Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 4

Another week and time for another round of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 3, Shawn took the victory with 14 points after placing Peih-Gee in 14th place. Rob came in at a close second with 13 points, and finishing in third place with just 7 points was Jacob. Last week was definitely hard to predict with the impending tribe-swap, so we’ll see if this week is any easier for our determined Power Rankers.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Jeremy is voted out in Episode 4, Rob and Shawn would both receive 1 point, and Jacob would receive fifteen points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 18
Score: 22
Score: 21
JeremyPic JeremyPic CieraPic
1. Jeremy has got an idol, he’s in the majority on Bayon, and he’s making friends with Spencer who is in the minority. He’s the de facto leader of Bayon, so I don’t see him going anywhere soon. 1. After finding an idol, Jeremy is in an ideal spot. He landed on a tribe with a 4-2 numbers advantage and is already in great social standing. Unless something goes entirely haywire, Jeremy will be safe for a while to come. 1. Ciera is in a great position. She is in the majority alliance on a strong tribe and she isn’t anyone’s immediate target. I would be shocked if Ciera were targeted before her allies Joe and Kass. If Ta Keo loses a challenge, they will most likely aim for Kelley or Terry.
JoePic KelleyPic MonicaPic
2. Joe is the strongest person on Ta Keo, and he’s in the majority. I highly doubt that he’s going to be voted out this early before the merge, but he definitely has to start watching his back in the coming weeks. 2. Kelley finds herself down in tribal numbers, but up when it comes to her position on her tribe. The new Ta Keo seems in a great position, but Kelley seems in an even better position. She quickly threw Dietz under the bus to gain a strategic advantage and also has an idol. 2. Monica’s been more transparent than Ciera (though not by much), but she’s in a similar position. She is in the majority alliance on Bayon and I would be surprised if anyone were targeting her. And yes, I’m still waiting for Monica to pop out of nowhere and start running the game. Hopeless? Maybe.
TashaPic TashaPic JoePic
3. She should have been one of the people that were on the chopping block after last week’s tribe swap. Tasha Fierce worked her magic and managed to get herself and Savage to be the people steering the vote. 3. After some strategic maneuvering, Tasha is in a great position. Even though technically down 2-3 in terms of the initial tribal configuration, the members of the old Ta Keo are fractured. Even if they come back together, I think that Savage goes before Tasha. 3. Joe isn’t going anywhere until the merge hits. It takes a lot for a tribe to want to keep a player around almost solely on their physical and survival abilities, but Joe is something else. No one wants to get rid of him until they absolutely have to.
CieraPic KeithPic StephenPic
4. Ciera is in a great position at new Ta Keo. She’s in the majority, and there’s a very good chance that even if they lose and someone from old Bayon flips, she won’t be targeted by anyone immediately. There will be bigger fish to fry. 4. Regardless of the numbers, Keith’s work ethic and positive attitude will keep him safe. There are bigger fish to fry if Ta Keo goes to tribal council. 4. For the first time in awhile, Stephen is safe. I see no reason why his alliance would turn on him or why Spencer and Kelly would target him if they gained any power. I don’t know if Jeremy will share the idol with him, but…wait…ah nuts. I’ll explain my concerns a little further down.
KelleyPic KassPic AbiPic
5. Like Jeremy, she has an idol, and she seems to be in good with most of her tribe; despite being in the minority on Ta Keo. She’s thrown Terry under the bus to the old Bayon members, so they could target him before wanting to take Kelley out. 5. While you might be surprised to see Kass up this high, I think she’s sitting pretty for a while to come. She has done a great job of making friends and has some far bigger targets sitting in front of her. 5. Abi is a vital vote to Savage and Tasha on Angkor. She’s also a vital vote to Varner and Woo. She is also, apparently, un-targetable. I don’t think the other four on the tribe are going to team up to take Abi out any time soon.
SavagePic JoePic KeithPic
6. Savage went from most likely to be screwed by the tribe swap, to the top of the Ankgor tribe in what seemed like just an afternoon. There’s still a chance that old Ta Keo could get back together to oust him, but that’s hard to tell, especially with Abi being as unpredictable as she is. 6. I don’t see Ta Keo losing this next challenge; especially with how balanced their tribe is in terms of physicality and smarts. Joe’s physical prowess, especially in a 6-person tribe, will be needed to keep Ta Keo away from tribal. 6. Everyone feels good about Keith as a loyal ally and he doesn’t seem to be holding anyone back in the challenges. He’s sticking to the plan and it’s treating him well.
KimmiPic SavagePic SpencerPic
7. We haven’t been hearing much from Kimmi, and that’s a good thing for her. She was seen as annoying during the pre-game, but she seems to be fitting in very well with her fellow tribe-mates. 7. Even though I see Angkor going to tribal council again, I think Savage is safe. The three members of the old Ta Keo are unlikely to re-form, leaving the target on one of their own, rather than Savage. 7. No one made out better on this tribe swap than Spencer. Not only did he get away from players who were looking to dispose of him, but he ended up with players with similar traits to him. Even if Bayon loses, I think Spencer is in a better spot than Wiglesworth or even Kimmi.
KeithPic KimmiPic KassPic
8. Keith is another one we haven’t seen much of this season. There’s no real reason for anyone on Ta Keo to get rid of him at this point. He’s got a good chance to make it to the merge. 8. Kimmi is so far off the radar that I honestly don’t think anyone would consider voting her off.  If she is the caller at the next challenge, then she might be faced with a bigger blip on the radar, but anything short of a catastrophic meltdown will ensure her safety. 8. Kass is not only in the majority alliance on new Ta Keo, but she is doing a great job of diminishing her past image in her current game. Honestly, she’s doing great. We’ll see what happens.
KassPic CieraPic KimmiPic
