Updated: Rumored Season 41 Cast

A first look at the Survivor 41 cast…

As previously revealed on Inside Survivor, the upcoming forty-first season of Survivor recently wrapped up filming in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands and will feature 18 new castaways divided into three tribes. The season lasted 26 days.

According to Inside Survivor sources, season 41 will simply be referred to as Survivor 41, ushering in a new era for the show as it begins its third decade on the air. This means there is no subtitle attached to the season relating to a theme or a location. The number of the season is essentially the title.

As recently announced at the ViacomCBS Upfronts, Survivor 41 will air this fall on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. An exact premiere date was not given, but Survivor traditionally launches in September.

Below are all 18 of the RUMORED new cast members for Season 41.

Brad Reese
Danny McCray
Deshawn Radden
David Voce
Eric Abraham
Erika Casupanan
Evvie Jagoda
Genie Robin-Chen
Heather Aldret
Jairus Robinson
Liana Wallace
Naseer Muttalif
Ricard Foyé
Sara Wilson
Shantel Smith
Sydney Segal
Tiffany Seely
Xander Hastings

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Martin Holmes

Martin is a freelance writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously Digital Spy, ET Canada, and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull. Martin is the owner and editor-in-chief of Insider Survivor.

106 responses to “Updated: Rumored Season 41 Cast”

      • Can we stop already with the alpha beta bs? You don’t have to be either and it’s certainly an obscure way to look on men or women for that matter.

      • Well if you look back at previous winners there aren’t many Alpha males who have actually won. 24/40 were males and out of that maybe 4 were the Alpha males of the group but most of the time the Alphas are outplayed by strategy and blindsides, Ozzy being one of the truly unlucky ones never to win. I mean if you want to call John Cochran an Alpha male go right ahead but I’ll laugh all day long

        • Honestly I don’t think Ozzy losing multiple times was bad luck. His social and strategic game is not the strongest. He is a great competitor in challenges and surviving the elements. Unfortunately he had a tendency to not hide his distain for people he found weak.

      • cameron stfu POC/ Blacks and women have just as much a chance as any white male. In this season they’ll be the stark minority (even though they represent alot more population wise). Shut up and cope with whoever wins.

      • Where was this info shared? And as long as they are unique shades and designs, they could still be cool. A dark green like Mogo Mogo for example.

      • Blue, green, and yellow have never been used as starting tribe colors together. Blue and yellow have been used with green being added for a tribe expansion in Edge of Extinction. I predict the merged tribe will have red Buffs, just like Edge of Extinction as well. Only a few seasons have had red Buffs for the merged tribe.

        • Yeah u guys right i loved the green color added to the yellow and blue its unique

          I said boring just for the lols dont take me serious

          Love yall

    • no because tom from season 39, island of the idols, was the first player to play living from canada.

    • Tom from season 39 was the first Canadian. I was looking the season in disbelief, then I realized they opened Survivor’s application to Canadian. Finally! I’m Canadian so, good new for us!

      • Tom had dual citizenship though for both Canada and the United States. They chose Tom because that way they wouldn’t have to deal with VISA trouble.

    • No – they announced the inclusion of Canadian residents in casting in the 39/40 round and cast Tom Laidlaw for Island of the Idols.

    • It is actually the 2nd. Canadians have been able to apply for a complete years now & there was 1 on either season 38 or 39 (I didn’t look it up so don’t recall for sure but it was a recent newbie season).

  1. I’m hoping that from the remaining 9, there are several who are over-40. This is a very young cast so far. I liked how diverse the age group was in Island of the Idols. Hoped that would move into the new season.

    • Complete agree!! I want a mix of older and younger players. Janet was such a stand out from IOTI.

  2. The girls seems smarter I hope they dont turn out to be emotional and take the guys out one by one

    • Have you not been paying attention to 40 seasons? Both the men and women consistently are emotional. They are surviving the elements and playing a game where paranoia and being betrayed is a common theme.

      Humans are emotional.

  3. Longtime fan of Survivors, but… This episode will be marred by the fact that CBS mandated a new “woke” policy requiring the cast to be at least 50% blacks or POC. That required them to dump some players who had already been chosen and replace them just before filming began. And of course, they will continue to force the LGBTQ agenda as well by over-representing that group as well. Survivor is certainly not what it used to be.

    • What’s wrong with LGBTQ people, Gary? Is it too much for you to take in??
      How tragic, you’re not gonna get the same predominantly white casted seasons you’re so used to..

