Season 40 Cast Revealed

Who are the returning champions?

As previously revealed on Inside Survivor, for the landmark fortieth season, Survivor will be inviting back a cast of former winners for an epic champion of champions showdown. The cast recently left for Fiji and the season is set to begin filming soon.

Below are the 20 rumored cast members for Season 40 – with HUGE thanks to SurvivorsUnite for all his help.

Amber Mariano
Danni Boatwright
Denise Stapley
Kim Spradlin
Michele Fitzgerald
Natalie Anderson
Parvati Shallow
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Sarah Lacina
Sophie Clarke
Adam Klein
Ben Driebergen
Ethan Zohn
Jeremy Collins
Nick Wilson
Rob Mariano
Tony Vlachos
Tyson Apostol
Wendell Holland
Yul Kwon

Season 40 will air on CBS in early 2020. Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for all the latest news!

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Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

137 responses to “Season 40 Cast Revealed”

  1. Love the cast, many I didn’t expect to be on like Ethan, Yul & Amber. Disappointed Todd isn’t on, he’s my favorite winner ever. Wish Adam & Ben weren’t on

    Overall they got great cast & got a very good mix of new & older winners

    • I’d like to see Earl, but yep, Todd would be great.
      I think it would mess his life up though (hear he just got his shit together after a lot of drinking & drugs etc.)

    • I don’t mind Adam, not because I am a fan (I am lukewarm about him) but mostlly because he is way younger than most of the veterans and it will imo bring interesting dynamics
      I can totally see someone like Rob and Tyson being annoyed by him and giving him hell in confessionals – yesss please ;-))

  2. I don’t care about S39. I need S40 in my eyeballs right now! The females are incredible and we get to see Yul play again. Thats enough for me. I just hope they keep it simple like HvV.

  3. At least with everyone being veterans there will be a level field , no one saying it’s our turn they had their chance.

  4. Redmond Tees or.any stuff.regarding the casting process. How they arrived with the Final 20? Who were shortlisted? Who got cut and.why
    Who were the alternates

    For me i.think they can still.come.up.with a better 20 Casts. But ill roll.with what they decided.

  5. Not surprised that Heidik wasn’t included but am surprised no Hatch. Wonder why no Tina, J.T., Jenna M., S9 Chris, Earl, or Todd.

    • Hatch is a bigger bag of wind and braggadocio than Russel Hantz. Plus he walks around naked and uses it against the women during challenges. Todd continues to struggle with his addictions. Tina lost her son in an auto accident, it wasn’t really recently, but it was in the past three years or so. Her heart may simply not be in it. Earl, last I heard of him, was insanely happy with a wife and a couple kids living the quiet life. The rest, I don’t know, maybe someone else does.

    • Hatch is still in trouble with the IRS, not having paid property taxes in six years. Daugherty got in trouble with his job last time, probably not making that mistake again. J.T. was embarrassed in HvV and didn’t really redeem himself in GC, he’s too nice a guy to take the plunge again.

      • Didn’t know about Chris & Richard Hatch situations. Read somewhere that CBS could be concerned regarding Hatch’s conduct during All Stars S8 towards Sue Hawk in light of the #metoo movement.

  6. I’m glad that they finally brought Yul back. He’s such an underrated winner. I’m surprised not to see Mike. Plus, I am so relieved not to see Richard Hatch or Aras.

  7. This will be the best Survivor season describing about all-winners edition. The one thing I haven’t watched those seasons are following where I had/have not seen in my TV screens: Redemption Island, South Pacific, One World, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, Ghost Island and David vs. Goliath.

    Wow, no Nicaragua and Caramoan representations in this game.

  8. Really happy with the female cast, although I’m surprised that Jenna and Tina are not on.
    Pretty bummed that Hatch, Tom and Todd are not on. I think they would have been better picks than Ben, Nick and Wendell. Oh well, can’t complain too much. They are actually doing an all winners season!!!! Super excited!

    I think the winner will not be one of the big personalities though. I could easily see Sophie or Michele find their way to Final 3.

    I really hope that either Kim or Parvati wins it.

    • Hatch is in more trouble, not having paid property taxes in six years…Todd is probably not healthy enough to play…Westman doesn’t need it anymore.

    • Earl had a premature baby or he’d be my top pick/2nd pick after Yul. I’d put him in for Ben. I like Ben, but he didn’t “win” precisely, and he’s out of his league here.

      My thinking is the calm corporate type with no recent rep will have a very big edge. Hmmmm, maybe I should have made some room for Denise at the top. HUGELY underrated winner, though she may not have the physical edge she once did. Adam’s probably a bargain in pools. He’s got a good shot. Natalie too.

