Survivor Season 32 Contestant: Scot Pollard

Scot Pollard is a 40 year old retired American professional basketball player that had an eleven year career in the NBA. Pollard attended the University of Kansas and was the 19th pick of the 1997 NBA draft, he spent the majority of his career playing for the Sacremento Kings and the Indiana Pacers, and was known for his defensive play and funky hairstyles. He won a championship in his final season (07-08) with the Boston Celtics despite only playing limited minutes during the season, he retired soon after in 2008. Pollard now lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wife and children.

Scot Pollard marks the second former NBA star to appear on Survivor after Cliff Robinson who competed on Survivor: Cagayan last year, Pollard will be hoping to achieve better than 14th place. With his professional sports career Pollard will be a part of the Brawn tribe on Survivor Kaôh Rōng – Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty 2.

Thanks to Survivor Sucks members Dog, Jadc4495 and Polo for their help with discovering these names.

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16 responses to “Survivor Season 32 Contestant: Scot Pollard”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if he tries to hide his identity or not. Could reel in the brawns though, as I don’t see a Tony-Essie player who could vote him out.

  2. As the preview showed him, I think it’s a good player, I just hope he doesn’t go too funky and get like Dan or Rodney in Worlds Apart.

  3. What an A-hole! He is a fine example of what money has done to sports today. I think he should have been fed to the lions, but they would have spit him out for his foul taste.

  4. Pollard is a joke. Smaking on Survivor about winning an NBA chamionship. He rode the pine for Boston. Hope he loses quick. If he had any money he wouldnt be on a game show.

  5. I was watching the episode of Survivor that Talked about Scott’s mother Being cared for in Utah . I am surprised to hear how he has taken care of his Mother .If all the conversation on the program are true

  6. If Scott makes it to the end, does he really think anyone will vote for him? HIding the ax and pouring water on the fire? It’s a game. You can’t cry and stomp off because someone beat you at your own game. I hope you are voted off soon. You are a washed up has been, stop trying to make a comeback.

  7. The very definition of the dumb jock. It made my day to see him booted by a bunch of waaaay smarter girls. Sad that our society rewards jerks like this whose only contribution is bouncing a rubber ball.

  8. He bragged so hard to Alecia about “playing with the best in the world”, but he left out that he played less than 10 minutes. What a cocky lug that needs some correction coming his way. He is just a bully. Nothing to see here.

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