Survivor Season 40 Title and Tribe Divisions

The tribes are revealed…

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Back in May, Inside Survivor revealed the full cast of returning champions for the highly-anticipated fortieth season of Survivor. Since then, the season has been filmed, the winners have done battle, and we’ve revealed a torrent of twists from the season, including the increased prize fund and the dreaded return of Edge of Extinction.

Now, finally, we can reveal what many people have been waiting for, the tribe divisions! The title, first posted by Instagram user Chris Scotts, is Winners at War. The tribe divisions can be viewed below:


The red tribe consists of Amber Mariano, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Sarah Lacina, Sophie Clarke, Nick Wilson, Tony Vlachos, Tyson Apostol, Wendell Holland, and Yul Kwon.

This marks the second time Sandra and Tony have started on the same tribe, having previously been on the Mana tribe in Game Changers. Tony and Sarah also started together on the Brawn tribe in Cagayan. Sandra also started on the Villains tribe with Tyson in Heroes vs. Villains and played with Sarah on the swapped Nuku tribe in Game Changers.


The blue tribe consists of Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, Ethan Zohn, Jeremy Collins, Rob Mariano, Danni Boatwright, Denise Stapley, Michele Fitzgerald, Natalie Anderson, and Parvati Shallow.

This is the second time Rob and Parvati have started on the same tribe, having previously been part of the Villains tribe in Heroes vs. Villains. Jeremy and Natalie also started on the Hunahpu tribe together in San Juan Del Sur.

UPDATE 11/13/19: The tribe colors were swapped the other way around.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for all the latest news and features. Survivor Season 40 will air on CBS in early 2020.

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38 responses to “Survivor Season 40 Title and Tribe Divisions”

  1. What’s wrong nobody else applying to play, piss on this rehash of a bunch of aholes, not all but a lot of aholes. Getting as to where i’ve had enough

    • Not that nobody is applying, I have been applying since season 2 but have never gotten a call at all! Somehow I get the feeling I’m getting screwed….

  2. Interesting. Still worried with Edge of Extinction involved. But you never know. This season started filming when season 38 ended. So they saw a lot of the negative reactions it got. I don’t think it was a bad twist, but it does have to get adjusted. Maybe that’s what they did. I’m not gonna judge till this season plays out. We could still end up with very good one. End it’s cool to see the best winners ever battling it out.

  3. Returning Champions? How about Fricken Retreads? Enough with previous players / 2nd or 4th chance return players, move on, get some young blood /new blood on there. And nowit looks like they get to bring a few suitcase’s along with them, get back to the nitty gritty, make them survive, hence the name “Survivor”.

  4. Any predictions? I think on the blue tribe Amber and Kim will be a tight duo. I think Tyson Wendell and Nick will bond.

    On the red tribe I don’t think Rob and Parvati will align. I think Ben Jeremy and Rob are the three alpha guys on the tribe so they’ll form an alliance. I think Denise can align with just about anyone even though she’s older. I don’t think Danni will be that relatable with the rest of her tribe.

    • Rob and Amber will both start with targets on their backs. No one will want to see them carrying each other to the end. And no one wants to see Sandra win for a 3rd time.

  5. Why did they cast Michelle?! They might as well cast Natalie White & Fabio in that case lol. Please don’t let her go coat-tail to the end this time around! The blue team has a lot more ‘game changers’ than the red team, not sure why the split in teams seem uneven? So glad Yul Kwon is back, he’s my favorite winner of all time! It’ll be interesting to see if Kim play with people who can actually play. I’m excited! Not looking fwd to the Edge of Extinction twist though.

    • Michelle got cast because there aren’t a ton of female winners. Don’t know why they didn’t try to get Tina, but Michelle being there isn’t too big a surprise given the limited pool.

      Also hyped for Yul too

      • Tina was ready, willing, and able. They told her no at the last minute. Tina was a much better choice of a winner. My guess is they wanted a younger eye candy player. Which is a shame.

