Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 9

It’s time once again for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 8, Jacob finally got back on top with a first place victory having ranked Andrew Savage in 8th place last week and thereby gaining 8 points. Rob came in second with 6 points and Shawn in last with just 5 points. Shawn just slightly maintains his lead with 84 overall points, but Rob is now only 2 points behind, and Jacob just 4 points behind. Things could shift this week.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Kelly is voted out in Episode 9, Rob would receive 6 points, Shawn would receive 1 point, and Jacob would receive 3 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 82
Score: 84
Score: 80
KeithPic KellyPic JeremyPic
1. Keith’s just going with the flow at this point. Riding along on his toto and not doing anything to make people threatened or angry. He’s in a great position and won’t be going anywhere soon. 1. Kelly is so far under the radar that no one views her as a threat. In a week with idol paranoia, she’ll slide right by. 1. If Jeremy is on the chopping block, he’ll be aware enough to figure it out and play his idol. He’s clever and smooth enough to recognize and avoid these sorts of things. To be honest, he is the only player I think is 100-percent safe this week. I really don’t know anyone else I would feel comfortable putting at number one.
JeremyPic KeithPic KeithPic
2. Jeremy’s entire alliance was blindsided last week, but he’s still in the driver’s seat in the game. He’s got his idol, and he will definitely use it if he feels threatened. 2. Everyone’s favorite “Toto” driver is completely devoid of an actual strategy, which makes him a prime candidate to make it past this week’s craziness. 2. There are 11 players left. Out of those 11 we have two players who have made little-to-no impact on the strategic aspects of the game. There is no reason to believe that these two are at any risk for elimination at this stage in the game. Keith’s allies may see him as a jury threat in the future, but for now, he’s just a loyal tuk-tuk driver.
KimmiPic KimmiPic KellyPic
3. Kimmi is another one that’s just coasting along like Keith. She’s a loyal alliance member and isn’t making any waves. She should make it far if she continues on this path. 3. Kimmi has remained loyal to the Bayon cause for the entirety of her time in Cambodia. This week there will be a clear divide between alliances and I  don’t think that Kimmi’s name will be brought up. The only chance that she goes is if the other side realizes that they have to take out the troops before they take out the leader. 3. She is the other one.
TashaPic AbiPic KimmiPic
4. Tasha was relatively quiet in the last episode, and she’s Jeremy’s right hand woman. Tasha is in a good position as of now, but she should be worried as the game progresses. 4. The Brazilian Dragon has been known to make waves, but she’s taken a bit of a step back since the merge. While other players have taken the spotlight, Abi has seemingly fallen into the background. As long as she doesn’t make waves, she’ll be fine. 4. These rankings are getting really hard now. I can see nearly everyone left going home for some reason this week. The only reason to take out Kimmi at this point would be if she was on the wrong side of the numbers and her allies were protected in some way, but she has quite a few allies and they can’t all be safe.
SpencerPic JeremyPic SpencerPic
5. Spencer is still tight with the bro alliance, and the target seems to have disappeared completely off his back. He could continue to fly under the radar until the end. 5. Now that Savage is gone, Jeremy is the most visible leader of the old Bayon group. With everyone out for blood, Jeremy’s name is likely to get thrown around, but I don’t think he will be the final target. I’d honestly be surprised if that idol remained in his possession after this episode.. 5. Spencer has avoided being identified as a “threat” as of late and that’s a damn good thing. He has strong connections with a bunch of different players in different alignments and he isn’t coming off as arrogant or overly strategic.
KellyPic SpencerPic AbiPic
6. I’m trying to think of what to say about Kelly and I’m as blank as her face was at the last tribal council. I’ve got nothing for you, head back to camp. 6. Spencer seems like he’ll be one of the swing votes this week, which could lead him to long term safety or immediate elimination. I honestly don’t know which side Spencer will take, which lands him in the middle of the pack for the sake of these rankings. 6. I think everyone wants Abi next to him or her at the final tribal council, and I don’t see why, in the case of the “witches coven” being the minority alliance, Abi would be the target over Kelley and Ciera.
KelleyPic TashaPic KelleyPic