  9. I just hope a Mariano gets voted out first. Shame they didn’t add a easy first male vote out. Chris??

  10. Ugh. We have to put up with Rob and Sandra for two seasons in a row? I think I’m going to pass on Survivor for a while.

  11. If I have to watch Sandra Diaz one more time, I’m going to pull my hair out! I can’t stand her…

  12. thx for the info!
    looking forward to this season! Would’ve been interested to see them apply extinction island to this season, but I think it won’t ever return..

  13. this has got to be the single oldest cast in the show’s history, but I’m still very excited

  14. I would have switched out Amber with Jenna Morassca. I guess it was in Rob’s contract that Amber had to play.

  15. I would switch out Amber for Jenna Morassca. I guess it was part of Rob’s contract that Amber be cast, too.

  16. Top Tier: Adam, Ethan, Natalie, Nick, Rob, Tony, Wendell
    Like: Ben, Denise, Jeremy, Kim, Parvati, Sarah
    Neutral: Amber, Michelle, Sandra, Yul
    Dislike: Sophie, Tyson

  17. I would’ve liked to have seen Mike and Cochran come back. I’m not a huge fan of Tony or Tyson, but I can handle them together over both Richard and Aras competing together.

  18. Faves: Sophie, Natalie, Sandra
    Like: Parvati, Michele, Tony, Adam, Nick, Rob, Tyson, Wendell
    Neutral: Amber, Danni, Denise, Kim, Ethan, Jeremy, Yul
    Dislike: Sarah, Ben
    (I don’t hate Sarah and Ben lol overall I love this cast!)

  19. 1. Seasons 13, 28, and 29 are represented by two Original players. It will be very interesting to see the gameplay of these six. Parvati and Yul were in two opposing alliance; Tony voted Sarah out; Jeremy and Natalie were in a very strong partnership.
    2. All past Season 30 Winners are in except for Chris.
    3. Probst is wrong. I like the female cast.
    4. Not a fan of Cochran but pretty surprised that he wasn’t cast.
    5. Very Happy to see the winners of all my favorite seasons with the exception of Palau. (Pearl, Micronesia, Villains, Philippines, Cagayan, Second Chance, Millenials, and Davids)
    6. There are four original players from Seasons 1-10, and 4 winners from 11-20, so Survivor All Eras are kinda well-represented.
    7. With all these Alpha personalities, savvy Strategists, and very enthusiastic winners, I can easily see Adam, Nick, Sophie, Denise or Wendell winning this season.
    8. Oh my, Is this really happening?

    • Cochran’s got a job that’s probably keeping him.

      Add Yul to #7 & you have a good set of picks.

    • “Adam, Nick, Sophie, Denise or Wendell”

      You pretty much match my pool picks. I was thinking Yul too, but he’d be at the end of the list. Corporate types are used to a lot of “friendly” alpha jousting though.

      Corporate type Earl would be my number one pick if he was in. Most underrated winner by far, possible exception Vicephia (not a black thing: those two could hardly be more different.) Earl is underrated because few know he won having pretty much never seen the show (plus old season.) Vicephia is underrated because her game was SUPER subtle (plus old season. )

      You either had to really close watch her season or have listened to the great Survivor Historians pod to understand Vicephia’s game. She’s the very opposite of who Probst wants as a winner… but that doesn’t make her a bad winner. Guarantees her a bad edit though.

    • Cochran isn’t back because he doesn’t want to return. It was extremely hard for him to even take a leave from work just for that Game Changers cameo.

  20. Amazing, of course they could have done it better but still, they managed to make an all-winners season!! My only hope is that there are not thousand of advantages, they are supposed to be good players, let them play! And they would be the first annoyed by too many twists.

    I can’t believe it.
    Amber??? Rob??? Parvati??? Yul!!! Tony!!! Tyson!!! Ethan??? Natalie!!! Kim!!!
    But why on earth would there be Sandra and Rob in S39???
    That couldn’t make less sense imo….. :///

    • personally it’s rob and sandra overkill. wish they saved that twist for later or used two different idols.

      • I have to say if there are 2 players who I can maybe tolerate on 2 seasons in a row like this, it’s actually Rob and Sandra 🙂
        but Sandra was already very prominent on Game Changers, I hope even she doesn’t get a little old.
        then again, Season 40 is going to be SO stacked that it might not matter that much in the end.

    • Someone I know guessed that they might tie in the S39 twist with S40, leaving Sandra and Rob out there the whole time.

      • Interesting, that would be a twist for sure. From what I heard Sandra and Rob got to come back with the S39 cast and then left again with the S40 cast.

  22. I know that John Cockran is a big television writer, but I wished he were part of this cast.

  23. I’m going to go ahead and predict a Michele, Adam, Nick final 3. All the bigger guns will take each other out.

  24. For some reason i wanted Tina and Natalie White back i feel like one is very stubborn and the other needs to redeem herself since people give her she only won bc they didnt want Russel. And i actually really like Nat.

