Jeff Probst Says “We’re Not Going To Do Edge of Extinction For A While”

Is the Edge becoming extinct?

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In the weeks leading up to Survivor’s milestone 40th season, there has been a mixture of excitement, apprehension, and criticism. While most fans are ecstatic to see 20 past winners battling it out to become the ultimate Sole Survivor, the return of the unpopular Edge of Extinction twist has led to a mounting backlash against the show.

Fans, journalists, and even former players have voiced their opinions on the controversial twist, with many directing their criticisms towards Survivor’s host and executive producer, Jeff Probst. A small #EndTheEdgeofExtinction campaign recently picked up steam on social media, encouraged by The Hollywood Reporter’s Josh Wigler, who worried about the EOE becoming a permanent fixture in subsequent seasons.

While Probst continued to double-down on his love for the EOE in pre-game interviews for Winners At War, it now seems the Emmy-winning host has heard the feedback and will be putting the Edge on the backburner, at least for the foreseeable future.

Speaking to Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP) host Rob Cesternino at Monday night’s Red Carpet Premiere of Survivor 40 in Hollywood, California, Probst opened up about his thoughts on Survivor’s many twists, including the Edge of Extinction, and acknowledged the criticism from fans and players.

“I think it’s fantastic watching all these twists,” Probst stated. “And when people get so invested that they don’t like it, that tells me, okay, we’re in this together, you don’t like it, I get it. I liked it, but I hear you, we’re not going to do Edge for a while. I’ve heard people. I got it.”

Before you start thinking the Edge is extinct forever, though, don’t get too ahead of yourself. “I’m not saying we won’t do [EOE] again. We might get a wild hair and wanna do it again,” Probst added. “I just wish people understood, I’m truly coming from love. This whole show changed my life. I would be nowhere without you guys. I just wish it was a little more harmonious, rather than some of the stuff people say on social media that’s just so… hateful.”

Survivor: Winners At War premieres on CBS this Wednesday at 8 pm.

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5 responses to “Jeff Probst Says “We’re Not Going To Do Edge of Extinction For A While””

  1. I find it quite disappointing that people would stoop so low to attack him because he is trying to change the game with creative ideas. There are ways you can argue without insulting someone, and I honestly hope to see it again someday.

  2. Edge of Extinction works better with All-Star seasons. I wouldn’t mind if they bring it back for those. They need to fix the flaws though like if u fail to re-enter the game at the merge ur out, just like Redemption Island.

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