Survivor Season 32 Brains Tribe

Now that the eighteen contestants for Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs Beauty 2 have been spoiled it is time to reveal which tribe each of these men and women belongs to. There has been some confusion over certain people’s tribe placement based on either looks or occupation, but I can now confirm the definitive tribe divisions. Check out the Survivor Season 32 Brains tribe below.

The Brains tribe, who will wear blue, is made up of social media community manager Aubry Bracco, chemist and jack of all trades Debbie Wanner, Wall Street strategist and card-counting blackjack queen Elisabeth “Liz” Markham, retired FBI agent Joe Del Campo, Three Twins Ice-Cream supremo Neal Gottlieb, and ER physician Dr Peter Baggenstos.


The person most people were confused by, and I expect this to be a recurring thing throughout the season, was Debbie Wanner. With her former work as a fitness instructor, and how much she prides herself on keeping in shape, many people suggested she should be on the Brawn tribe. Debbie wouldn’t have been out of place with the Brawns, but I guess that CBS believed that Jennifer already fit the older woman role – despite Jennifer only being 38. Plus Debbie has a number of qualifications and experience as an analytical chemist which keeps in line with the skilled intelligence that the Brains tribe are meant to represent.

On paper the Brains tribe look drastically outmatched when compared to the other two tribes; similarly to how the original Brains tribe were on Survivor: Cagayan. Each tribe has an older representative, but the Brains tribe’s older man and woman are much older than their counterparts; Joe is 72 years old. However, age can be deceptive, and both Joe and Debbie look to be in shape. But even so, an in shape older person is still likely to struggle against an in shape younger person. The original Brains tribe only won one pre-switch Immunity challenge, and they had Spencer and Tasha, certainly no slouches when it came to challenges. I do however think this Brains tribe will have more success than “Loser Luzon.” Hopefully, the challenges are fairly balanced between physical and mental, and this bunch seems smart so should nail the puzzles.

Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty 2 filmed in Cambodia and will air February 2016 on CBS.

Get to know the Brawn tribe and Beauty tribe.

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