Survivor Second Chance: Mike Holloway Talks Joe Anglim

Mike Holloway chats to us about his former tribemate Joe Anglim.

Mike Holloway is the winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart. He started the game on the Blue Collar tribe and became the tribe’s defacto leader due to his strong work ethic and impressive challenge performances. He was able to secure a majority alliance in the early portion of the game, helping him survive through pre-tribe-swap and post-tribe-swap. At the merge, he went to battle with the No Collar’s Joe Anglim and was determined to get rid of him due to his threatening physical prowess. After finally eliminating Joe, Mike made a risky move at the Survivor auction which caused his alliance to lose trust in him. However, Mike was able to hang in by going on an impressive Immunity challenge winning streak and successfully using a Hidden Immunity Idol. Mike was eventually awarded the win by the majority of the jury.

Having competed against each other on Worlds Apart, Mike understands what Joe is capable of and just how hard he is to beat in challenges. Inside Survivor reached out to Mike to get his thoughts on Joe’s second chance. Mike Holloway talks Joe Anglim and his chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Joe’s game in Survivor: Worlds Apart? Pros and Cons?”

Joe is such a great guy! Around camp he’s a pleasure. Nice, works hard, good attitude. I said it many times in the game, if this guy is wooing me, then what is he achieving on other fronts? Charm is an unquantifiable attribute that Joey Amazing has in droves. Plus he is really good at challenges! Here’s why that stinks for him. He is the most recent person to win two immunities and one individual reward! The people out there are not dumb – which worries me so much for my buddy.

“How do you think Joe will change his game on Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance?”

While Joe exceeded in social and challenges in Worlds Apart, he lacked the killer mentality – strategy. That is something I think most of the people who have been successful in this game would tell you. You have to be willing to cut bait with anyone, at any time, if it means they will eventually beat you.

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Joe’s biggest threat?”

Who is Joe’s biggest threat? That’s an easy one for me. Himself! He is so fresh off the game with little time to process this whole thing. Him and Shirin’s heads must be spinning. If he can settle into an alliance where it gets him to the merge, then he might be able to go deep, but he is going to be in trouble around 10/11. If he can somehow make it though, then we might see a six time Immunity challenge WINNER!

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Joe potentially aligning with?

Woo and Joe would be fun to watch, and I think they would have a kindred spirit. Spencer wouldn’t be a bad choice. Girls wise, I would like to see him mix it up with some of the older women. Maybe play the “awe shucks” son away from home. Ciera and Joe could do the most damage though! If I was out there she would be the one I would run with. She’s smart and sees the whole picture. They could have great seshes. “Seshes” is a term we use in the Dirty 30, it simply means a Survivor chat – a catch up if you will.

“What is the major thing Joe needs to avoid this time around?”

Joe has to be Joe – we all love him for that! He needs to have more conversations with more people and he will be in a better position this time around.

“What is Joe’s secret weapon to win?”

Secret weapon – how stinking nice he is! Do you guys realize how hard it was for me to vote him out? How close I was to writing Jenn’s name down that night? Changing the game up! Most likely would not have won had I done so, but it was much closer than people think!

“What kind of animal/player will Joe be this time – Fox (cunning strategist), Bear (strong and loyal), Goat (no chance of winning), or Dead Fish (dragged to the end)?

He better be like a lion! Letting these alphas know he’s the Apex Predator. How many lions are actually involved in the kills? Very few, but they get the lion’s share. If he can pull that off, how impressive will it be to watch?


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  1. Could this be any more biased of an interview? We get it, you played together, this doesn’t bring any more insight into Joe than what we already had and of course Mike had to make it about him.

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