Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 5

It’s Tuesday and that means it is once again time for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 4, Jacob secured victory with his spot on placing of Jeff Varner in 17th place, gaining him 17 points. Rob and Shawn were in joint second place with 15 points a piece. Still very close between the three.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Jeremy is voted out in Episode 5, Rob and Shawn would both receive 1 point, and Jacob would receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 33
Score: 37
Score: 38
JeremyPic JeremyPic KelleyPic
1. I still think Jeremy is in the best position in the game right now. He still seems to be the leader of Bayon and he has his idol. 1. Jeremy looks like he’s well in control of Bayon. His strong demeanor will be necessary for Bayon in the tribal stage of the game, but the idol in his pocket makes him an easy pick for the top spot this week. Plus he set Juicy J free and he deserves some reward for that gem of a secret scene. 1. Ta Keo doesn’t exactly look beatable in terms of challenges. Even if they ended up at Tribal, Kelley has seemingly been able to work her way into the majority and she has an idol in her pocket just in case. Good luck getting out from under that bus, Terry.
TashaPic KeithPic TashaPic
2. Tasha moved herself from a bad spot on a bad tribe, to the best spot… on a bad tribe. Even if Angkor loses again, she’s got a majority now. 2. Keith’s ability to go with the flow serves him well in a season with a lot of unpredictability. Everyone knows exactly what they’re getting with Keith, which means that he will ride this complacency to the next week. 2. Tasha is in control of what’s left of Angkor. She and Savage are never going to turn on each other and Abi seems to be unwilling to work with Woo; meaning the fate of that tribe is completely in Tasha and Savage’s hands.
KelleyPic SavagePic SavagePic
3. We haven’t seen much from Ta Keo recently because they’re such a dominant tribe. Kelley has her idol, and I feel like if Ta Keo DOES lose, then Terry is the low man on the totem pole. 3. Even though I strongly believe that Angkor is the next incarnation of Matsing, I think Savage is overwhelmingly safe this week. He’s sitting in a majority alliance and if things do go south or towards an idol, Tasha is the more visible target. 3. See Tasha.
JoePic KassPic JoePic
4. And a huge reason why Ta Keo is winning so much is due to Joey Amazing being… amazing. He almost single handedly won the immunity challenge for Ta Keo, and if they want to keep winning, they’d be stupid to get rid of him at this stage. 4. I want nothing more than for Kass to succeed. She’s embracing her second chance, while adapting to the tribal dynamics at Ta Keo. There are far bigger fish to fry. 4. A big reason why Ta Keo is so strong is in thanks to players like Joe. For weeks I was certain that this game wouldn’t revolve around challenge strength, especially after Vytas went first. But looking at the past three eliminations (Varner, Peih-Gee and Shirin), it’s starting to look like I was wrong. Joe is very much safe for now.
SavagePic JoePic CieraPic
5. Savage and Tasha are in the majority on Angkor, and I don’t see any of them flipping on one another any time soon. 5. Joey Amazing will once again either (1) will his tribe to victory or (2) ride his cabana boy status to another week.  Honestly, I think he’s playing a pretty good game. Everyone knows his strengths and weaknesses, but his strengths are too overwhelmingly good to vote out right now. 5. Ciera’s been somewhat quiet in terms of the edit, but in her case, that might be a good thing. People had Ciera on their radars before the game began because of Blood vs. Water. The fact that she isn’t constantly being talked about by her tribe-mates is a good sign.
StephenPic StephenPic KassPic
6. Stephen seems to have finally found his footing in the game. If Jeremy is the leader of Bayon, Stephen is his right-hand man. Stephen found his “JT” of the game; so he’ll keep Jeremy around long enough to stay on his side. 6. Fishbach might not the biggest or the strongest castaway in Cambodia, but the fact that Jeremy has taken him on as the dog in this owner/pet relationship bodes well for his chances. 6. We’re getting bits and pieces of Kass’ story mainly because she hasn’t had to go to tribal or stir anything up yet. The pieces we have been getting have been very positive, showing Kass’ ability to grow and change socially. She’s in a great position; especially being on Ta Keo.
KeithPic KelleyPic JeremyPic
7.  Keith is in a really good spot on his tribe. They’re a strong tribe and they continue to win challenges, and even if they lost, he’d be really low on the list of people that would be in danger. 7. While Kelley is down on the numbers from the original Ta Keo tribe, everyone else is in basically the same boat. While it could be turned around on her, Kelley’s haste to throw Terry under the bus should pay dividends and allow her to stay safe and build relationships. 7. With an idol in his pocket and the apparent trust of everyone on his tribe sans maybe Kelly, Jeremy appears rather secure. For now, I think he is, but I still have this feeling that his idol is going to end up hurting him since he didn’t share.
CieraPic TashaPic KeithPic
8. We still haven’t seen much from Ciera this season, but she’s probably the least likely Ta Keo member to be voted out if they ever go to tribal council. 8. If I was Woo, I would devote all of my time to look for an idol. That’s seemingly the best way to stay safe right now.  Also, if I was Woo with an idol, I would probably vote Tasha out in order to try and stir things up. Tasha should be higher, but the alienation of Woo keeps her down this far. 8. He’s in Ta Keo and no one sees him as a threat. Keith would only be eliminated around this point in the game if Ta Keo needed to drop an expendable number. That said, there are people to be dropped before Keith.
