Survivor Season 33 and 34 Return To Fiji

Speculation has been rampant over the past few months regarding the next location of Survivor. Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines were all rumored as the setting for the upcoming cycle of seasons. Today those rumors can be put to rest, as Inside Survivor has learned the filming location for Season 33 and 34 of Survivor.

Survivor will be returning to Fiji to film the 33rd and 34th iterations of the long-running reality show; specifically the Mamanuca Islands. The Mamanuca Islands are a volcanic archipelago located west of Nadi and to the south of the Yasawa Islands and consists of over 20 islands. Mana Island, one of those 20 islands, is to be taken over by the production crew from February onwards.

The news that SEG Productions are setting up camp on Mana Island is supported by various sources and travel resorts within the area. Bula Wedding Creations, a wedding planning service based out of Fiji, confirmed Survivor’s involvement on the island back in September 2015 on their Facebook page:


Holiday-goers have also reiterated similar information on booking websites such as Trip Advisor, like here in November 2015. The latest news regarding the upcoming production was posted on the Fiji Sun website earlier this month, when Ulrich Hoffgen, the General Manager of the Mana Island Resort, confirmed that film crew would exclusively charter the resort for nearly six months between February and July. While he didn’t disclose that the production was Survivor, he did state that the first set of crew had arrived on the island for early preparation and that the show would bring “…great publicity for Fiji and Mana.”

Mana Island itself appears to be a relatively small island, and it is possible it could be used only to house production crew during filming. There are many other islands within the Mamanuca Islands chain that could be used for beaches to film on.

Survivor previously filmed in Macuata, Vanua Levu, Fiji back in 2006 for Survivor: Fiji which aired on CBS in Spring 2007. Inside Survivor was told that due to the harsh conditions suffered by both cast and crew during the filming on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia in 2015, it was a high priority for the Survivor production team to find a location that had comfortable accommodation for the crew as well as a safer filming environment.

Filming is scheduled to begin in March for Season 33 and production will continue until early July for Season 34.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information.

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34 responses to “Survivor Season 33 and 34 Return To Fiji”

    • It is a new location, they aren’t going back to Macuata where Survivor: Fiji was filmed. Macuata is located on the island of Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second largest island), whilst the Mamanuca Islands are located near Viti Levu (Fiji’s largest island).

    • Fiji was supposed to be a race divided season but due to the fact that one player called it quits the last second it got canceled

    • You’re thinking of Cook Islands where the cast was racially divided. When Survivor Fiji filmed they had a racially diverse but not racially divided season :). Although the overall Fiji season just sucked

      • You was right. Originally Fiji was supposed to be a racially divided season just like the Cook Islands was, however someone was pulled from the game before the game started which is why Fiji had 19 people at the start, resulting in them scrapping the race division

        • They had actually casted Fiji to be racially diverse, but not segregated, in an attempt to show that Cook Islands wasn’t a publicity stunt, but was actually intended to increase diversity. If the 20th castaway hadn’t pulled out, they would’ve had non-segregated tribes

  1. Is it too much to ask for Survivor Siberia? It’s not even cold out there! They could be topless too! Damn it!

  2. Thanks Inside Survivor!

    I Guess It Is Expected That They Will Avoid Indonesia For Now Due To The Recent Tragedy [Bombings]…

    Good Thing They Will Revisit An Old Location… And We’ll See Fiji In A Different Light [Thanks To HD And Evolved Strategies Of Survivor…]

    Hoping To See Old Locations In HD Glory…

  3. It’s actrually nice their going back to Oceania after almost 5 years 🙂 But I still really wish for another African location, both Kenya & Gabon were stunning! My favourite locations along with China and Australia.

  4. […] Over the past few months, speculation has been rampant as to where “Survivor” is headed next after the upcoming “Survivor: Kaoh Rong.” Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines have all been thrown around as potential locations. However, today those rumors can be put to rest as the actual location for seasons 33 and 34 has been leaked to Inside Survivor. […]

  5. Is it too much to ask for the Survivor Production team to return back to Borneo!? Survivor Borneo was amazing, and to have it return back to Borneo with the original Tribal Council would make it great!

    • Watch the upcoming season of Australian Survivor. It will be held in Palau Tiga, Borneo same as season 1. It will come out later this year.

    • They should go to Borneo for the closure of the show. Maybe because “Survivor” is played for 39 days, they will go to 39 seasons, and lay the show to rest with a 39th season in Borneo with all returning winners of previous seasons.
      I think this year they will be doing something like Fraternities vs. Sororities for Fiji 33.

  6. With TC Winston battering Mana Island in late Feb (start of pre shoot) I wonder if a new location is on the cards, at least for S33 ?

  7. Just read a post in the Facebook page of Camarines Sur PH that a foreign production company will once again film Survivor in Caramoan from 15th of April until 22nd of July. I’m not just sure if this is for the the American Version or not.

  8. Soooo awesome they are going back to Fiji, my family (sister, brother-in-law, nephews’ fiance and myself) have watched survivor since it all began in 2000. Never missed an episode, hope it keeps going even way past 34th season, thank you CBS for giving as an exciting show on Wednesday evenings-please keep it going. Thank you

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