Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 8

What time is it? Oh yeah, it’s time for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 7, Rob and Shawn came in joint first position once again, this time by ranking Kass in last place at 13th, gaining them 13 points a piece. Jacob came in last with another 9 points. Shawn maintains his lead with 79 overall points, but Rob is only 3 points behind, and a big win from Jacob this week could put him right back in the running.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Spencer is voted out in Episode 8, Rob would receive 4 points, Shawn would receive 8 points, and Jacob would receive 3 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 76
Score: 79
Score: 72
KeithPic JeremyPic JeremyPic
1. Maybe Keith will have some more luck with the next ball-related challenge. He still isn’t going anywhere soon, and as long as he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’ll easily make it as far as he did last time. 1. Everyone’s reporting to Jeremy and no one looks at him as a threat. Unless something serious happens, Jeremy is likely to be sitting at the top for a long time. 1. Everybody wants to work with Jeremy; he has an idol, yada yada. I’m sure the other guys put him up here on the top too.
KimmiPic KeithPic KeithPic
2. I feel like Kimmi is in a similar spot as Keith. They’re not making any enemies, not huge challenge threats, and they’re flying somewhat under the radar. There’s really no reason to get rid of her at this point, especially since she’s a loyal number for the original Bayons. 2. Keith plays the “anybody but me” strategy far better than anyone in the modern era of Survivor. His willingness to flip to the majority and stay off the radar speaks to how he will continue to be safe. 2. I said it last week and I’ll say it again this week: no one is going to be targeting Keith anytime soon. If he goes home this week, I deserve two points.
JeremyPic KellyPic SpencerPic
3. Jeremy is seen as the leader of the Bayon alliance, and he has his idol still. This is the time in his previous season where he was blindsided by his alliance, so he really needs to tread carefully. 3. There’s a new purple Kelly and her last name is Wiglesworth.  She seems to be in the Bayon voting-bloc and there is literally no way that anyone could view her as a threat. Wiglesworth is potentially the best goat this game has ever seen. 3. Spencer and Joe appeared to become this two-headed, floating vote decider. What’s the difference between them? Joe is a bigger target. I think Spencer is finally safe for a little while.
SpencerPic KimmiPic KelleyPic
4. Spencer knows exactly what he needs to do in order to keep himself around each week. He’s in really good with Jeremy, and unlike Stephen, Spencer isn’t trying to make any waves. 4. Kimmi’s loyalty to the Bayon cause will keep her off any ballots for a long time. Nobody is really thinking about her as a threat, which bodes well for her fate. People might view Kimmi as a goat, but she could potentially be a bit more than that. 4. Kelley’s got allies on all sides and no one is targeting her. I honestly think she could move with any alliance on the tribe and she won’t be targeted. And even if she is, she’s got the idol.
KelleyPic SavagePic KimmiPic
5. Kelley was on Kass’ side last week, but she did vote her out. She has been doing a great job at going along with what the majority wants to do, and that’s going to get her far. She’s eventually going to have to make a move against the alphas or she’s going to end up at the end without votes, or get voted out near the end. 5. Everyone drew a line in the sand and Savage remained on the side of safety. However, his polarizing personality and firm stance on everything could make him a liability when actual strategy has to happen. 5. Kimmi is a very helpful number. I don’t expect her to ruffle any feathers as may have been expected at the beginning of all this. I do expect her to follow her alliance loyally.
SavagePic TashaPic TashaPic
6. Savage is in Jeremy’s bro alliance, so he’s not really in too much danger as of right now. He got a stray vote from Ciera at the last tribal, and if he gets too vocal about it, he might be seen as too volatile/arrogant and he could be cut by his allies. 6. See Savage. 6. Tasha was at risk last week, but the plans against her failed pretty extraordinarily. She’s in the majority and there’s no imminent “chaos” after her. As long as she doesn’t make too many waves, she should be just fine.
