Survivor Season 33 and 34 Rumors

Survivor, the long-running CBS reality show, is currently celebrating its 16th year on the air. The hit show that took America by storm in the early 2000s continues to be a ratings winner for CBS and is always finding new ways to reinvent itself. It shows no signs of slowing down as production is set to begin on seasons 33 and 34.

Inside Survivor has gathered all the latest news and rumors regarding the upcoming cycle of seasons.

UPDATE 05/18/16Theme and Cast revealed for Season 33.

UPDATE 05/31/16Final Cast revealed for Season 34.

Season 33

  • The 33rd (and 34th) editions of Survivor will be returning to Fiji. The show previously filmed in Macuata, Vanua Levu, Fiji back in 2006 for Survivor: Fiji.
  • The production crew was supposed to be taking up residence on Mana Island (this possibly changed due to Hurricane Winston). Filming will mostly take place in the Mamanuca Islands.
  • Pre-production started in Fiji a couple of months ago. Members of the Dream Team (the people that test out the challenges) flew out to location two weeks ago.
  • Filming is scheduled to start the first week of April.
  • The season will be all new players.
  • There were two rounds of casting finals. The first took place in December during finale week for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. The second round took place the first week of February.
  • It was rumored that CBS struggled to finalize the cast. Specifically, they had trouble casting females.
  • In February a tropical cyclone hit Fiji and caused devastation across many islands. Survivor production is still going ahead in Fiji although on a delayed schedule. The cast was originally expected to fly out to location March 15th but will now be leaving last week of March.
  • There is currently no confirmation on the season’s theme. Rumors circulated about a regional divide (for example East vs. West vs. South), however, Inside Survivor has been informed this is not the case.
  • The cast will be back in the US in time for the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng season finale which is scheduled to air May 18th.

Season 34

  • Like Season 33, this season will also be filming on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.
  • Filming is scheduled to start in early June.
  • The season will be all returning players.
  • Casting has been calling returnees since January.
  • The theme was approved by CBS in February according to Jeff Probst in an interview with the Writers Panel podcast.
  • Inside Survivor was informed that it would NOT be a fan-vote. However, it should be noted that CBS has been known to make last minute changes. Right now, though, the returnees will be pre-selected by production/CBS.
  • “Finals” will take place in early April in Los Angeles. These aren’t the same as normal casting finals for new contestants. It’s essentially a chance to update the potential returnees medical and psych records.
  • On average, casting invite around 30-40 contestants to “finals”. Production and CBS then narrow down the names into a final cast for the season.
  • Calls have gone out to various contestants including one-time players, two-time players, former winners, pre-merge boots, and post-merge boots. The names that Inside Survivor has heard so far are players from post-Heroes vs. Villains seasons. However, it is expected a lot more players were called and will attend finals.
  • There is currently no confirmation on the season’s theme. However, Inside Survivor was informed it is not All Winners, Legends, Second Chance 2 or Heroes vs. Villains 2.
  • The cast will be back in the US early July.
  • There is no word on whether CBS will decide to air the seasons out of order like they did for Seasons 31 and 32. There would be no reason with them not doing a fan-vote twist unless a precedent was set and they choose to air the returnee season first regardless.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more info over the coming weeks.

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34 responses to “Survivor Season 33 and 34 Rumors”

    • Waiting until after finals because right now it’s just rumours. Some of those names I’ve heard might not end up at finals or it might hurt their chances of being asked to finals. 🙂

  1. Do you have any information as to who is going through casting for season 33? I’m sure you couldn’t yet reveal any such information to us yet, I was just curious. One of my favorite parts of Survivor is following the casting spoilers (especially between seasons).

  2. Very cool!! I think a very big reason to air the returnee season first is bc of potential spoilers. If they’re filming from May – July, today’s fan base is so savvy, they/we will be haunting twitter to see which old players are awol, and those ppl will be really hard pressed to keep the spoilers at bay. Waiting from July to February to air the season means the spoilers will be rampant. That’s just my feeling.

    I take it that Caleb is a shoo-in for Season 34, as well as the finalists who didnt make it onto Second Chance. Also, if Tai ends up medevaced (based on his leg infection), I’m sure he’ll be back as well.

    • I believe that as of now three-timers are also in the running so I don’t think the cast will be made up of the SC alumnae who didn’t make it. I’d think people like Wentworth, Joe, Fishbach, Malcolm, maybe even Kass, Ciera, Keith or even Tasha would be possible third-time choices that they’d choose to go with over some of the people who participated in the public vote last year. Of course, I could be mistaken. But I believe that third-timers weren’t ruled out.

