Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Season (Results)

Last Friday we opened up a fan poll for Inside Survivor readers to vote on their Player of the Season for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. You were able to vote on any of the 20 castaways that participated on the season. Over 2000 people voted and the winner earned over half of those votes in a landslide victory. So without further ado, let’s crown the winner..

With 54.59% of the vote (a staggering 1165 votes), the Inside Survivor Player of the Season is…

kelleytribalKelley Wentworth

Kelley Wentworth finished in fourth place just narrowly missing out on a spot in the Final 3. During her time in the game, she found two idols (the first female player in Survivor history to do so), played both correctly for herself (another Survivor first) and was the only female player to win individual immunity. Despite being on the bottom for the majority of the game, she continually found ways to survive and was a serious threat to win.

We reached out to Kelley regarding her Player of the Season win and here is what she had to say:

“Want to say a huge thank you to the fans for voting me Player Of The Season. Despite my short time in SJDS, you guys believed in my potential as a player and took the chance that a pre-merge boot would bring the fire. I hope I made you all proud! I left everything out on that island, and feel like I made the most of my Second Chance. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kimmi Kappenberg finished as runner-up with 9.93% of the vote (212 votes), and Jeremy Collins was in third place with 9.42% (202 votes).

Previous Player of the Week Results

Week 1: Kelley Wentworth (Inside Survivor pick) | Kelley Wentworth (Readers pick – 53.7%)
Week 2: Jeff Varner (Inside Survivor pick) | Jeff Varner (Readers pick – 52.69%)
Week 3: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (56.68%)
Week 4: Tasha Fox  | Tasha Fox (34%)
Week 5: Jeremy Collins | Kimmi Kappenberg (50.74%)
Week 6: Ciera Eastin | Ciera Eastin (55.1%)
Week 7: Jeremy Collins | Ciera Eastin (20.7%)
Week 8: Kelley Wentworth | Kelley Wentworth (80.6 %)
Week 9: Stephen Fishbach | Stephen Fishbach (57.5%)
Week 10/11: Spencer Bledsoe | Spencer Bledsoe (40.2%)
Week 12: Kelley Wentworth | Kelley Wentworth (34.5%)
Week 13: Tasha Fox | Spencer Bledsoe (47.9%)

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3 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Player of the Season (Results)”

  1. Kelley Wentworth is far from a hefty, earth-pig of a woman.
    Where she lost 31 pounds off her already svelte frame baffles me.

    I tried to avoid as much spoiler info as possible… especially this season. But, when I began to see first pics right after the filming of season, I knew Kelley had gone very deep into the game. Not only was she thin, but the tan was deep and something that wouldn’t fade in 4 days.

    I still haven’t figured out how else the season could have ended but the fact that Jeremy wasn’t targeted until the end baffles me. He must have charmed everyone (and good for him if he did).
    I do know… Spencer was an entire dumbass for eliminating Abi. With her, he had a crack at voting out Jeremy. Without her, he was just another sheeple going to the end knowing he had no chance.

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