9. Kass really lucked out that she’s ended up on strong tribes up to this point. She was on everyone’s radar to be the first boot, and we’re up to Episode 4 now. She is in very well with the Bayon members she ended up with, so she’s sitting pretty once again; especially with her being on the strongest tribe of the three. 9. I’m surprised that I put Ciera this high on the list. I think she’s playing way too far under the radar. I’m not impressed with her game so far, but I do think that she’s playing a good enough game to keep her safe. 9. She’s invisible but in the majority. I’d put her up with Monica and Ciera, but I think Kimmi is going to be the caller in the upcoming challenge (you can see her in the preview) and if Bayon loses, there’s always the possibility of just taking out the person who messed up the challenge.
MonicaPic StephenPic KelleyPic
10. Good news, Monica finally got a confessional. Bad news, it was a very generic and obvious one about the tribe swap working in her old tribe’s favor. Chances are she isn’t going to win, especially being so UTR thus far, but she also could be an easy vote out if Bayon ends up at tribal council. 10. Fishbach was the benefactor of a great tribe swap. He’s now close with Jeremy, but I think his safety lies in the fact that there are weaker members on Bayon (ie – Monica). 10. On a similar note to Spencer, Kelley has well acquainted himself with her new tribe. She is more than prepared to kick Terry under the bus (insert kicking motion here) and the idol in her pocket gives her a secondary line of defense in case she feels like she’s in trouble.
StephenPic SpencerPic TerryPic
11. Stephen is in a weird spot on the new Bayon tribe. He’s definitely in the majority, but as we saw with Angkor’s tribal council, this doesn’t always mean safety. He was a huge target on old Bayon, and he could still be in a bad position if Bayon goes to tribal. 11. I really think that Spencer’s new way of approaching the social game will pay dividends for him on the new Bayon tribe. While he’s not entirely safe, he can work his way to safety by befriending the right people. 11. I would put Terry and Kelley lower on this list but I don’t think Ta Keo is going to lose immunity for a while. He’s only this low as a back up.
TerryPic WooPic KellyPic
12. Old Terry was back again this week. He mentioned that it doesn’t matter if they don’t have the numbers, which means he most likely isn’t trying to form bonds with his other tribe members. Also, Kelley has been putting his name out there to the old Bayon members, which could be a reason for them to target him. 12. Woo is a complete wildcard at this stage. This fork in the road will determine if Woo will actually embrace his second chance or fall back into his old habits.  Woo’s tendency to be neutral might be his biggest downfall if Angkor loses again. 12. People on the new Bayon want to work with Spencer. More so, it’s clear that Spencer is trying his hardest to fit in. Kelly… I’m not so sure. She could be an easy vote-out for simply being in the minority without any emotional connections to the majority.
WooPic MonicaPic TashaPic
13. Once again, we got the #blindside face from Woo last week. He’s never in the loop with these vote outs, and that is not a good sign for him. He’s also incurred the wrath of Abi by voting for her again. 13. If Bayon actually comes to their senses and realizes that winning challenges is important, Monica might be in trouble. Her social game has been decent, but I think her weakness in physical challenges might overtake that social footing. 13. I’m fairly certain Angkor is, for a lack of a better word, screwed. That said, I think Tasha is on top of the tribe. Without Tasha, Savage would have been completely lost at the swap. The only reason I’m putting her down here is because Abi could just as easily flip back and take her out because… Abi.
KellyPic TerryPic SavagePic
14. Kelly is definitely in trouble on Bayon. She and Spencer are in the minority, and she seems to be having less one on one social interaction than Spencer is. If Bayon loses, there’s a good chance she could be ousted over Spencer if old tribal lines come into play. 14. On the rare chance that Ta Keo loses this next challenge, I think that Terry gets voted out. His physical strength should save him, but the numbers might be too overwhelming to overcome. 14. Savage should be thanking the lord for Tasha. That said, he’s in the same situation as Tasha. If Abi flips, he could get knocked out.
JeffPic JeffPic JeremyPic
15. That outburst and cross tribal communication after the immunity challenge definitely weren’t good things for Varner. He is now known to be untrustworthy and is showing that he’s playing hard. 15. The only reason Varner is safe is that Peih-Gee strayed from the “anybody but me” strategy. Tasha even noted this as Peih Gee was walking away from tribal, saying “it should have been Varner tonight”. In a world where Angkor is likely to lose again, Varner will be towards the top of the hit list. 15. “My idol.” Just moments before Jeremy found the clue to the idol; he and Stephen were discussing finding it to be used for the alliance. Yet, when he found the clue, he didn’t tell anyone. The point is, if anyone finds out that Jeremy has the idol and it wasn’t by way of Jeremy telling them, they are going to flush it out and vote off Jeremy out of mistrust. Of course, that’s only if Bayon loses.
SpencerPic KellyPic WooPic
16. Despite him bonding with Jeremy last week, Spencer is still in the minority on Bayon, and a lot of people wanted him out pre-game. He’s trying to play more socially this season, but it might not be enough. 16. Bayon is lacking in terms of true physical prowess. If they lose the next challenge, I think that Kelly will be targeted for the social game, or lack thereof, that she has played so far. 16. The only thing saving Woo is his challenge strength. It’s incredibly unlikely that Abi would ever work with him and he and Varner are 2-against-3. If Angkor loses immunity, and that’s likely, Woo has a good chance of going home.
AbiPic AbiPic JeffPic
17. She was used for her vote at the last tribal council, but there’s still a good chance that Abi is going to get on people’s nerves and get voted out before she becomes more of a problem. 17. I don’t see a world where Angkor wins this next challenge.  With numbers dwindling, Abi will be voted off in order to preserve any sense of physical strength. Her fiery temper and wishy-washy approach to alliances will be her downfall. 17. Woo is a more valuable asset to Savage and Tasha than Varner is. Simply, Varner can’t perform in challenges like Woo can. If Savage and Tasha want to make it out of this mess, they are going to need all the strength they can muster up.