    Im really excited for some of these people and how are they gonna play.
    Amber needs to stnad her own since pretty much Rob carried her to the final in All starts.
    Danni never saw her season im excited to see how shes gonna play.
    Kim or Parvati who is gonna come on top.
    Sandra clearly gotta stay a queen.
    Wendell and Sophie i feel like they gonna be very colected players and they are the ones to watch.
    Sarah always like her. She proved herself in her 2nd season.
    Ive alwahys wanted Yul back now that Parv is also there i cant wait to see what is gonna happen.
    And Nat and Michelle are also 2 to keep an eye on.

    I cant stand Tony and Rob. I just hope neither of them win. Tony thinks hes a smart a$$ and knows everything but Sandra showed him good. And Rob is just so arrogant at placed i just wanna change the channel.

    • Please proofread your comments before posting so that you don’t come off sounding like an ignorant moron.

      • 2nd graders don’t know how to write let alone proofread.
        So, we have to suffer through the illiterate ignorance.

  25. I figured that Rob had come back because he went quiet on Social Media for a while. He usually posts a lot on there.

  26. Hey Redmond. Now that we know the cast, will you launch the Dream Tribe Game shortly (instead of next February) so that we can avoid spoilers?

  27. Thank God there’s no Cochran.

    Wish Todd and Brian would’ve been cast. Would love to see them play again.

    Surprising not to see Mike in here, but I don’t mind his absence.

  28. Interestingly they have 4 villains cast from season 20. Sandra, Parvati, Tyson, and Rob.

  29. Disappointed that Earl won’t be on considering he was apparently in the running for Game Changers so I really expected him to make the cast; I think he would have been a real contender and I have always considered him a super underrated winner. I also would have loved to see Todd, Tom, Fabio, Chris D., Rich, and Brian but I didn’t expect any of them for various reasons. I think the female cast is pretty good overall, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Tina, Vecepia, or Natalie White, but also wasn’t super disappointed they won’t be on.
    My dream cast would have been
    Chris D.

    Natalie A.

    I also would have been happy with JT, Tyson, Boston Rob, or Jeremy for the males, or Vecepia, Natalie W. or Michelle for the females.

  30. so if Sandra doesn’t win – she will have to share her double crown with eventual winner (yessss – go Parvati!!!)

    • I would argue Sandra’s double win will be slightly more “clean” than whoever wins this season, just because the nature of this season guarantees a two time winner (unless of course Sandra wins again). While Sandra had a “winner target” her second time and STILL won.

  31. I’m a more recent Survivor fan (Millennials vs. Gen X was my first season). I’ve heard of many of these people, but haven’t seen them play. I’m excited, I think it’ll be really interesting!

  32. Seeing this, I really hope they do winners vs runner ups one day. Or even a all runner up season would work too.

  33. Who’s the favorite y’all?
    Denise? Yul?

    Really hard to tell since we don’t know the relationships outside of game (I don’t anyway.)

  34. Boston rob two seasons in a row?!?!? y’all got me hyped now! As much as I love rob and amber I am shocked they are on the same season bc I feel like it is nearly impossible for them to win 🙁 but I mean it is Boston rob, arguably the best survivor player ever, so we will see

  35. Rob in double seasons! This is a gift from survivor gods and as much as some of you don’t like him he is arguably the best survivor out there! Also gonna be interesting to see his and Ambers game play here, hopefully it doesn’t hurt them too much.

    • Rob isn’t even the best Survivor on Season 39.
      He basically had a scripted win handed to him (though he played the part well.)
      I also give him credit for “winning” All-Stars, but

      gimme a blank season with blank players & no history, Sandra’s probably 1 in 4 or 5 to win. Rob? More like 1 in 6 or 7. That’s REALLY good, but he ain’t making it much past the merge in a lot of modern seasons. Classic 7th place boot, backstabbed by allies the turn before he starts playing idols.

      Edit: mmmm, Sandra might get f’d by the fire making now. Not sure, but prob have to downrank her over that. Ironically rob gets downranked on that too. He’s gotta go early, and modern players are a LOT better. Victoria is BOOTING Rob’s ass, oh yes. As would Wendell, Adam, etc.

  36. for the most part, I think the field of women is outstanding. as far as men, I’d like to have seen Earl and Chris over men who’ve already played multiple times. Ethan is a gift, though.

  37. I hope they divide the tribes by Heroes and Villains

    Hero Tribe:

    Villain Tribe:

  38. I don’t think this is real, they probably won’t put Rob and Amber on the same season. I would like to have this cast, but I find it unlikely.

