Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 3

It’s time for Round 3 of the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 2, Jacob secured victory with 14 points after placing Shirin in 14th place. Shawn came in second with 8 points, and trailing behind is Rob with just 5 points. But it is early days and still all to play for. With a tribe swap coming in this week’s episode, this round of Power Rankings is somewhat of a free-for-all. The new tribe division spoilers did not influence these Power Rankings.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Jeff Varner was voted out in Episode 3, Rob would receive one point, Shawn would receive eight points, and Jacob would receive fifteen points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 5
Score: 8
Score: 14
JeffPic JeremyPic JeremyPic
1. No matter where Jeff ends up he’s going to have allies. After the last vote, he has almost everyone from Ta Keo on his side, and he’s shown that he can easily get people to work with him towards a common goal. 1. Regardless of how the tribe swap shakes down, I think Jeremy is safe. On a six-person tribe, his endearing personality and physical strength will keep him safe. 1. Just saying it at the top: I have absolutely no idea how this week’s episode is going to play out. I’m putting Jeremy at the top because I feel like he might be in this for the long run based off what we’ve seen so far from him.
KelleyPic KelleyPic SpencerPic
2. Kelley has an idol, and she voted with the majority in the last episode. She’s in a really good spot, even with the tribe swap coming up. She’s great at making allies and getting people to trust her. The tribe swap is what got her in SJDS, but she didn’t have as many allies as she does this season. Either way, she’ll be sure to not let the tribe swap get her booted again. 2. A decent work ethic and beach strategy should keep Wentworth safe, but that idol in her pocket will do the trick if things fall apart. I think she’ll be more wiling to use it in a situation she’s threatened, given new loyalties and alliances to be tested. 2. Spencer has allegiances to no one; this swap could come at no better time for him. He is a free agent, and a smart one at that. On top of that, I can’t think of any other players who were actively trying to get rid of him like Varner.
JeremyPic JoePic JoePic
3. Of all the “alpha males”, Jeremy is in the best position. He has a majority on Bayon, and he’s going to be able to adapt to whatever tribe he’s swapped to. 3. On a six-person tribe, one person’s strength will go a lot further than on a tribe of ten.  Again, Joe will still be a shield for someone more strategic, but will probably be safe only on his physical prowess. 3. Everyone is in love with Joe. I expect this to rollover into the swap tribes.
CieraPic WooPic KelleyPic
4. Ciera has been flying under the radar so far, but you can tell she just wants to start playing the game and showing her strategic side. The tribe swap will be able to show us people we haven’t seen much from, and I bet Ciera will be front and center. 4. Including Woo, there are still 4 Cagayan players left. He’s bound to land with at least one. Couple that with his physical strength and strategic ignorance, he should be an easy number in a majority alliance whether he knows it or not. 4. She’s got an idol in her pocket and she appears to be well liked by just about everyone who meets her. Those good social skills combined with some sneaky-sneaking should keep her safe.
TashaPic KeithPic MonicaPic
5. Tasha is another one that we haven’t seen much from yet, but she’s in a great position as well. She’s likeable and great in challenges, so in a tribe swap situation, she’s more than likely going to be fine. 5. Everyone will have larger fish to fry. As long as Keith doesn’t mightily screw up in a challenge, he’ll be safe. 5. I need to assume that Monica is going to have a decent amount of screen time before she is at risk for elimination. Regardless, I feel like she should be able to blend in with whomever she ends up with.
WooPic TashaPic KellyPic
6. Woo showed his feisty side last week when he was approached to save Shirin and Spencer; hopefully we can see more of this Woo and he doesn’t fade into the background again. 6. I’m still not sold on the game that Tasha is playing, but she’s in the same boat as Woo. Landing on a tribe with a Cagayan member at least gives her strategic footing. That footing plus her strength should keep her safe. 6. Wiglesworth is far more focused on camp life than strategy – as should be expected – and is therefore an easy number for any alliance to use.
MonicaPic KellyPic PeihGeePic