    • I agree and disagree with that Nom. Because what if someone from season 33 makes the cast of the returnee?

      I would like it to be a season of players who were medevac’d but it doesn’t seem like it will be because they called back former winners. I agree the even if it isn’t that type of season Caleb’s chances are high to come back. And if it’s not then the ones that didn’t get voted in have a high chance even though i’m hoping Brad still doesn’t make it. And maybe this time Jon Misch will answer his voice mails. Maybe Greg Buis will be able to get off work. I’m also really hoping Anna Khait comes back. I would also like to see John Cody, Hayden Moss, Chelsea Misner, Adam Gentry, Ian and Marcus Lehman.

      There are others that I would like to see return but they have either played a few times already, said they aren’t interested or are so hated by the Survivor community that I am scared to mention I want them back in fear of lynched. haha

  3. im really hoping a certain friend of mine makes it XD he’s waited long enough (since season 2) and i feel this is his time, once again thanks for the great information Martin

  4. If it’s not All Winners, Legends, Second Chance 2 or Heroes vs. Villains 2 then I guess that only leaves All-Stars 2. Unless they are doing a new theme like Rivals, or Pre-Merge Vs Post-Merge Vs Winners or something like that with a relatable, marketable theme. Or is it Favourites Vs Favourites? lol

  5. […] from Martin Redmond/Twitter a freelance writer about the upcoming next two seasons check it out Survivor Season 33 and 34 Rumors | Inside Survivor Apparently the show is doing really well ratings wise and there are no signs of it being cancelled […]

  6. I can’t wait for season 33 and season 34. I really want Keith back, Malcom, Dan/Rodney, Mama C, Kelly Wentworth, Terry, Spencer Bledsoe, Stephen Fishback, Brenda, Dawn, Russel Hantz/Brandon Hantz, Carter, Culpeppper, and SHANE POWERS. I think they will probably do BvW 3, or maybe Fans vs. Favorites 3, or a theme like All Stars 2.

  7. I hope some people who did not make the poll last time are brought back, like T-Bird, Sabrina or Max (And Shane if he wants to). No Natalie Tenerelli, Jim Rice or Mikayla, please. Furthermore, I hope people like Natalie Bolton (who I hope won’t decline this time lmao) get asked and I am really hoping that Kelley Wentworth, Marissa Peterson, Brenda Lowe and Mike Holloway make it.

    If there is even a sign of a Hantz or Dan Foley or Will Sims, season 34 is automatically dead to me.

  8. I would LOVE to see Brenda Lowe, Malcolm Freberg, Jane Bright, Tony Vlachos, Corinne Kaplan, Jonathan Penner, Tai Trang, Ken Hoang, Ciera Eastin, Peter Yurowski and Lisa Whelchel.

    • I definitely agree with all of these especially Ken, Tony, Malcolm, and Ciera back. It would be nice to see Wentworth back too. Of all of these I think Ken Hoang is unfortunately is the least likely. Ken first played at twenty two, and he’s now going on thirty. Which means either they’re saving him for something good. Or they’ve completely forsaken one of the greatest one-time players of all-time.

  9. Ew if it’s not any of those themes I hope it’s not another B vs W. 🙁 Rather have F vs V as that was the only other one not mentioned. Why don’t they give us the H vs V we all want?

    • They probably need time to let a few more seasons run, to get the best cast. If you remember Heroes vs Villains was season twenty, and right now we’re at thirty two. I wouldn’t be surprised if they saved H.v.V for around season forty. Also Russelll Hantz one of the clear bright spots (good or bad) in the season was a product of the previous season…a clear reason why they would want to wait, in case anyone amazing shows up.

  10. I wish survivor would be original and come up with a new theme. It’s kind of annoying because ill be saying something about brains v brawn v beauty and someone will be like the first or second one and ill have no idea. I wish someone who wasn’t a winner will win because I feel like people like candice cody and ciera eastin gave it their all and never emerged victorious so they should be coming back and winning. I would love to see ciera come back or maybe alexis jones but alexis wont be coming because micronesia came before heroes v villains:(

  11. I really hope Kenny from Gabon is given another shot as he was one of my all time favorite players. If he does get back for S34 than it will be seventeen seasons since he played, which ironically is his original season’s number. Too much too hope that Peih-Gee gets one more shot?

    • I think Peih-Gee had too much off time, she pretty forgot how to play the game correctly like in China, and instead reverted to messing with the “Brazilian Dragon”. Disappointing gameplay overall, so probably too much to hope.

    • Well, they are probably looking for players for future seasons, that are going to be in few years or so. They are doing it so they have more time to pick the cast.

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