Survivor: Season 33 Theme Revealed – Millennials vs Gen X

Generations are set to collide in the ultimate battle of young versus old on the next season of Survivor.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng came to a close tonight with the 32nd winner crowned as the latest Sole Survivor and the recipient of the million dollar prize. But just as one season ends, another is right around the corner. At the live reunion in Los Angeles, host Jeff Probst announced the title and theme of this fall’s brand new season – Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

That’s right, next season, 20 brand new castaways will be divided into two tribes based on generational lines; this isn’t the first time Survivor has divided the tribes by age. Survivor: Panama – Exile Island and Survivor: Nicaragua both tested the waters in regards to a Survivor age split. But this marks the first time the tribes are categorized under their specific generational tag-lines.

“Millennials” commonly refers to those born between the early 1980s to around 2000: ambitious, creative, open-minded, idealistic dreamers. “Generation X” refers to those born between the early 1960s to the early 80s: independent, pragmatic, hard-working, realistic expectations in life.

With the recent focus on themes of Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn and White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar, you can be sure Jeff Probst will milk the Millennials vs. Gen X theme for all its worth. Expect to see Probst yelling “Millennials can’t handle the elements and just want to tweet their feelings!” while praising the Gen X tribe for their hard graft and work ethic.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X filmed in Fiji and will air this September on CBS. You can already view the new cast that Inside Survivor revealed last week.

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23 responses to “Survivor: Season 33 Theme Revealed – Millennials vs Gen X”

  1. This was a disappointing theme. I was hoping for something more interesting. It looks like the millennials tribe is red and is named Vanlia (?) while Gen X is purple and is called Takali. Now all I have to do is pick whether to root for the entitled brats or the the ones who think they made the world better somehow.

    • You are skipping a season based on a theme (that usually only has an impact for the first couple of episodes, if that) and yet you take the time to read forums and posts and even post YOURSELF to let people know you won’t be watching? God damn, well i guess they may as well cancel the show now since you are guaranteed to be out!

  2. Fantastic idea but looks like terrible casting. Especially if you’re rooting for gen x to teach the millennials a lesson.

  3. Do you know the tribe divisions? Because I think, while there are some obvious ones, a few are borderline.

  4. So, Generation Slacker is the group that’s going to straighten out Generation Me? Hysterical. Both age brackets are made for each other. The first group came from failed marriages that led to broken families. They rarely had a reliable disciplinarian in their childhood, making them vulgar, big time partiers and unwilling to handle direct criticism without resorting to four letter words.

    The parents of the latter told their children they were special ad nauseam, never letting them fail on their own, thus creating a lot of overly sensitive cry-babies who spout relativistic nonsense and cut class to protest capitalism on college campuses, failing to see the irony that accumulated capital is what allows them to prolong adulthood for 4-6 extra years.

    Last time anyone with true grit was on Survivor was Rudy Boesch.

  5. It’s a better theme than young vs old, because there is somewhat of a rift between the two generations.
    I feel like there is anamosity on both sides, and it will come down to millennials trying to prove their validity as adults while Gen X tries to show the millennials that they still have maturing to do.
    I do hope they split into 3/4 tribes though because a tribe of young people and a tribe of old people really killed the vibe in Nicaragua.

  6. “Millennials vs Gen X” does not sound like a catchy season name at all. Would have preferred something like Survivor: Generations or Survivor: Mamanuca.

  7. Survivor : Baby Boomers VS Plurals … second installment.
    seriously these shit of VS themes needs to stop. what’s next? Straigt VS LGBT? Catholics Vs Atheists Vs Everyone else?? I’m not enjoying these tribe base on traits, to be honest.

    I’m a proud Millennial/Generation Y though, so I am expected to root for my peeps. #iFartiTweet

  8. Mill X
    Adam Bret
    Hannah Chris
    Jessica F Ciandre
    Justin David
    Michaela Jessica B
    Michelle Lucy
    Taylor Paul
    William Rachel
    Mari Sunday
    Zeke Kenneth

  9. i love the idea, sad they didn’t divide the tribes into 4 (old men, old women, young men, and young women) like in Panama, however ill watch any season of survivor and i’m actually excited for this, 20 fresh faces!

    • I would not want 4 Tribes. That would be so Stupid. I’m just happy they aren’t doing Redemption Island Cus it was so stupid.

  10. I am so disappointed for this theme ! I expected so much from this cast and now, I am just… hum, well whatever ! I feel like “Mill vs Gen X” is just a fancy (not to fancy in fact) name for “Young vs Old” and it sucks…

    Anyways. I am still excited for it to begin ! Can’t wait for the autumn…

    PS : I’ve got good vibes from that Taylor boy…

  11. I thought this was a nightmare I am having from Finale Overexcitement…

    The LOGO… The THEME… My Eyes Are Literally Rolling Right Now…

    Now that things can’t be changed… I am just waiting for the Switch this season so as to stop hearing Probst repeatedly shout out “GENEX!”…

  12. Similar to what shihomt said, I am not too excited about this theme. The other themes haven’t bothered me, but there is something about this split that I don’t like. Maybe b/c it feels like they will play up each generation’s weaknesses instead of their strengths. I guess we’ll see.

  13. Regardless of the negative comments I’m super excited for this season I think it’s gonna be good! Besides they are gonna eventually merge so the versus isn’t really gonna apply halfway through the season. Everyone is always battling to win against everyone. Can’t wait for fall!

  14. To Gen X Survivor fans: I suggest not watching this season unless you will be rooting for the millennial team. The theme is designed to appeal to the audience that all marketing in the USA currently caters to, and that is the millennial generation, because:

    1. There are more millennials than either baby boomers or gen x-ers, and
    2. millennials are vulnerable to marketing in a way that gen x-ers never were, and never will be, and that makes them capable of falling for cheap theatrics in a way that gen x-ers aren’t.

    The upcoming season of survivor is simply 20-somethings vs. middle-aged people, the same as young vs. old. Even if you’ve never watched past seasons you surely recognize that the age differential will give the millennial team a huge advantage, as is the intention. This is simply a cheap marketing ploy designed to draw in more millennials by making millennials appear to be “better” than gen x, even if in only some undefinable, nebulous way.

    Sorry gen x, none of the advertising in the USA ever was or ever will be for us, it goes right from baby-boomers to millennials. Never understood it myself. There might be 75 million millennials, but 65 million gen x-ers are still a lot of people, no?

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