Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 10

It’s time once again for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 9, Rob took the first place spot with 6 points by ranking Kelly Wiglesworth in 6th place last week. Jacob came in second with 3 points and Shawn came in last with just 1 point. Rob now takes the lead with 88 points overall, Shawn falls to second place with 85 points, and Jacob remains in third place with 83 points. Who will come out on top this week?

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. This week is a double episode with two boots, so even more points on offer. For example, if Joe and Stephen are voted out in Episodes 10 and 11, Rob would receive 17 points, Shawn would receive 16 points, and Jacob would receive 16 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 88
Score: 85
Score: 83
JeremyPic JeremyPic JeremyPic
1. Jeremy now has 2 idols, and I don’t THINK he’s cocky enough to get blindsided out of the game with them like James Clement did in China. I could be wrong, but I really think Jeremy will use them if there’s even a hint of danger. He was on the right side of the vote last week, and I still believe he’s in the driver’s seat. 1. The man has two idols and is successfully running the game. I don’t see his voting for Wiglesworth being a major point of contention, but it does provide some instability in his position at the top. Jeremy lost the top spot last week and it did not turn out well for me. I’m not making that mistake two weeks in a row. 1. Duh.
KeithPic KimmiPic SpencerPic
2. The only way I could see Keith being voted out is if he’s secretly BFF with Joe, like we found out about Kelly last week. He wasn’t in on the plan to blindside her, but he doesn’t pose a threat at this point. 2. Kimmi is likely to wonder where she falls in the mix of things after Wiglesworth was voted out last week. Her constant loyalty to the Bayon cause has kept her around for this long and I don’t see much changing. Kimmi has become a solid number when needed and this should keep her safe. 2. Spencer is in a great position if you ask me. He is working in tangent with smart players who value him but he is far from the most obvious threat out there. If he can continue to fly under the radar but still stay on the right side of the votes, he will be more than fine.
KimmiPic KeithPic KeithPic
3. I still see Kimmi in a similar spot as Keith. They’re both playing relatively quiet games and aren’t stirring up any trouble. This might all change after they were both surprised by the last vote. 3. While everyone is kicking and screaming about their second chance and changing how they played the first time, Keith is just sitting pretty and doing the exact same thing he did in San Juan Del Sur. He keeps sliding through the game and I don’t see this changing for a long time to come. 3. It’s getting to the point where Keith might be in trouble just for being so damn likable and for decently holding his own at challenges despite facing the force of nature that is Joe.
SpencerPic SpencerPic KimmiPic
4. Spencer’s new plan of “having feelings” is really working out well for him. He should have definitely been gone by now, but he’s managed to put himself right up there with Jeremy, making the decisions of who’s going home, and I could see this continuing to the very end. 4. After the three banded together to vote off Wiglesworth, I think that Spencer has successfully replaced players like Tasha in the pecking order. Players aren’t forgetting how Spencer can play; rather they choose to use him to their advantage. As long as he doesn’t try to rock the boat, he’ll be safe. 4. The only reason to get rid of Kimmi is if targeting her allies is too risky. Everyone knows she isn’t calling any shots or winning any challenges, and she isn’t wreaking havoc either. In fact, I would say Kimmi is a better adversary to take to the final tribal council than someone like Abi at this point.
TashaPic TashaPic TashaPic
5. We haven’t heard much from Tasha since the merge episode, and I’m not really sure what that says about her game. Despite being left out of the Kelly blindside, I still think she’s going to stick with the Jeremy/Stephen/Spencer alliance, so she won’t be going anywhere soon. 5. Tasha’s position in this game has entirely flipped around in the past six days. After both Savage and Wiglesworth were voted out, Tasha is likely to spend a lot of time wondering who is actually loyal to her. Precedent says she’ll guardedly trust players like Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi, but play out the rest of the season as a lone wolf. 5. Some people think Tasha is in a good position. I disagreed heavily last week and put her at the bottom of my rankings. Unless the show pulls another, “actually everyone has been talking about how scared they are of Wiglesworth” moment but with Tasha, I think she will be all right.
KelleyPic AbiPic StephenPic
6. It was good to see people respected Kelley’s idol play, instead of just labelling her an evil person who stole their friend Savage away from them (except for Kimmi). Of all the “coven” I feel like she’s in the best position at this point, her idol play may have scared some people from voting for her again for a while. 6. After spending most of the pre-merge with her hand in every vote, Abi has seemingly fallen into obscurity. Whether intentional or accidental, Abi is doing a great job of letting others fall on the sword before her name is even brought up.  While she’s aligned with people towards the bottom, she’s safer than a lot of people around. 6. Stephen is smart enough to recognize when he is, or his plans are, in trouble, and he has great allies. I also think he knows that hanging on to his advantage too long will look suspicious as hell, so he will use it at one of the next two or three tribal councils if he sees any decent reason to.
AbiPic StephenPic AbiPic
7. Hurricane Abi has gone from a category 5 to a small blustery wind that you can feel and hear once in awhile, and it’s somewhat unpleasant but isn’t making much of an impact on anything. She’s a part of the “coven” and could be an easy vote out. 7. Stephen is becoming Grade-A Survivor paranoid. I hope for the best with Stephen, but I think there’s only so long he can act like this until everyone catches on. He should be safe, but you just never know. 7. After her performance in the last immunity challenge, I have reason to believe that Abi can win balance and endurance challenges. That said, someone from the coven is bound to get targeted eventually, and Abi is known for stirring up trouble.
StephenPic CieraPic KelleyPic
8. While I loved that Stephen got the advantage, and managed to pull off a great blindside, I’m concerned that he’s going to be seen as a much bigger threat than he previously was. These people might not want to keep an advantage like his in the game, and he could be targeted because of it. 8. While the Witches Coven has avoided losing a member for the past two tribals, the number of expendable people is quickly dwindling. Ciera has been asking for people to make a big move and start playing, but I don’t think it’s going to take too long for people to realize that she is the big move that will probably benefit their game. 8. Kelley has had 11 votes cast against her thus far. That puts her in the top 20 of single-season vote receivers. Though Stephen, Jeremy and Spencer voted with the “witches”, Stephen made it clear to his allies that the Wiglesworth vote didn’t make any permanent alliance. If it is in their interest to take out Kelley, Ciera or Abi, they and the rest of the tribe will go for it.
JoePic JoePic CieraPic
9. Joe was on the wrong side of the vote last week, but I still think he’s good with the “bro” alliance as long as he keeps winning immunity. Once he loses an immunity challenge though, he’s going to be a goner, because nobody will want to give him a chance to Mike Holloway his way to the end. 9. If Joe loses, he gets voted out. If he wins, he stays. 9. See Kelley + I think they might be tired of trying to vote out Kelley.
CieraPic KelleyPic JoePic
10. The game is getting much more unpredictable with the swapping alliances, but anyway you slice it, Ciera is on the bottom. She can fight her way out of it (which is why she’s a big threat) but if the detractors from the old “bro” alliance (Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer) need to get the others back on their side, Ciera could be voted out to re-establish their solidarity. 10. After playing her idol, Wentworth has survived yet another tribal by the skin of her teeth. I’m not sure this voting bloc theme fits her current situation well. I’m rooting for her, but I don’t see her moving much further unless a minor miracle occurs. 10. I’m going all-in! Two hours means two immunity challenges, which means twice the opportunities for Joe to lose immunity and become a member of the jury. I think the entire tribe realizes how big a threat he is physically, as well as socially. Who doesn’t love Joe? Who wants to go up against Joe at Final Tribal?

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