Survivor Season 32 Beauty Tribe

Now that the eighteen contestants for Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty 2 have been spoiled it is time to reveal which tribe each of these men and women belongs to. There has been some confusion over certain people’s tribe placement based on either looks or occupation, but I can now confirm the definitive tribe divisions. Check out the Survivor Season 32 Beauty tribe below.

The Beauty tribe, who will wear yellow, is made up of professional poker player Anna Khait, former Big Brother 16 contestant Caleb “Beastmode Cowboy” Reynolds, Boston University student Julia Sokolowski, travel consultant Michele Fitzgerald, former Rob Has A Website blogger Nick Maiorano, and gardener, Tai Trang.


This is the tribe that most people seem to be confused about as a number of them could easily fit onto the other tribes. Much like the No Collar tribe on Survivor: Worlds Apart, the Beauty tribe has always been that kind of thrown together third tribe that only vaguely makes sense; it was the same on Survivor: Cagayan.

Anna, the poker pro, could just have easily slotted into the Brains tribe; much like fellow poker pro-Garrett on Survivor: Cagayan, but then she would have clashed with the other young, attractive brunette Liz who also has a pro-gambling background.

Likewise, many thought Nick, with his RHAP connection, could fit the Spencer like superfan role on the Brains tribe, but his dating app was more suited to the concept of Beauty as opposed to the good looking doctor that fits more comfortably on Brains.

Caleb, with his physique and challenge success on Big Brother, could have been a member of the Brawn tribe, but perhaps CBS saw more potential drama in him with the young, attractive ladies.

The biggest question mark on the Beauty tribe is Tai. The tribe’s oldest member who works as a gardener; a job that involves using his hands; he would have made a nice fit on the Brawn tribe. But in the larger sense of the word, beauty doesn’t just have to mean aesthetics; although with CBS once again casting three young, pretty white women on the tribe it’d lead you to believe otherwise. Tai, with his community and charity work, represents an inner beauty, and that is probably the angle that will be pushed on the show.

On paper, it’s hard to tell quite how the Beauty tribe will gel. They look physically capable enough, but they don’t seem to mix quite like the Brawn and Brains tribes. With his Big Brother background, and challenge dominance, I could see Caleb trying to take an early leadership role and this frustrating the rest of his tribe; causing dissent in the ranks. If Caleb is voted out early because of this, then the tribe loses their biggest physical asset. The original Beauty tribe on Survivor: Cagayan only lost one pre-switch Immunity Challenge; I have a feeling this Beauty tribe will lose more.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty 2 filmed in Cambodia and will air February 2016 on CBS.

Get to know the Brawn tribe and Brains tribe.

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  1. Since there’re some questions about the chosen members in all tribes, I guess maybe there might be a twist at the beginning.

    Brain, Brawn, Beauty Cagayan started by a surprise leader pick, and then let the leaders say who the weakest player. Maybe in this season, there will be the similar way to kick off the game, but more complicated like the weakests were switched to other tribes, or both leader and weakest were switched, or else.

    If this is real, it could make more sense on why they cast the tribes like this. Just my opinion though lol,

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