Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 7

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s once again time for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 6, Rob and Shawn came joint first by placing Woo last in 15th place, gaining them 15 points a piece. Jacob came in last with 9 points. We did not award points for the Terry family emergency exit.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Tasha is voted out in Episode 7, Rob and Shawn would both receive 4 points, and Jacob would receive 10 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 63
Score: 66
Score: 63
JeremyPic KeithPic JeremyPic
1. Jeremy is sitting pretty at the top of the rankings, and he has been for a while now. He’s in a good alliance, he’s gaining some old alliance members with the merge, and he still has his hidden immunity idol. 1. Keith’s ability to remain entirely neutral for this long will pay dividends as he enters the merge. Inevitably, someone will try to pick off a big target, but Keith is just too far off of the radar to be the first merge boot. 1. Jeremy is in a ridiculously good position for the start of the merge. I can’t name a single player out there who doesn’t like or trust Jeremy, and he has an idol in his pocket. Add in a tight three-person alliance and Jeremy is looking good.
KeithPic JeremyPic KeithPic
2. The next immunity challenge involves balls, and we know how good Keith is with balls. He could very well win immunity, but even if he doesn’t, he still has almost zero chance of going anywhere this week. 2. Jeremy enters the merge with a seemingly good web of alliances that tie him to safety through multiple avenues. If he continues to ride the Bayon numbers, he’ll be safe. 2. As the merge approaches, the pawns must fall in place. Keith isn’t pulling any strings, but he’s also not on anybody’s radar. You really think anyone is going to target Keith before, like, anyone else in the game? I think he’s the safest guy out there right now.
KelleyPic KimmiPic KimmiPic
3. Kelley is just kind of floating by for now, but she’s in good with a lot of people in the game. She’s got her idol, she’s got her shield (Joe), and she hasn’t pissed anyone off. 3. Now that we’ve entered the merge phase of the game, Kimmi is quickly becoming a perfect ally (goat): loyal to a fault, weak at challenges, and has her ear to the ground to know what’s going on. Anyone would be stupid to vote her out. 3. Like Keith, Kimmi isn’t running the game in any way. She’s in a comfortable, tight alliance with two far bigger targets. And now that we’re in the individual part of the game, more physically threatening players are bound to be targeted, giving Kimmi even more leeway.
TashaPic TashaPic KellyPic
4. The merge couldn’t have come at a better time for Tasha. She’s back with her original Bayon members, (Andrew included), and she’s a challenge beast. She might be in trouble later in the merge, but for now, she’s in a great position. 4. Tasha should fall back into the numbers as she rejoins the old Bayon members. Unless Tasha tries to make a massive power move, she’ll be safe. 4. This is Kelly’s time to shine. She may be a persona non grata in terms of the strategic game of Survivor, but she’s the original challenge beast. Right now, as long as she gets with the majority alliance, she’ll be a non-targeted challenge threat until she can’t hide anymore.
SpencerPic StephenPic SavagePic
5. Spencer is another person that is going to benefit from the merge. He was a target at the previous tribal, but he was saved by Kass, Ciera, and Abi. Now, at the merge, I think he’s still going to be a great asset for Jeremy, and Jeremy would be stupid to let him be voted out. 5. Stephen’s situation is interesting. He needs to push for the alpha males to go or else he will likely become irrelevant. Either way, he’s done the social and strategic legwork to ensure his safety this week. 5. Savage got blindsided pretty hard by Woo’s departure last week. This is his cue to fall in line for a little bit and work with whoever is willing to work with him. If he does that, he should be able to last a while longer.
KimmiPic KelleyPic SpencerPic
6. Congrats to Kimmi for making the merge (and also Kelley). A feat both neither achieved during their first seasons. Kimmi has never had to deal with this many people on Survivor at the same time, so she could end up being overwhelmed. Luckily for her, she’s got a solid alliance, and isn’t a challenge threat. 6. Kelley’s got an idol and decent working relationships with most of the people left in the game. As long as she just goes with the flow and plays the “anyone but me” game, she’ll be fine. 6. Despite being one of the biggest targets, Spencer has managed to avoid elimination on several occasions. Now that the merge is on its way, Spencer has an opportunity to work with all those he has managed to make emotional connections with through all these swaps.
StephenPic SavagePic AbiPic
7. I feel like there’s going to be an inevitable Stephen betrayal coming soon, but for now, he’s still in good with Jeremy and Kimmi. He tried to make some waves last week by suggesting they vote out Joe, and this could be a huge problem for him if Jeremy feels threatened by Stephen wanting to get rid of the alpha males. 7. Savage will end up safe due to his heavy Bayon allegiances. I do wonder, however, how long the dad of the tribe will be taken along. If I was Jeremy, I would start getting paranoid about Savage as the only other person that can visibly rally numbers. 7. Abi didn’t get any of the credit for the Woo vote-off. Yes, she had been talking about eliminating him for weeks but not in the last episode. I think this is the show’s way of pushing her to the background for a little while so more prominent characters to the overall narrative can be at the forefront.