      • I have nothing against LGBTQ people (a good friend [from childhood] is lesbian) but I don’t think they should over-power a cast (like be required to have a specific representation like at least whatever percentage of a cast).
        To that point, it is not right/fair to the people that were previously told they made the cast only to be/get pulled out because they don’t meat the new casting criteria that was made AFTER they were told they were on! How would you feel if you were screwed like that?

        • That’s life. Life isn’t fair for LGBT people every single day. I’m sure they can handle it.

          • Oh give me a break. As a gay man life is VERY fair. I really wish people would stop heaping unwanted pity on us. We don’t need it.

    • It seems like you might actually just not really like Survivor very much if you’re literally bothered by diversity. That’s literally key to the concept itself… people from different walks of life.

      • Not when people were previously told they made the cast but get pulled after being told.
        Also, what if not many people from a specific diverse group apply? Say, for example, what if 90% of applicants are white & only 10% were black? I suppose you think every single POC that applied from that applied should be guaranteed to be on? They would have to recruit to get that diverse of a cast (which we know they already do anyway)! How is that fair to everyone (else) that applied?

    • There is no way survivor has every casted a season with an “over-representing” amount of LGBTQ. Last 2021 gallup poll in USA indicates that only 86.7% of people identified as straight. We absolutely have seen an “over-representation” of straight people if you look at previous survivor seasons compared to that number.

    • Gary,

      Numerous former players have spoken about racist incidents that have occurred off camera. Perhaps having a more diverse cast will improve the game and allow more people to be seen a 3 dimensional.

    • “But I can’t be (racist/homophobic/etc) have______ frieeeeends!”

      – every racist/homophobe/etc in the last 40 years

  4. I really like Danny, Xander, and Shantel I hope they can pull out a win if not I’m sure there’ll be others from the yet unannounced cast that I’ll like. PS- very disappointed to hear that there’ll be no new new theme or titular name this season ,hopefully that will change for season 42.

    • I don’t mind certain themes, but I really miss going to different locations. That was partly the reason I got hooked to Survivor, getting to see new exotic places around the world. I’m so bored of Fiji; I feel like I’m watching the same season over and over sometimes. I understand why they stay there but still. I just wish they could go somewhere else

  5. Getting attacked in here bc I was defending the women situation really disgusting. Ive never said anything bad just stated a prediction of mine that an alpha male will prob win based on previous seasons.

    Sorry for the guys here that got offended and their egos hurt ugh i feel so bad 🙁

  6. How times have changed. Todd Herzog, Survivor China Winner, had dual citizenship, but he had to legally renounce his Canadian citizenship, to collect the million dollar prize.

    • Since when are Canadians allowed ???? I thought there was an insurance issue that disqualified us ????

      Karen, Toronto, ON

      • Since Island of the Idols. Granted, this will be the first season with castaways who live in Canada at the time of filming.

        Tom was the first person born in Canada to compete, but he lived in Connecticut when he competed and presumably had US Citizenship for decades now and would have been eligible to compete regardless of the rule change.

  7. Survivor needs to do what BBCAN9 did and have ONLY 35% of the cast be white, and 35% of the cast LGBTQ+. It leads to much better gameplay and alliances when all the players come from different backgrounds.

  8. currently rooting for evvie!/ we’re both from massachusetts and i’ve always gotta support my fellow gays <3

  9. To the point of a few posters above, it’s not about disliking BIPOC/LGBTQ…it’s about forcing it. All the quotas mean that hetro/white contestants are intentionally left out. It’s the intention that is bothersome. The casts should come together organically rather than filling quotas.

    Also, if we’re talking about diversity…where have all the conservatives been the last few seasons? It seems like literally all the narratives are consistent with one worldview, not a diverse one.

    • The S39 cast came close to reaching this “quota”, and that cast came together naturally. Just because Survivor is looking to cast people from more diverse backgrounds doesn’t mean they are only casting those players for the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. These compelling people are still in the applicant pool. If you’re looking to create a three-dimensional cast with different lives, views, and experiences (which I’d assume you agree should be the goal) then there’s no better way than to cast with diversity in mind.

      And these quotas don’t mean white people have been left out….there are still plenty of white people on this cast. If anyone has been left out or misrepresented, it’s the many compelling stories of minorities that have been excluded from the edit over the years in favor of largely white casts that take the majority of the screentime. All Survivor is doing is creating a more equal playing field for everyone. The 50% BIPOC quota is just in place to hold Survivor accountable for telling new stories and ending the lopsided edits and successes that are usually stacked against minorities.