  6. Why is it, exactly, that you post more stuff for/about season 40 but hardly anything at all about season 39? Here you post the tribe divisions for season 40 but when did you ever post that for season 39? Oh, that’s right, you never did! What is the logic behind that? Why are you looking that far ahead to the future & not posting anything about the season PRIOR to that which is ABOUT to air? You need to get your priorities straight, buddy….

      • Yet you find out (more) about a season (over) a full year in advance of its airing? I don’t know why you would post so much stuff about season 40 when season 39 hadn’t even aired yet. Shouldn’t the most-recent upcoming season have a bigger priority than year-away future seasons? I can’t comprehend why I see so much about season 40 but hardly anything about season 39? I don’t understand how you can justify skipping over a complete season like that….

        • I always get more info about returnee seasons. Just the way it goes. If I had more Season 39 info it would have been posted. The weekly season 39 features will start when the season begins airing. Cast assessments coming up in the next couple of weeks.

  7. So this will be the best season ever, i however wish they would do away with E of E, we are missing some greats we need a good fasion swap out

    “Replace with
    brian h, Todd, hatch and swap out nick jermey and adam”
    Just my thoughts lol i am very excited for this upcoming season
    I am rooting for The OGs ethan , rob ,amber, and sandra!!

    All I know is we need another second chance SEASON that was a fun season!

  8. Probably had to put Brob on s39 to cover his and Amber’s appearance fee for s40 because both have moved on past survivor and didn’t want to play again

  9. The colors of the teams seems unfortunate (colors are way too political with blue as Democrats and red as Republicans).

  10. I’m really curious how Parvati will play since she can’t flirt because she’s a married woman, and most of the males are no longer ruled by hormones and/married.

  11. On each tribe there is two pairs that played together. (Red: Parv & BR Nat &Jeremy) (Blue: Sandra & Tyson Sarah & Tony) wonder if that will factor in somehow.

  12. Did the tribes swap colors? I remember the first rows with Tony and Sandra and such being blue and the second tribe being red. Did something get confirmed?

  13. I put my bets on Parvati. She made finals twice, and the second time she made it despite the target she had on her back. Even Russell Hantz kissed her feet. She’s good in challenges so if she’s in trouble she could pull herself out of a bad situation. She has a good read on people too.

  14. Hyped.

    Thoughts on red tribe: Amber might be 1st one out to weaken Brob; Tyson and Sandra might be her only saving grace. hard to guess who else might go home 1st if not Amber or maybe Sandra. tho Sandra, Tyson, Tony, Sarah and Amber might form a group – could someone like Nick (an unpredictable newschool threat), Sophie (disconnected? friends with Sarah tho and she 100% knows Tyson) be in trouble? I don’t think Tony will go crazy again, Sarah and Sandra on the same tribe should cover him.

    Blue: imo Adam might be 1st one out. Like Nick he is a threat for his unpredictability and despite him being active in the community I don’t think he might gel well with the older players. There is imo a very likely potential alliance of Brob – Jeremy – Natalie – Parvati (tho whether Brob is willing to work with Parv is THE question) – Ethan plus some of Michele, Danni, Denise or maybe Ben as another alpha (tho Ben could be in trouble too for his crazy idol reputation). I can easily see Adam getting Ciera’d.

    Edge of Extinction – unlike all the ridiculous themes actually the first promising idea in ages that gave us some great scenes (basically queen Reem) but went horribly wrong in the endgame – has actually again a great potential here but they really need to learn from the past blunders. There should be way more bonus footage (for what else should CBS All Access exist???) and the second player coming from EoE needs to arrive earlier with no cheap advantages (yes, including the stupid letter that was hidden from the edit). The jury should probably be classic oldschool too, I actually like how in S38 they were still suffering on the EoE bit sadly it just absolutely breaks the game, giving a ridiculous advantage to the player living with the jurors.

    And ffs no idols in the game (unless MAYBE it’s a very tricky one like Brob’s beautiful treasure hunt in S39’s endgame) at Final 5 when there is the firemaking challenge at F4!!!

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