Survivor Fantasy: Rebels and Rogues (Results)

Who made the final cut?

Two weeks ago, we opened voting polls for our fantasy season, Survivor: Rebels and Rogues. 32 former players defined by their ability to think outside of the box and break the rules. One side known for their conniving, manipulation, and mischievousness – the Rogues. And the other remembered for their disobedience, individuality, and defiance – the Rebels.

Inside Survivor selected 32 past castaways that have never won the game and haven’t played more than twice. You the readers picked 5 men and 5 women from each category to decide your final cast of 20. After over 5000 votes, here is the cast that you chose!

The Results

Voting Breakdown:

Shane Powers 1138 16.7 %
Greg Buis 1122 16.5 %
Hayden Moss 966 14.2 %
Sean Rector 895 13.1 %
Malcolm Freberg 835 12.3 %
Randy Bailey 690 10.1 %
Cao Boi Bui 594 8.7 %
Troyzan Robertson 572 8.4 %

Courtney Yates 1125 16.8 %
Erinn Lobdell 938 14 %
Jenn Brown 839 12.5 %
Ciera Eastin 826 12.3 %
Crystal Cox 781 11.6 %
Colleen Haskell 777 11.6 %
Kelly Goldsmith 723 10.8 %
Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien 706 10.5 %

Voting Breakdown:

Jeff Varner 1066 16.2 %
Kenny Hoang 1023 15.6 %
Peter Yurkowski 918 14 %
Marty Piombo 913 13.9 %
Jonny Fairplay 777 11.8 %
Erik Cardona 659 10 %
Jean-Robert Bellande 629 9.6 %
Ace Gordon 584 8.9 %

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Natalie Bolton 1159 17.5 %
Kass McQuillen 941 14.2 %
Ami Cusack 854 12.9 %
Twila Tanner 835 12.6 %
Stephanie Valencia 794 12 %
Deena Bennet 774 11.7 %
Andrea Boehlke 740 11.2 %
Alicia Rosa 508 7.7 %

So that is your fantasy cast for Survivor: Rebels and Rogues. What do you think?

On paper, the tribes appear somewhat outmatched. The Rogues tribe skews a lot older, with the average age being 40, compared to the Rebels average of 33. This was due in large part to readers voting in the younger female rebels over the older choices such as Colleen Haskell, Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien and Kelly Goldsmith.

If you compare this to Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, the Bayon tribe skewed slightly older, with the average age being 38, compared to Ta Keo’s 36. But the difference wasn’t as significant as here. However, in the first Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the Galang tribe averaged an age of 37, compared to Tadhana’s average of 30. So there is a precedent for a wide age gap between tribes.

If this were a real season, there would need to be a tribe swap at Episode 3 to help balance things out. With that said, we have seen underdog tribes overcome the odds many times in the past. As a whole, I like the look of this cast and would definitely watch a season with them on!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for taking part!

Written by

Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

16 responses to “Survivor Fantasy: Rebels and Rogues (Results)”

  1. I’d love this! It’d be another greatly cast season =) There’s a lot of one-time-players in there who really should be invited back!

  2. I guess I’d swap Jenn (she mentally gave up on the game in her season although she is the ideal rebel) with Kelly Goldsmith. And I’d swap out Fairplay (a quitter) for Erik in the Rogues tribe! I also really want Alicia back as she’s good TV but she’d be more suited on a ‘Villains’ tribe.

    • Totally agree with swapping either Jenn or Ciera, since she played twice already, with Kelly G – give Africa the love people!

      And Fairplay for Erik for sure, though they were close in the poll. Rogue men need someone else besides Pete to help them physically, anyway. Also, it would be a big question mark if 53 year old Twila is fit enough to play again.

  3. its sad that people don’t see potential for Cao Boi, i daw him as a genius the first time and he truly was if he could come up with a very popular strategy with a dream… i think people should give hime a second shot cause we didn’t really get to see what else he could have brought to the table, i have to say though this would be a great season, especially since Shan, Jeff, Sean, Marty, kenny, Jon, greg, Courtney, Crystal, AND Twila thats a whole lot of people i like XD

  4. Deena, you fools! Deena!

    Super surprised to see Kathy so low on her list, too. I would have thought she was a shoe in. Also – people want to see Pete Yurkowski again? That is genuinely baffling to me. Swap him with Jean Robert and now we’re cooking.

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