Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 11

It’s time once again for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 10, Rob took the first place spot with 18 points by ranking Ciera Eastin in 10th place and Stephen Fishbach in 8th place. Shawn and Jacob came in joint second with 15 points a piece. Rob secures his  lead with 106 points overall, Shawn stays in second place with 100 points, and Jacob remains in third place with 98 points. Who will come out on top this week?

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Jeremy is voted out in Episodes 12, Rob would receive 2 points, Shawn would receive 5 points, and Jacob would receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

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Score: 106
Score: 100
Score: 98
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1. Spencer pulled off a great blindside last week, and while I think Jeremy won’t be too happy about it, I feel like he’ll be able to get back in good with him for quite a while. He’s playing one hell of a game this season, and I think he has what it takes to get very far. 1. With eight castaways left, Keith is still not viewed as someone to be even remotely worried about. His ties to both Kelley and Jeremy via San Juan Del Sur make him the perfect swing vote for whatever serves him best. Regardless of how he aligns, he’ll be safe. 1. At this point I am willing to make Spencer my pick to win. He has been able to correctly analyze nearly every situation he has been in and work his way out of it, be it via personal connections or by strategic gameplay. We keep hearing about building up your Survivor résumé and Spencer has been able to do just that without being a target since the merge.
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2. Jeremy lost his closest ally last week, and he’s also only down to one idol. Luckily for him, he’s still got some good allies left, and he will be able to save himself with his second idol (that nobody suspects him having) if he needs to. 2. Kelley makes a huge jump this week. First, her idol provides a  sense of security as long as she’s willing to part with it at the first real sign of danger. Next, it seems like Spencer has flipped allegiances to Wentworth’s side. Finally, and maybe most importantly, Abi, and not Kelley, was the target of Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi at the last vote. 2. Now with more idols! Having hidden immunity idol protection once again is going to save Kelley’s behind when people realize that she’s a solid jury threat. If she can keep annoying little sister Abi around as a shield for the next couple of days and continue to take out threats to beat her at FTC, Kelley could win it.
KeithPic SpencerPic KeithPic
3. Keith’s still just riding his toto through the game, and I don’t feel like he’s in any immediate danger. He was in on the plan to get rid of Stephen, so it shows that he has the ability to switch things up. Once it gets closer to the end, he might be the victim of a “too likeable to keep around” vote. 3. After Spencer’s huge episode, he should be safe for the next vote. I imagine Tasha will cling to Spencer’s hip as he also has gained allies in Kelley, Abi, and Joe. Spencer now needs to prove that he can remain in power and retain allies while not coming off as a threat. 3. Keith is playing a much better game than I have been giving him credit for. He is there to win. He is there to compete. He has moved with the numbers and yet no one is calling him a flip-flopper or questioning his loyalty. The man has successfully gone with the flow for quite some time and it’s worth acknowledging. Keith should be fine for a little longer.
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4. Kelley might have lost one of her coven members last week, but she did find herself another hidden immunity idol. Her and Spencer were the driving force behind the Stephen vote, and I’m hoping she finds a way to keep the heat off of herself. 4. Tasha’s place in this game stumps me. Based on her previous actions and loyalties, she could feasibly: work with Spencer, remain loyal to Jeremy, play as a lone wolf, or go back to working with Abi. I think she will cling to Spencer due to 1) their previous relationship from Cagayan and 2) her “you get one chance to dupe me” speech (psst this technically was the second time) will fuel her desire to jump from Jeremy. 4. Jeremy is going to be in trouble after this week’s episode. With Stephen’s departure, there is division in the tribe and Jeremy is in the minority. I think he may be forced to play his second idol as protection. He stuck out his neck for his closest ally but it showed his hand in the process and he won’t be able to hide behind bigger threats much longer.
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5. Kimmi was left in the dark last week with a lot of things that happened. There’s a good chance that she might end up being voted out a la Kelly Wiglesworth, in that she’s seen as very loyal to certain people, and most people wouldn’t make a stink about her leaving. 5. Jeremy lost a lot of things over the events in the past few episodes: an idol, a Fishbach, and his “meat shields” in Joe and even Spencer through a loss of loyalty. While this normally spells disaster, Jeremy still has an idol and a few loyal allies left. He’s definitely not out of moves, but needs to play cautiously. 5. Abi is in the majority for now, but there was a good chunk of the last episode dedicated to how indecisive and frustrating she is to work with. If we base where the contestants stand on the last vote, the majority would have some wiggle room to take out Abi if they feared her doing something dramatic.
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6. I feel as though Tasha is in the same boat as Kimmi. I worry for her longevity in the game since she’s faded out of the limelight a bit. Stephen was the casualty last week, and if she’s seen as Jeremy’s next-in-line, she could be voted out next. 6. Kimmi has normally been safe due to her being aligned with bigger targets. With the status quo changed, Kimmi faces potential elimination due to her previous loyalties. I am a huge proponent of taking out bigger targets by cutting them off at their knees and voting off their loyal soldiers rather than direct targeting. 6. I’m confused about Tasha’s current position in the game. The last vote would lead me to believe that she is in a somewhat bad spot, but she and Spencer have worked in tangent in the past, and I can see her adjusting as necessary to be on the right side. I also believe she is due for an immunity win, but we’ll see.
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7. The Brazilian Dragon was back in Cambodia last week. Abi’s at the bottom, and she knows it. She was shown to be very untrustworthy to a lot of people, and she continues to be hard to work with. If Joe wins immunity, she could very well be sent packing. 7. I want to love Abi, but her “I don’t care if it’s me” speech scares me. A lot of reassuring words were likely sent her way to not only convince her to vote Stephen, but also to recharge her drive to play the game. Abi was the target of the Stephen, Tasha, and Jeremy faction and I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes on the warpath and puts herself into hot water. 7. Kimmi has been a strong ally of Jeremy and Stephen’s for the entire game. With Stephen out, and Jeremy having proven his idol finding ability, the rest of the tribe might see this as an opportunity to safely get rid of players like Kimmi who have been voting in other alliances/blocs/whatever to solidify their numbers.
8. Joe’s gonna stay here for the remainder of the season. Despite being saved last week, he’s now going to be the number one target if he loses immunity again. 8. While Joe survived at the mercy of Fishbach’s threatening status with the advantage, I don’t see his situation drastically changing. If Joe fails to win immunity for the second time in a row, he will most likely be voted out. 8. This is the last time I will put Joe at the bottom of my power rankings. I looked back and realized that I have put him on, or near the bottom every week since Episode 6. I believe this week is the end of his story arc, as we were reintroduced to him with a confessional where he revealed how upset he was about missing out on the loved ones visit in Worlds Apart, and this upcoming episode is just that. If he doesn’t go home this week, I shall assume he is final three and I have been misguided since the beginning.

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