    • Representation matters, they aren’t forcing anything. Besides nobody is gonna wanna watch a bunch of white folks in 2021 doing nomadic shit. Y’all have HBO Max and Friends for that.

    • Lmao the winner of S39 was conservative, in fact the entire F3 was. Tony/Sarah/Ben/Nick were the majority alliance of WaW and all of them ware conservative too

    • That is a good/fair question. But my question is how to cast that. I mean I think I’m (pretty) conservative but where has that gotten me?

    • when you are doing the BARE minimum promised (as I believe CBS promised at least 50% BIPOC?) there are really not that many white contestants “intentionally left out”… that is half the cast, while BIPOC are fighting for their 1-2 “token spots” per their race still each cast.

      this “intentionally left out” BS paints a narrative that the white people not selected WOULD have been a better cast, but we HAD TO include BIPOC…. and that isn’t a good look nor is it the case.

      I agree that a quota is *in theory* a ridiculous idea, but think of why we have to have it. That speaks volumes compared to its mere existence.
      In a perfect world, the best cast wins regardless of race/orientation/political views/class/etc etc etc…. but we don’t live in a perfect world.

      • Why do they “have to have” anything? If they don’t apply how can they be on. Don’t tell me you support recruiting….nobody in their right mind(s) want to see that!

        • 1) 90% applied 2) Casting has been recruiting for years and some of the all-time most memorable players were recruited (Parvati, Fairplay, Courtney, and so on)

        • One year later and you’ve still got the same chip on your shoulder. I remember someone named Andy getting into a debate about this issue with Martin in the comments of an inside survivor article last year. Maybe I shouldn’t assume, but pretty sure you’re still the same guy.

    • Unfortunately, due to how human brains work and bias – you cannot depend on “organically” casting. You’d end up with an over-representation of white straight people. We unfortunately still carry bias with us from our previous generations.

      As for where are the conservatives/republicans – you have obviously been ignoring them:
      – Golden boy Joe Anglim is a Qanon trump supporter. He also joined some weird alpha male cult thing. I’d assume his wife Sierra is the same… but i don’t know.
      – Cierra Eastin identifies as republican
      – Laura Morett ran as a republican in the state of Oregon.
      – Scott Pollard supports Trump on twitter.
      – Coach Wade said he voted for trump on twitter.
      – Sarah Lacina has indicated being a trump supporter.
      – Terry Dietz republican.
      – Colton Cumbie – Stated republican on the show.
      – Tina Wesson – Republican
      – Lisa Wechel
      – Mike Holloway said he was republican on an AMA.
      – Anna Khait
      – I can go on with more.. but i think the points been made.

      *Not commenting on whether being republican is bad or not- just indicating its well represented. Except Joe, I don’t really respect anyone into Q.

  10. I will say I really enjoy seeing different states on here. Not just the usual new york, california, and florida mix 🙂

  11. Was Danny and/or Naseer already on the original rumoured cast? I think I don’t remember their faces, but it might just be my memory LOL
    Hoping for a great season!

  12. I don’t judge based on race, religion or gender, it would be nice if CBS did the same.
    Yes, I’m referring to the diversity mandate. I have no problem with the cast being heavily non-white if that is an approximation the best cast.
    Honestly though as a viewer of the show from the very first season my biggest complaint would be that the series has lost it’s “adventure” roots and devolved due to producer meddling into “gameplay” obsessive contestants and little else. That and the one location because it’s easy and cheap thing and screw what the audience wants.

  13. I wish survivor fans weren’t so bitchy. If you really have a problem with 2021 survivor, then don’t watch.

  14. I think Ozzy deserves a win; although everyone will be gunning for him. But he is smart; climbs trees like a monkey; and have never seen a better swimmer or fish catcher than Ozzy!

  15. I won’t be watching, looking at the cast I can already tell there will be a bunch of political correctness during the season and I don’t want politics involved in my tv shows

    • What a weird way to say you’re a Republican and you hate the idea of gay people being treated with respect.

    • Nobody cares. The show doesn’t need you. The fandom doesn’t want you. Your bigoted opinions are irrelevant.

      I’ll be glad when all the bigots crawl back under their rocks and live out their pathetic little lives without acting like anyone gives a about their poor little hurt feelings over no longer being the only people who matter.

  16. Love the diversity in the cast. I hope they casted 1 or 2 hispanic/latino too. But i am really afraid of the backlash the premier is going to get from Republican viewers.

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