Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 6

It’s Tuesday and what does that mean? It means it’s once again time for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 5, Jacob secured victory for the second week in a row with his spot on placing of Monica in 16th place, gaining him 16 points. Rob came in second with 15 points and Shawn placed third with 14 points. It is all still to play for.

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Kelley is voted out in Episode 6, Rob and Jacob would both receive 1 point, and Shawn would receive 2 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 48
Score: 51
Score: 54
KelleyPic JeremyPic KelleyPic
1. Kelley has solidified herself in the majority alliance on Ta Keo by kicking Terry under the bus. In the unlikely event that Ta Keo loses, she won’t be the first person on the chopping block. She also still has her idol that nobody knows about. 1. Jeremy, the visible leader of the majority alliance at Bayon, is in a great position. Even though he was a part of voting out one of his own last week, his place seems very secure. 1. According to the Survivor Reddit community, the Interwebs are latent with unwanted spoilers about this coming episode. I’ve been avoiding them all like a madman so I apologize if my rankings are a little wacky this week. That said, I’m expecting a tribe swap in the next week or two and Kelley is loved on all sides and she has an idol.
JeremyPic KelleyPic TashaPic
2. I’m afraid that Jeremy could be doomed to repeat his placing from San Juan Del Sur if he keeps playing the way he has. A HUGE difference this time is that he has a safety blanket (his hidden idol) so he’s able to be a bit more in charge and not suffer for it. 2. Kelley was a part of the five-person alliance built at Ta Keo last week. Assuming that all parts of this alliance are legitimate, I think Kelley remains in a great position. The other members in her alliance are far more expendable and she should be safe.  If all goes awry, she’s still got her idol. 2. Tasha has proved extremely resilient. She’s basically in charge of the withering Angkor tribe and will probably be able to link back up with any old Bayon members when the time comes. She’s in a good place.
TashaPic KimmiPic KeithPic
3. Tasha is still riding high on the back-to-back reward and immunity wins. If Ankgor can keep it together, she won’t have to do much but sit and wait for the merge when she can be back with her old Bayon alliance. 3. Kimmi finally got significant screentime last episode and revealed herself to be strategically minded. Her willingness to throw Monica under the bus and keep the Bayon alliance strong will likely raise her value. 3. I can’t think of a good reason for anyone to target Keith. And for some reason, when the Ta Keo 5 alliance was being discussed last week, it wasn’t Joe or Kass talking about it, it was Keith! Keith may be holding all the cards and we just don’t know it.
KeithPic TashaPic KassPic
4. It was nice to see some of Keith this week, essentially winning both challenges for Ta Keo. He’s sitting pretty right now in a majority alliance on a dominant tribe. He isn’t going anywhere soon. 4. Angkor looked to be significantly less of a mess last week, but I’m still not drinking the kool-aid. Angkor’s being run by Tasha and it would take a lot of major events to see her as the next one voted out. 4. If you told me right now that Kass is going to be in the Final 3, I would get pissed at you for spoiling me and then believe you.
JoePic KeithPic SpencerPic
5. This week is a turning point for Joe. The good news is, he formed a majority on Ta Keo. The bad news is, the merge is soon approaching, and Joe will be target numero uno once it hits. He’s safe for now, but that will change very quickly. 5. I’m not sure how Keith has done it, but just standing by for two weeks has landed him in an apparently strong alliance.  While his exact position in that alliance remains unknown, I think there are bigger fish to fry. 5. Spencer and Kelly may have been in the dark during last week’s 3-2-1 vote-off of Monica, but they were spared. On top of that, we’ve had more than enough confessionals about Spencer being integrated into Bayon to estimate that he’ll probably be safe.
StephenPic StephenPic JeremyPic
6. He’s currently Jeremy’s right-hand man, but Spencer could be replacing him soon. Jeremy made sure that Spencer was safe, and if I were Stephen, I’d have definitely been concerned about that. For now, Stephen is good, but when the merge comes, he might be in trouble if Jeremy sees him as replaceable. 6. Stephen scored a goal for Angkor last challenge and did not get any on-air flack or resentment. If that’s not an indication of being safe, I don’t know what is. 6. Jeremy seems to hold all the cards over on Bayon. For now, I’m letting go of the theory that his tribe-mates are going to discover his idol and get rid of him before he uses it. I think he’ll be calling the shots for the next couple of days at his camp unless things go awry. In case of a swap, he’s still got an idol.