CieraPic SpencerPic CieraPic
8. Ciera had a great shining moment last week, and it reminded us all of why we voted for her. She’s not one to just lay down and let her name be dragged through the mud. Unfortunately, she sided with Kass, which could put her in a bad position if she ends up on the wrong end of the original Bayon majority. 8. Narrowly dodging yet another vote, Spencer’s odds once again increase after another tribe swap (in this case the merge). There are now larger fish to fry and he can work with the members of New Bayon to gain some strategic foothold. 8. Ciera’s social influence on her tribe-mates was made very apparent last episode. This skill can get her far in the game. I’m just getting the feeling it won’t be with the alliance she helped set in motion. I think a lot of her allies are going to get picked off as Ciera is left alone because she isn’t seen as a physical threat.
KellyPic KellyPic KassPic
9. Say hello to the new Purple Kelly! She really isn’t giving us ANYTHING, and she’s always on the wrong side of the vote. She isn’t talking strategy with anyone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s just voted out as an easy vote. 9. Wiglesworth would be in trouble if I were still convinced that she is still a cast member on Survivor: Second Chance. 9. Kass’ moment in the “next time” preview makes me nervous. I don’t know how long the new merged tribe is going to put up with the return of “Chaos Kass.” I don’t think she’ll get taken out this week, but maybe next week.
AbiPic AbiPic TashaPic
10. Andrew thought that Abi was loyal to him, but he should have known that the only thing keeping her in check was Tasha. Abi is unpredictable and votes based on her emotions. This could make her a perfect FTC goat, or someone who is voted out because she’s too much to handle. 10. Abi’s the perfect goat, but her constant flipping should leave many to be wary of including her in merge alliances. The numbers could easily go either way in Abi’s favor. In the wise words of Courtney Yates “[Abi’s] become the Susan Lucci of tribal council; [her] name’s always up there, but [she] never quite gets voted out.” 10. I feel like Tasha is in a pretty good position, but the preview shows Kass yelling at Tasha in the shelter. Maybe Tasha is scheming too much and someone who trusted her has caught her? Maybe she’s unwilling to make a certain move? I’m not really sure, but I’m worried about Tasha.
JoePic CieraPic StephenPic
11. The merge is the time where people like Joe are targeted immediately. He’s a challenge threat, and he’s got a good social game. The only reason he isn’t last on my rankings is because he’s got a really good shot at winning multiple immunities. 11. Ciera stepped into the spotlight this past episode and was a vital part of orchestrating Woo’s blindside. Unless she works hard to get the fringe members and old Ta Keo together, I see Ciera in some danger. 11. Everything from the previews points towards Stephen making a big strategic play. The past two weeks have been building up to this big move. Most of me believes he will be successful. A piece of me is afraid that it’s going to backfire, therefore why I’m putting Stephen so low.
SavagePic JoePic KelleyPic
12. There’s bound to be two warring sides, with Kass on one, and Andrew on the other. The first merge vote is where he was voted out last time, and I could see history repeating itself, especially since he was not privy to Woo’s blindside. 12. Joe is now vulnerable to being eliminated due to the fact that he’s on his own and could go on an immunity run. Maybe his cabana boy status will save him? 12. *Ducks to avoid the digital tomatoes* Joe was actively campaigning to save Kelley last week. All this did was pair Joe and Kelley up in the eyes of the original Bayon alliance. If they can’t take out the cabana boy, Kelley might have to do. And no, I don’t think she would play her idol.
KassPic KassPic JoePic
13. Last week we got some Chaos in Cambodia, which was great for TV, but I’m worried that it was not good for Kass. I can see this blowing up in her face by creating a rift with Andrew/Tasha. The merge tribe won’t allow #ChaosKass to continue her chaotic ways, and I fear that she painted a huge target on her back. 13. I’ve been rooting for Kass all season, but I am not a fan of the move she made to blindside Woo. This move could have massive repercussions. Savage and friends can pull a majority together that puts her on the outside. People like Savage/Jeremy hate when their loyalties are betrayed. I REALLY want Kass to be safe, but she picked the wrong time to step into the spotlight. 13. Joe’s demise at the merge has been foreshadowed since an episode two Stephen confessional. He’s the kind of guy you keep until the merge and then you get rid of him as quickly as possible. With the exception of an immunity win or some crazy nonsense going down via Chaos Kass, I don’t think Joe’s elimination can be avoided.

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