KassPic CieraPic StephenPic
9. Where is Kass, and what have you done with her? Each week we’re seeing a side of Kass that we haven’t seen before, and even though people don’t trust her, she’s on everyone’s good side. 9. Ciera has done a good job of remaining completely invisible to viewers. We don’t know what she’s thinking, but based on what everyone else is saying, it seems like she’s safe. 9. I feel like Bayon could end up at Tribal this week. If this is the case, we’re going to get a more definite look at the unity or divisions within the new Bayon tribe. Stephen appears to be in the majority, but would his tribe-mates turn on him? Possibly.
KimmiPic SpencerPic KimmiPic
10. We’re finally going to get to see Kimmi’s feisty side coming out this week. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, considering she’s been relatively quiet thus far. 10. I really want to put Spencer higher on this list, but Monica’s distrust of him makes me wonder if that is going to spread throughout the rest of Bayon. I think he’s safe, but this is just a precautionary measure. 10. Kimmi, based solely on the preview, appears to be a primary character in the coming episode. Either her accusations towards another tribe-mate result in said tribe-mate’s elimination or alienation, or Kimmi just self-destructs.
KellyPic KimmiPic TerryPic
11. Kelly is in a very similar situation to Spencer, but nobody from the Bayon majority has singled her out yet to be voted out. Spencer is in Monica’s crosshairs, and the only one throwing Kelly’s name around is Spencer. 11. According to the teaser at the end of the last episode, Kimmi finally gets some screentime next episode. Her speaking up about something strategic will finally ping her on everyone’s radar, but the target of Kimmi’s anger is crucial.  Still, I think the Bayon males see has as more valuable than Kelly or Monica. 11. If Ta Keo loses immunity, and I sincerely doubt that will happen, I think Terry is out. The man may be a legendary competitor, but he has been thoroughly kicked under the bus by Kelley and I don’t think he has made any truly tight connections of his own with players from the Ta Keo majority.
SpencerPic TerryPic SpencerPic
12. Last week, Monica singled out Spencer as her “girls alliance” target. If the old Bayon sticks together and goes with her plan, he could be in trouble. 12. I want to love Dietz, but his over the top confessionals scare me. Add that to the 5 person alliance that seems to form next episode and I think he is in some trouble. I still don’t think that Ta Keo is going to lose a challenge any time soon, but he’s down here just in case. 12. If we are to believe the Jeremy-Spencer-Best-Friends edit, Spencer is safe. I believe the edit to a point. I don’t think Spencer is target #1 on Bayon, but what if Stephen, Kimmi, Kelly and Monica see that bond and decide it needs to get broken up?
TerryPic KellyPic WooPic
13. Terry’s position isn’t looking too good right now. He’s in the minority on Ta Keo, and despite winning the hero challenge for them, he still seems like an outsider. 13. Apart from the first episode, we haven’t seen much of Wiglesworth. Her ties to Varner, however, could be something that draws attention. I’m not sure who the Kimmi blowup is directed at, but either way Wiglesworth is on the outside. 13. If Tasha and Savage keep Abi over Woo, in the case of another Angkor loss, I would be completely shocked. They don’t need Abi anymore, they just need to try and win immunity.
AbiPic MonicaPic KellyPic
14. Abi’s moved up a bit this week, only due to her being in the Tasha/Andrew majority. She’s still the lowest person in that alliance, but Woo is the next to go on Angkor (unless Tasha finally gets sick of Abi). 14. If you look back at my previous rankings, I’ve been very skeptical of Monica’s invisible edit. With Spencer gaining favor with Jeremy, I think Monica’s stock goes down a lot. She’s the weakest member of Bayon and that could be the single reason that she’s in trouble. 14. As I wrote above, I can see Bayon heading to Tribal; it’s between Bayon and Angkor at the very least. Kelly is on the outs, as Spencer is building emotional connections and Kelly is just, um, working hard? I have no idea. She’s a physical asset, but an easy vote.
MonicaPic WooPic AbiPic
15.  I have a feeling that Bayon is going to lose this upcoming immunity challenge, and based on the preview, Kimmi’s calling someone out as a snake. My bet is that it’s Monica, trying to start her “female alliance”. This could make Bayon target Monica for trying to disrupt the balance they have. 15. Woo dodged a bullet last tribal council. If I was him, I would do three things: (1) do everything to win the next immunity challenge, (2) spend most of my time looking for an idol, and (3) throw Abi so far under the bus that she won’t know which way is up. 15. See Woo. If Angkor loses, I really think Abi is out.
WooPic AbiPic MonicaPic
16. Not only is Woo next on the chopping block at Angkor, but his only saving grace is Abi-Maria. We’ve seen what trusting Abi will do to you. He just needs to hope they win immunity or he’s toast. 16. A decimated Angkor tribe has to play all four of their members at every challenge. Added to a lacking food supply and a rough camp, Angkor is going to be physically and mentally exhausted. Woo’s strength, dog-like loyalty, and Cagayan tie to Tasha will most likely be favored over Abi’s unpredictability. 16. I get the feeling that Monica’s confessional about an all-girl alliance is going to be brought up again this week but in inter-player conversation… and it’s not going to go well. I think Monica is the “snake” Kimmi is referring to in the preview. It hurts – Monica was my pre-season winner pick – but I am very worried.

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