7. Who? We literally have no idea where Monica stands with her tribe, or in the game at all. Nobody has mentioned her as being someone they want to get rid of, so even with the tribe swap, she’s probably going to do just fine. 7. Wiglesworth is a real question mark. A new tribe could want to keep her safe for her strength, but could also target her for her ability to stand out from the group for being the season one alum. 7. She adapted pretty well to what could have been a dire situation with Abi. For players like Peih-Gee, it may just come down to which side of the tribe has more numbers based on previous tribal lines.
StephenPic JeffPic CieraPic
8. Like Spencer, this tribe swap is going to hopefully work out well for Fishbach. He can find a way to work with whoever he ends up with and create a solid alliance, especially if he has a specific target in mind. 8. Varner has proved that he’s able and willing to make and break alliances in order to keep himself safe one vote further.  He should be safe, but needs to watch out for playing too hard the second his new tribe hits the beach. 8. Ciera is such a good social player and I think she’s one of the few players who have managed to kind of push her “negative” reputation out of the picture. Hopefully no one is going after her on her new tribe.
KellyPic SpencerPic TerryPic
9. Kelly was part of the majority in voting out Shirin last week, and she’s a hard worker around camp. The tribe swap is something new for her, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to being put with new people and possibly taken away from her alliance. 9. Spencer knows he’s on the bottom and will be ready to make a big move. A tribe swap will breathe new life into his strategy and will hopefully land him some new friends.  However, he could be viewed as scheming too hard and become a fast target. 9. Terry is slowly figuring out how to be a stronger social player. It also appears he’s doing rather well from a physical standpoint as well. My concern for Terry is that he ends up on the wrong side of the numbers because he follows familiar allies from Ta Keo even without a clear path to escape elimination.
KimmiPic SavagePic KassPic
10. Kimmi has never been a part of a tribe swap before, but so far she seems to be getting along well with a lot of her tribe members. If she keeps up the hard work, and continues to bond with her new tribe-mates, she could make it far. 10. If Savage lands with a single alpha male, he’ll be safe. On the other hand, he could be targeted for being the vocal leader of the old Bayon tribe. 10. I believe Kass’ game will go one of two ways: she will continue to fit in well with her tribe as she has shown she is able at Bayon, or her reputation will precede her before she has an opportunity to get on good terms with the new people on her tribe.
JoePic KimmiPic KeithPic
11. I think it’s a bit too early for Joe to be on the chopping block, but this season has proven so far that we need to expect the unexpected. If he doesn’t end up on a tribe with his fellow alpha male alliance, he is going to be in deep trouble. 11. If Kimmi plays her new tribe like she did during the first six days, she should be safe. The only thing that could put her in hot water is a tribe that is heavily Ta Keo. 11. Keith could be a forgotten about pre-merge boot just as possibly as he could be a final four contender with allies who think they can beat him. I could see him being a casualty of war in the new arrangements.
KassPic TerryPic StephenPic
12. People still see Kass as a huge wild card, and a tribe swap might just hurt her even more. She was lucky that Bayon won the first two immunity challenges, but hopefully whatever tribe she ends up on, she can work her Kass-magic. 12. Dietz really suffers the most from an early tribe swap. The old school-ers were back together and he had just gotten in good with Abi. A new tribe presents new challenges and a target could land on Dietz’s forehead. 12. Like Spencer, this swap could come at no better time for Mr. Fishbach. With the right tribe, this could be Stephen’s chance to gain some power in the game. And I personally believe Stephen is bound to find an idol in the near future. That all said; the swap could just as easily be a train wreck for him if he doesn’t end up with any of his people.
PeihGeePic CieraPic SavagePic
13. So far Peih-Gee has voted with the majority, but she’s not really in a solid alliance with anyone. Luckily for her, she seems to be tight with Varner, so if she ends up with fellow Ta Keo members at the swap, and they’re in a majority, she’ll be fine. If not, she’s got a good chance of getting the boot. 13. When all is said and done, I’m surprised that Ciera didn’t fall further down on this list. She needs to put in a good challenge performance to ensure more time to build relationships and alliances. 13. The edit is trying to make Savage look really, really good. Personally, I think the whole crying-over-our-wives bit made Jeremy look a lot better because it showed how thoughtful he is about the game, where Savage just appears to be playing based off of first instinct. If the swap doesn’t go well, I can see Savage departing early.
