Survivor Officially Announces Winners At War, First Preview Trailer Revealed

The all-winners season is finally happening!

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At the end of tonight’s Island of the Idols reunion show, Survivor officially announced the theme for its milestone 40th season, Winners At War, which sees the return of 20 past Survivor champions battling it out for $2 million, the biggest prize fund in the show’s history.

Inside Survivor first broke the news of the all-winners season and the 20 returning castaways earlier this year, alongside the return of the controversial Edge of Extinction twist and a new game format involving Survivor “currency,” called fire tokens, which can be used to purchase luxuries and advantages.

Host and showrunner Jeff Probst confirmed the theme on tonight’s pre-taped reunion show by introducing a highly-anticipated preview trailer. The teaser, which can be watched below, features confessionals from Adam, Ben, Ethan, Jeremy, Rob, Sarah, and Yul.

“Coming back out here, I can feel my blood starting to rise,” says Parvati, winner of Survivor: Micronesia. “It’s like the Super Bowl twenty years in the making,” adds Tony, winner of Survivor: Cagayan.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor over the coming months for all your Survivor: Winners At War news and features, including interviews with former castaways who have played with the Winners At War cast. You can already view our pre-season draft and cast assessment, the official tribe divisions, and other features in the Season 40 section.

Survivor: Winners At War premieres on Wednesday, February 12 at 8:00 PM with a two-hour episode.

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30 responses to “Survivor Officially Announces Winners At War, First Preview Trailer Revealed”

  1. I am promptly the only 1 that is not looking forward to this. I love the show/game & have never missed a season but I have never liked returning player “reunion” sessions & am all-winners season is the worst. How could I be such a long-time die-hard su-fan & say that? Well, anyone in my position would….I have been applying to be on ever since season 2 & have never gotten a single call in 20 years! Yet I sit in front of my TV to not only see people that have already won the game (twice in Sandra’s case) but including people that have been on 2, 3, 4 & even 5 times (“Boston” Rob, who is playing for the 5th time – yet took 4 times on before he won – but has been on 6 times if you include IotI)! Why would I want to see the same people over & over again when I can’t even get on once? This is the absolute worst & last thing I want to see! I don’t care if it is a special 40th season 20 year anniversary occasion people try way too hard to get on for them to put returning players on much less an entire cast of people that have already had their (several) moment(s)! Let the people that have been applying way too many times be on before you give double the money to people that have already gotten their pockets lined….

      • Your support is underwhelming. Oh, wait, that was negative….well, I’ll look forward to seeing you on – only to be the 1st off because of your rudeness!

    • Sadly for you, many other fans LOVE all star seasons. Also guess what seasons are generally considered Top 3? Heroes vs Villains and Micronesia (Fans vs Favourites). Game Changers was sadly a dud but Second Chances was great also. And a full-winner season is a dream of many fans including mine.

      • You seem to miss my point, Charlie-z. Please tell me, exactly, when I said “all-star” (I did not use those words, actually, you did, I simply said “returning player”) seasons weren’t ever good? I would really like to know where/when I ever said that. What I said was that I don’t like seeing the same people over & over again. Why would I when I have been applying as long as I have been (ever since season 2, by the way)? Why would I want to see the same people 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times when I can’t even get on once? That being said, I never said I didn’t watch any of those sessions (I’ve watched every single season & have never missed an episode) & I do actually intend on watching Winners At War. I don’t have to like the theme/twist or cast to love the show! Please don’t put words in my mouth & claim I said things I never said – so if I ever said what you are accusing me of saying then please, by all means, prove me wrong….

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