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3 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 4”

  1. Sorry guys, but I have to say I’m always a bit flummoxed by these Power Rankings (or, at least, by one or two of them every week). Last week, Rob had Keith in 17th place out of 18 contestants. I thought this was ridiculous. Now I see that Keith has moved up to 8th place out of 17 contestants on Rob’s list, but what has changed in Keith’s game or team situation from last week to this week? Nothing, as far as I can see. He was not in trouble last week and he won’t be this week either. For me, the real head scratcher this time is Jacob’s suggestion that of the five members of the Angkor tribe, Abi is in the safest position! How’s that? Savage and Tasha are going to vote together. Woo is going to join them. I realize that Abi is temporarily aligned with Savage and Tasha, but Woo is clearly a better fit for them (and Tasha has a past relationship with Woo). I don’t believe for a minute that they are going to decide to remain faithful to Abi and vote out one of the stronger/more athletic players (moreover, someone who is known to be non-strategic and reliable). If Angkor loses again, which they most likely will, it’s going to be a toss-up between Varner and Abi. (Woo, for the record, wanted to vote out Varner last week, so he’s not on Varner’s side.) Here, I agree with Rob and Shawn that the most likely person to go next is the Brazilian dragon.

    • I agree, the rankings seem chaotic especially when two of them have Abi in last, and the other has her in 5th.

      But I still like the fact that they do these rankings.

      Perhaps to add a little more balance, they could allow fans to vote how they would rank them, then all of the responses could be aggregated together into a fourth column to show the fan rankings.

  2. Jacob had the foresight to even predict the two people who would be on the chopping block as the bottom two. And it’s given him a slight lead! :O Can he keep it up?! If it was me, I’d probably choke after a week like this

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