KellyPic KelleyPic KellyPic
7. Another episode, another chance to see ZERO from Kelly. She’s just coasting along and it’ll work for a while, but she’s probably going to be an easy vote-out down the road. 7. Wentworth is in one interesting predicament right now. She was seen to be working with Kass, Ciera, and Abi, but made a shift when the numbers weren’t there. While she’s probably safe for now, this plus Joe’s protecting her should likely paint a target on her. 7. This is around the point in the game where I’m going to start worrying for Kelly. She’s a number and a strong one at that. If taking out a more connected, socially savvy player is proving difficult, Kelly could be an easy vote.
TashaPic SpencerPic SavagePic
8. Tasha caused a lot of trouble last week, and I feel like a lot of it was unnecessary. I think she easily could have gotten Kass voted out by just simply suggesting it to everyone. She really needs to reel it in or she’s going to continue to alienate people. 8. Kass stood up for Spencer, but Spencer couldn’t return the favor. If the relationship Spencer and Jeremy have holds firm, he’ll be safe. However, if Spencer is only viewed as “old Ta Keo” he’ll be in trouble. His fate lies in the hands of Jeremy and friends. 8. Though lacking in self-awareness, Savage has managed to avoid elimination simply by the will of others. According to the previews, it seems he’s attempting to steer the ship towards Stephen’s elimination. We’ll see what happens. Perhaps he will self-destruct by trying to point out the targets on other peoples’ backs.
AbiPic JoePic AbiPic
9. No news is good news for Abi I guess. After the Abi-centric premerge, the episodes have been Abi-lite recently, but she was on the wrong side of the last vote, so we might be seeing more of her this episode. 9. Joey Amazing wins the first immunity after the merge and brings legitimacy to the question we have all been asking – Will his reputation as a challenge threat trump anything he does before the merge? Joe has re-branded himself as a threat and if he loses the next immunity challenge, faces danger. 9. Abi was confidently on the wrong side of the vote last week and I don’t think she can get away from it. She’s still a number up for the taking, but she seemed pretty ready to betray Tasha who basically saved her on Angkor. I don’t think she’s getting voted out this week, but I wouldn’t be surprised either.
JoePic AbiPic JoePic
10. As usual, Joe’s in trouble if he doesn’t win immunity, especially with Stephen gunning for him so hard. The question is, will Jeremy keep around his meat-shield, or get rid of him now if he has the chance? 10. Abi once again finds herself on the bottom of the tribe after working with Kass and Ciera. The only reason she doesn’t find herself at the bottom of this list is because she’s the “devil you know”. 10. For the last time: Stephen has been ENDLESSLY planning his move to take out Joe but the previews are making it seem like the word is out and Joe is on the move to rebel. Just in case he can’t get away from Stephen’s devious plans, I’m putting him down at number 10.
StephenPic StephenPic CieraPic
11. Stephen’s on the war path trying to get rid of Joe, and I really think it’s going to backfire on him majorly. If Stephen puts forth a good argument as to why Joe is dangerous, he could swing it, but it depends on what the leaders of his alliance want to do. 11. Stephen has been longing to make a big move- an inclination that hasn’t been received well. The preview shows Fishbach trying to make another big move, but this time it seems like he could be viewed as a threat. Nobody is ready to turn on their alliance and the old Bayon crew might view his partial loyalty as too threatening. 11. Ciera is playing hard and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, her first big play was a miserable failure that she herself jumped out of the way of at tribal council when she realized it wasn’t working out. She might be able to play it off, but if Ciera is suspected of more devious behavior, I don’t see why they wouldn’t get rid of her immediately.
CieraPic CieraPic StephenPic
12. Ciera was very vocal last week about being on Kass’ side, and she threw a vote at Andrew. There’s a really good chance that she is not long for this game at this point. 12. Ciera is the “devil you don’t” in the saying started in Abi’s ranking. Her willingness to make big moves (and remind her tribe of that) should make her public enemy number one. Her saving grace is the preview where it is seen that Ciera and Wentworth are talking. Those two might be able to concoct a plan to keep Ciera safe. 12. The previews make it appear that everyone is coming for Stephen’s head before he goes for Joe’s. If Stephen can turn it around, I’ll be very happy for him. I’m afraid that won’t be the case though. I played it out a dozen times for my prediction blog, but I can’t figure out an arrangement where Stephen pulls over enough people to take out Joe, or at least defend himself from elimination, with.

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