Survivor Second Chance: Sarah Lacina Talks Woo Hwang

Sarah Lacina chats to us about her former tribemate Woo Hwang.

Sarah Lacina was a contestant on Survivor: Cagayan. She is most remembered for being blindsided in the first merge vote, after she believed herself to be in the power position as the swing vote, which caused Kass to flip on the majority alliance, and vote her out instead. Sarah was originally a member of the Brawn tribe, along with upcoming Second Chancer Woo Hwang. The two were briefly aligned alongside Tony and Trish, but eventually, Woo voted against Sarah at the merge.

Inside Survivor reached out to Sarah to get her thoughts on Woo’s second chance. Sarah Lacina talks Woo Hwang and his chances on Survivor: Cambodia.

“What was your overall perception of Woo’s game in Survivor: Cagayan? Pros and Cons?”

Woo started out on the Brawn tribe pretty quiet. The only person Woo really talked to was Cliff. The girls tried to work with Woo, but he’s definitely bros before hoes. Woo was unaware of how the game was played in Cagayan. Everyone around him was playing the game and Woo was just there. Pros to Woo’s game was he laid low and flew under the radar. Cons, he didn’t play the game.

“How do you think Woo will change his game on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance?”  

Woo is a great person to align with. He will go along with whatever decision you decide and will NOT flip EVER! He will do well in Second Chance but he won’t win.

“Who on the Second Chance cast is Woo’s biggest threat? Why?”  

Joe is Woo’s biggest threat. They have the same laid back personality, but Joe is much more of a people person. And will give him a run for his money in challenges.

“Who on the Second Chance cast do you see Woo potentially aligning with? Why?”  

I see Spencer snatching up Woo immediately. As Spencer said in his final tribal speech. Woo is like a loyal dog. He’s the perfect person to get on your side cause he will never leave. Plus Spencer and Woo know each other well.  Tasha will try to get to Woo also but Woo will pick a guy to align with.

“What is the major thing Woo needs to avoid this time around?”  

Woo needs to avoid being a non-factor in the social game. He needs to make friendships with people and make moves.

“What is Woo’s secret weapon to win?” 

Woo’s secret weapon to win would be to play ChaosKass style, make big moves and be unpredictable. No one would expect it but people would give him huge props for learning that nice guys finish last, from Cagayan.

“What kind of animal/player will Woo be this time – Fox (cunning strategist), Bear (strong and loyal), Goat (no jury votes), Dead Fish (dragged to the end)?”

If Woo is a Fox he has a chance of winning the game. If history repeats itself he will be a Goat again.

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Martin Holmes

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7 responses to “Survivor Second Chance: Sarah Lacina Talks Woo Hwang”

  1. Woo was never a goat, and he played the game; even if you don’t respect it, he still played, so I can’t agree with much of this.

    • Woo said himself that he would be the worst player in Survivor history if he took Tony to the end, and he did. He’s considered a goat for following Tony the whole game, and never making any moves for himself. He would’ve been considered a great player if he took Kass to the end.

  2. Gotta hate that bro culture hogwash that happens, and if he does that again, especially with his tribe that has it’s fair share of alpha males, I’m gonna barf. And let’s face reality here: He’s simply a useful vote. No more, no less.

  3. I actually thought that this was rather insightful. What I found most interesting was that she thought Woo was so much more interesting in aligning with men, and that he’d align with Spencer over Tasha. Reading into it, you could almost say that she may be saying that Spencer and Tasha may not work together, which would be a huge shock!

  4. Very insightful and completely correct. CBS is just bringing back Woo because he’s entertaining with his “Ninja stealth mode” or whatever. I wish Shane got on over him (and I think most people agree, especially after watching Shane on RHAP).

  5. Woo is probably coming back because every all-star season has that one player with a crappy nonexistent or over-the-top edit that goes on to be a major presence, and not a stupid one either.

    Like it or not, but if Woo doesn’t go out early he will likely be a complex screenhog.

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