Survivor Season 32 Contestant: Caleb Reynolds

Caleb Reynolds is a 27-year-old hunting guide originally from Dallas, Texas and is best known for being a housemate on Big Brother 16 which aired in 2014. Reynolds, who often referred to himself as the Beastmode Cowboy, finished in fourth place on Big Brother. He headed an alliance called the Bomb Squad in the early portion of the game and showed unwavering loyalty to his team-mates. However, he lost focus on his strategy when he became infatuated with fellow housemate Amber Borzotra. He is tied for the most Head of Household competition wins in a season at 4, and is the only male housemate to win four complete HOH reigns and not win the game. Now living in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Reynolds initially applied for The Amazing Race with his friend before being recruited for Big Brother and now Survivor.

Caleb Reynolds marks the second former Big Brother contestant to appear on Survivor after Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss who competed on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Moss had a successful run on Survivor, finishing in seventh place; Reynolds will be hoping to better that in his effort. Reynolds will be a member of the Beauty tribe on Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty 2.

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    • Zach Overholser

      He’s beast mode cowboy

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  • JD

    He certainly wasn’t cast for his vast intellect

    • Gabriela

      No kidding…he had no idea that he was getting played on BB

  • sunrise

    He fills the meat head role, Jeff seems to like at least one each season.

  • Jodie

    Beauty?? Have they seen him lately? He has doubled his beef; he belongs on the Braun tribe!

  • Josh

    It’s so nice of CBS to award his sexist and abusive behavior.

    • Betty

      That’s not how he is in real life. He’s real sweet.

  • Sandra Goodwin

    Yayyyy love beastmode

  • Terrif

    Oh yippie, we get the village idiot again

  • Bunny

    Does he still have the slippers from BB? I think Amber is still looking for them.

  • steven

    I went to school with him in Farmersville tx hes an ok guy but can be full of himself now and then GOOD LUCK CALEB!! Miss ya brother.

  • great post I’m a massive big brother fan from

  • Janice Reese

    I loved Caleb on BB and was glad to see him on Survivor. He reminds me of my grandson in looks and actions.
    I thought he was a hard worker on both shows and was kind to all. I was sad that he got hurt on Survivor and had to be flown out of there. He worked so hard on that competition that he had a heat stroke. Hope he gets to return for another Survivor.