7. Kelley’s idol play last week was amazeballs, but she’s now got an even bigger target on her back. She’s shown that she’s a huge contender and hopefully she can make it further into the game, and not get immediately voted out. Something tells me she’s got something sneaky sneaky up her sleeve to help her make it through. 7. Tasha, in my opinion, would be the perfect person for Wentworth and friends to target. She just lost her biggest ally in Savage and will be looking to find security in the old Bayon numbers. I don’t think she’ll be the eventual target, but she’d be a mighty fine person if everyone had all of the information. 7. I think everyone is afraid of Kelley now. Part of me could see another eight votes aimed at her, but the rest of me is sure that other players want to get her on her side and work with her. Stephen wants to work with Ciera and will therefore be in cahoots with Kelley and Abi. If Stephen can get Jeremy and Kimmi in on the plan, they could take out whomever they want.
AbiPic JoePic CieraPic
8. Abi’s been laying REALLY low since the merge, but once in awhile, her fire comes out, and she makes a snide comment. She could be in trouble being on the bottom, and she’d be an easy vote out if people take her comments to heart. 8. Joe could be the ultimate swing vote this week, but only if he, once again, has that necklace around his neck. If he loses, however, his name has to come up as a potential target. Mike Holloway’s immunity run is still fresh in everyone’s mind and nobody wants to see Joe win his way to the final tribal. 8. Basically everything I said for Kelley applies to Ciera, except I fear Ciera is more of a target since she’s been the most vocal in calling out other players.
JoePic CieraPic StephenPic
9. Despite Joe’s position in the bro alliance being somewhat solid, when you combine him being an immunity threat with Stephen wanting him gone, he could be in trouble this week if he doesn’t pull out a challenge win. 9. While the girls on the outs were successful in blindsiding Savage last week, Survivor miracles like that are hard to come by. If the majority finally comes to their senses and splits the vote, I see Ciera’s name showing up on a lot of ballots. 9. I think Stephen is going to leap for whatever advantage is presented to the players at the challenge. Whatever it is, he will use to the best of his ability. Everyone else thinks they have bigger fish to fry (I’m hilarious). He’s only this low because I’m constantly worried that he’ll overdo it and get taken out.
StephenPic StephenPic JoePic
10. I’m concerned that Stephen’s playing too hard in trying to get Joe out. Jeremy and Savage shot him down last week, and if he keeps pushing for it, he could be pushed out of the game. 10. It’s no secret that Fishbach is scared of Joe and wants him out. While this might be the week that this is possible, his persistence might be the thing that ends his game. I want Stephen to succeed, but I think his way of thinking isn’t reciprocated in the cast this season. 10. If Joe loses immunity and doesn’t have a hidden immunity idol, he’s finished. That said, I think he’s going to win immunity. Why? Because he can.
CieraPic KelleyPic TashaPic
11. Ciera is on the bottom and she knows it. Luckily for her, she knows how to fight when her back is against the wall. She’s in a precarious position at this point, and there’s a good chance she could be next to go home. 11. After her big move last week, Wentworth will have a huge target on her back. She has a massive mountain to climb to get into a majority situation. While it’s definitely possible, she’s down here as a precautionary measure. 11. If the alliance arrangement I outlined above at 7 & 8 comes true, I think Tasha has a good chance at being the person targeted. She’s perceived as a power player, but she doesn’t have enough strong, lasting connections. With Savage on the jury and Abi attaching herself to a new crew, Tasha’s most valuable allies are gone and she’s more vulnerable than she probably thinks she is.

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2 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 9”

  1. No complaints here, especially with those in positions 1 through 6. But while I understand why Stephen ended up near the bottom on everyone’s list, I question some of them comments on his game, for example Rob says Stephen was shot down by Jeremy and Savage when he suggested they target Joe. But this is not close to what happened. Stephen never discussed this with Savage and Jeremy did not shoot down the idea. He said he’d think about it. If any idea was shot down, it was Savage’s plan to target Stephen. I also question Shawn’s claim that Stephen’s way of thinking “isn’t reciprocated in the cast this season.” To the contrary, I think people like Jeremy, not to mention Kelley, Ciera and Spencer are exactly on the same page as he is (at least in terms of making strategic decisions about how to move forward and whom to eliminate). The one person who clearly didn’t think like Stephen was eliminated. This should put him in a pretty safe position for at least the next episode, b/c the Ciera/Kelley group are going to target Jeremy or Tasha, and the Jeremy/Stephen group are going to target Ciera or Kelley or Joe.

  2. I have a question! I do understand how you calculate power rankings as of now, but how will you do it at the finale? Will you also rank the remaining players according to their “possibility of winning”? If so, how will you score that?

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