  39. What? Adam, Ben, Rob, Michele? I’d prefer Brian Heidik, Todd Herzog, Vecepia Towery & Earl Cole!

    • Brian doesn’t meet CBS character standards. I agree & I am NO prude.
      Todd is just getting over substance issues. Would kill him. Shame.
      Vecepia’s game was WAY to subtle to re-enlist. She’d be in my top 5 if she was on though.
      Earl has a premature kid. Damn shame. He’d be in my top… uh… I think top 1.

      Chris Daughtry would easily make my top 5 picks if he were on BTW.

  40. All Runner Up Season idea for next All-Star Season

    Amanda Kimmel (Micronesia)
    Angelina Keeley (David vs Goliath)
    Aubrey Bracco (Kaoh Rong)
    Benjamin (Coach) Wade (South Pacific)
    Brad Culpepper (Game Changers)
    Caroyln Rivera (Worlds Apart)
    Chrissy Hofbeck (Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers)
    Colby Donaldson (The Australian Outback)
    Danielle DiLorenzo (Exile Island)
    Domenick Abbate (Ghost Island)
    Kelly Wigglesworth (Borneo)
    Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)
    Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands)
    Russell Hantz (Samoa, Heroes vs Villains)
    Spencer Bledsoe (Cambodia)
    Stephen FIshbach (Tocantins)
    Stephanie LaGrossa (Guatemala)
    Tai Trang (Kaoh Rong)
    Tasha Fox (Cambodia)
    Woo Hwang (Cagayan)

  41. I’m fine with all the female winners except Sarah….not that i personally hate Sarah, its just that the way Cirie went out has irreparably tainted Game Changers for me and i just don’t want to acknowledge it. :/

    i’d be fine with switching her out for Natalie W., just to stick it to Probst. lol

    The guys, i’d like to switch out Adam, Ben, and Tony for Chris D., Earl, and i dunno….Todd.

    Still, if this really is the tea, i’ll really be looking forward to it!

    • I don’t LIKE Sarah.
      She’s a cop & a practiced constant massive liar like nearly all cops.
      But Sarah *completely* deserves to be there.
      She’s excellent at Survivor.
      Damn fine player.

      She only went early the first time because she was bamboozled by an actual *dirty* cop Tony.
      80% likely he’s dirty as hell in any case.

  42. I think I’m most excited to see Kim and Ethan. She played a flawless game and he beat cancer. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Also love Adam and Natalie, and Tyson is one of the few I don’t mind seeing for a gazillionth time.
    Ben will milk every advantage and (I predict) outsmart Rob.
    I actually like Amber but am curious if she will play her own game. I really don’t need to see Rob or Parvati again, so if she’s aligned with either I’ll root against her.
    I don’t mind Sandra but I can’t see her winning. Everyone else I’m sort of meh about, but overall not a bad cast.

  43. Oh man, I just heard Edge of Extinction is on for 40
    Rob must have been voted out first.
    I don’t like it, but I do get it from CBS’s vantage.
    We’re gonna have to redo ALL these picks y’all.

    Off the top, Wendell, Yul, Tyson, Natalie, Rob, Ben, and probably Sarah get a bump here. Nick too. I can’t remember if Jeremy is good at challenges. He’s good at making people love him on Exile though, so let’s give him the bump too.

    Question is will this cast ostracize the return fully? I think not. The psych power of Exile is too big. GOD I hope this is the last time they use it.

  44. Wanted Brian, Vecepia, Chris (Vanuatu) or Earl back.
    I am surprised Ethan is medically cleared to play but that’s a good thing.
    WHAT? NO FABIO? (just kidding).
    Wendell can team up with a ton of these players and becomes my hidden fav.

  45. I’m mostly just excited to have Adam on my screen again. I’d given up watching Survivor for a number of years since so many castaways were trash, truly vile, hateful, putrid human garbage, and I wasn’t “hate-watching” in a fun snarky way, and realized I was watching out of obligation, and I shouldn’t be watching something that leaves me so depressed.

    But on a whim, decided to watch S33, and I admit, I started rooting for Adam because I thought he was (is) really cute, but then I got sucked into his story, and started cheering him on from a game standpoint. I actually watched a full season of Survivor, something I hadn’t done in years! And all thanks to Adam, who became one of my favourite winners.

    And why is it that so few people know how to spell Millennials correctly? It’s double-L, double-N! It’s not difficult.

  46. I’m happy apart from Ben and Adam.
    I wonder if Sandra and Rob will be in an alliance since Island of the Idols?

      • Well that sucks. Jeff Proabst was right, most of the winners were not, interesting. There was only about 10. They should have added in People like Coach a legend, Philip, Russel, or his son, make it interesting.

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