TerryPic PeihGeePic TashaPic
14. Terry’s in a similar boat as Savage, but he’s been through a tribe swap before, so he knows what to expect, and that’s giving him a slight edge over Savage. In Panama, he was able to get a dominant alliance together and stick with it until the merge. 14. Peih Gee should be up higher, but her original season falling right between old school and new school could make her the odd one out. 14. Tasha wants to play this very cutthroat game and she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to really do much besides compete in challenges. I feel like she has potential to self-destruct if she starts overplaying strategically the first moment she is able to.
SavagePic KassPic JeffPic
15. Savage has shown previously that he does not react well to changes in the game. There’s a good chance that this tribe swap is going to screw him up; even if he’s with some of his old tribe members. 15. I would argue that Kass was in a very good position on the old Bayon tribe. A swap shakes that all up, along with her old reputation. I think she’ll come out safe, but she could be the easy first boot everyone thought she would be. 15. I am not putting Varner so low because he isn’t playing well. I’m putting him so low because he is playing very actively and all of Ta Keo seemed to be aware of his dominance over the tribe. If he ends up with some people who didn’t like following his lead on Ta Keo, he could be easily targeted.
SpencerPic StephenPic WooPic
16. Last week was not good for the young lad. His closest ally was voted out and he is next on the chopping block. The tribe swap is going to be a blessing for him, but he could end up with some of the same people that already want him gone. 16. A tribe swap gives Fishbach a chance, but I don’t know how well his new tribe will receive him. In order to ensure his safety, Stephen needs to land with two alpha males who can help carry the tribe to immunities and keep him safe. 16. I don’t know if Woo is ready for this tribe swap. He is, from a physical standpoint, a valuable tribe-mate, but I don’t think this cast cares too much about physical assets. He is loyal to a fault and I believe his new tribe will view that as a negative; he won’t work with them.
KeithPic MonicaPic KimmiPic
17. Keith could end up on the wrong end of a tribe swap, due to being in the “older” group, and he’s not known to be strategic, thus making him an easy boot if people don’t want to work with him. 17. I’m still not sold on Monica. If she gets separated from Ciera (her only assumed ally), she’ll have to quickly build new relationships. If her tribe loses immunity, she could be voted out for being weak and not being in tight with anyone just quite yet. 17. I feel like a lot of players don’t really love Kimmi based on their pre-game interviews. Perhaps she can move forward simply by being a number in an alliance, but I fear she may be used as an easy target for a first vote if loyal Bayon members aren’t the majority.
AbiPic AbiPic AbiPic
18. Abi has already rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Now she has a chance to annoy even more people. Things aren’t looking good for her if she doesn’t end up on a tribe with her allies (namely Varner, who sees her as his ticket to a million bucks). 18. Abi wasn’t in the greatest of positions at Ta Keo beach, but her position with the old-school group was at least going to keep her safe for a little while longer. With a new tribe, all bets are off as the Brazilian Dragon has new foes to try and win over. 18. Let me lay out a short hypothetical: Abi is placed on the losing tribe for the next episode. The tribe is made up of both Bayon and Ta Keo members who can’t stand her and don’t trust her, like Kelley and Peih-Gee. Will anyone else do what Varner did and try to use her? Or will the new, smaller tribe come to a consensus for the sake of all of their games? I say the latter.

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  1. You say that the tribe swap didn’t influence your rankings, but then the explanations for your rankings constantly refer to the tribe swap, or new tribes, etc.

    So your power ranking very clearly ARE influence by the upcoming tribe swap.

    Which is a good thing. Anything that affects the game should and will affect these rankings.

  2. In other words, your ranks considered that the tribes were going to change, but it didn’t take into consideration who was on what tribe after the swap?

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