -Julia (Kaoh Rong)
    -Nick (Kaoh Rong)
    -Liz (Kaoh Rong)
    -Natalie White
    -Morgan (Cagayan)
    -Monica Padilla
    -Jaclyn Schultz
    -Sydney (Tocantins)
    -Adam (Cook Islands)
    -Brett (Samoa)
    -Matty (Gabon)
    -Jefra (Cagayan)
    -Angie (Philippines)
    -Katie (Blood vs. Water)
    -Mick (Samoa)
    -Pete (Philippines)
    -Marisa (Samoa)
    -Ashley (Redemption Island)
    -Jeremiah (Cagayan)
    -Matthew (The Amazon)
    -Erinn (Tocantins)
    -Laura (Caramoan)
    -Mike (Redemption)
    -Kelly (Samoa)
    -Jonathan (Palau)
    -Benry Henry
    -Jamie (Guatemala)
    -Garrett (Cagayan)
    -Kelly (Gabon)
    -Matt (One World)
    -Misty (Panama)
    -Michelle (Pearl Islands)
    -Nick Stanbury
    -Katie (Philippines)
    -Jeff Wilson (Palau)
    -Jacquie (Gabon)
    -Leann (Vanuatu)
    -Aaron (China)

    • They just don’t find survivor players like they use to. Finding the perfect people is what makes this show. The players from the first few seasons truly made this game. Sandra Diaz was so smart and so damn funny, they will never find another Sandra, and I miss her. I think either the last season of Survivor or if their rating drop low enough, they will bring back some of the dearly loved Survivor players from the past and let them go at it. This would classic. If Sandra does not deserve to come back, nobody deserves to come back. She only got to play twice and some of the other less interesting players came back time after time. And I got a “Mil” that says she will win again!! (Fairplay) Thank you Survivor for some very good seasons, hope you last forever, but Survivor needs a boost to hang in there. So Prosbt, bring back Sandra Diaz-twine and let’s see what happens!!

  77. With the large variety of contenders, the twist if clearly Winner (maybe broadened to Finalists) vs. Jury vs. Pre Jury. Also, since filming is supposed to start at the end of May, shouldn’t you know the cast by now.

  78. Too soon for the koah rong cast. CALEB would be cool.Never had the chance to get really into the game. Seems to have grown up since BIG BRO. Way way way too sooon for Tai and Aubri. Come back in five years. If they’re going to bring back all of those winners, why not make it an all winners game! Up the ante to two million bucks! With the exception of a few, could you imagine the egos? They could label it, Survivor/Egotistical Island. Just a thought.

  79. Wait there are 32 people on here does this mean we might go back to 4 tribes agian and what about the merge and how often will people be getting voted off?

  80. I. Hope. If. Season 35 sourivior is blood vs water 3 I hope the cast is this. Malcom vs someone Jay from. Season 33 vs someone Will from season 33 on vs some one talyor from season 33 And paired with someone. Spencer’s vs some one joe vs someone Figgy from season 33 vs some one Hannah from season 33 Chelsea from one world vs someone

  81. I hope that. Malcom is asked back. To either season 35 or 36 He went home in unfair way that’s he couldn’t control how he went home I thought he was going to win seAson 34 I had him down as number 1 to win i now Malcom is gone I hope jt wins season 34. Or if he doesn’t I hope he comes back to play again

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