CieraPic CieraPic KimmiPic
7. Ciera is part of the Ta Keo Five, but she’s arguably the weakest member of the group. If Ta Keo loses, and realizes that they should keep Terry around to keep the tribe strong, Ciera could be at risk to go home. 7. Ciera has been lying very low all season in terms of screentime. She could easily be making deals and alliances, but we haven’t seen any of that (or really anything) so far this season. Her invisible edit leads me to believe that she is safe until we start seeing more of her. 7. She had a big episode last week, but I think the dust has settled and Kimmi will be returning to background for a little while.
SavagePic SpencerPic CieraPic
8. Savage’s tight bond with Tasha is a God-send to him (no pun intended). She’s a huge reason why he’s still in the game, and he owes her his game life. Much like Tasha, as long as Ankgor keeps winning, he can get back with his old Bayon alliance at the merge. 8. Spencer avoided the first Bayon vote and also looked to be above Wiglesworth in the pecking order. I’m not exactly sure how Spencer views the 3-2-1 mentality of the Monica vote, which lands him in the dead center of these rankings. 8. Ciera is bound to become more prominent this season and I think this week is going to start that climb. I just hope it isn’t for the wrong reasons.
KimmiPic KassPic WooPic
9. While it was good to finally hear from Kimmi, I fear that her voting out Monica was not a good move for her game. Monica wanted a girl’s alliance to combat the bro-alliance that was formed early on in the game. Kimmi could be in trouble once the merge hits and she doesn’t have the numbers she needs. 9. Kass is a part of the five-person alliance at Ta Keo, which should bode well for her. We’ve been seeing more and more of Kass recently, which has me scared that she might be targeted. 9. I’m incredibly certain Woo would survive another Angkor tribal council, but I’m sure the prospect of another swap doesn’t bother him much. If Woo can stay loyal to the majority alliance, for once, he should be in a pretty decent spot to make a comeback.
KassPic TerryPic KellyPic
10. The merge is approaching, and if you think back in Cagayan, the first merge vote is where Chaos Kass showed up. Even though she’s in the majority on Ta Keo, she might be a casualty before she gets a chance to stir up any trouble. 10. Terry is on the outside of a seemingly strong five person alliance at Ta Keo. While I’m pretty sure this tribe won’t lose an immunity challenge, Terry is down this low just in case. 10. In the preview, Stephen mentions how he has a move in the works that will set the tenor for the whole season. I think this is in relation to the whole “New School” vs. “Old School” trope we’ve been watching so far and for more “Old School” players to get knocked out. Kelly would be a casualty.
SpencerPic JoePic StephenPic
11. Like Kelly, Spencer was not clued in on the plan to blindside Monica. If he confronts the original Bayon members about it, it could backfire and get him sent packing. He needs to understand why they kept him in the dark about it, and be thankful they kept him around. 11. Everyone’s favorite cabana boy Joe is also a part of the Ta Keo alliance, but his obvious status as the über physical merge threat makes me hesitant to put him higher on this list. 11. And on the same note, Jeremy didn’t seem so enthused about Stephen’s idea, whatever it was. Jeremy could start to see Stephen as a threat to his long-term game and take him out now with some support from new and old tribe-mates.
AbiPic SavagePic TerryPic
12. Even though Tasha is using Abi for her vote, there’s still a good chance that they get sick of her and vote her out before it gets to a point where more people want her around as a goat and start targeting Tasha and other strong people. 12. Savage should probably be higher on this list, but he’s down here just in case Abi and Woo finally decide to start playing together. 12. On Ta Keo, Terry is probably in the worst position. I know he thinks his social game has improved big time, but I’m not so certain. On top of that, physical threats are bound to begin getting targeted as the merge draws near. Regardless of where he ends up in the next few weeks, I think Terry is in trouble.
KellyPic KellyPic SavagePic
13. Kelly is clearly on the outs on Bayon. She voted for Spencer at the last tribal council, and isn’t being involved in strategy talks. If Bayon loses again, she could be the next one gone. 13. If Monica hadn’t put a target on her back, Wiglesworth would have been the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance. I’m not confident that surviving one tribal council means safety for Wiglesworth. 13. Speaking of old school: Stephen felt constantly at risk when Savage was running things at Bayon. Now that Stephen has some power and influence on his tribe-mates, the move he could be getting all excited in the preview about could be to take out his old adversary.
TerryPic AbiPic AbiPic
14. After last week’s episode, the “Ta Keo 5” alliance was formed… with Terry clearly on the outs. If Ta Keo goes to tribal council, he’s got a definite shot of going home. 14. Abi should go before Woo, but I don’t think that Tasha and Savage are thinking enough in advance to realize this. Still, it takes one moment of clarity for Abi to be next. 14. If there is no swap and Angkor loses immunity, Abi is out of here. If there is a swap…  Abi might still be out of here. If Woo spreads the word about how unreliable she is and Tasha and Savage aren’t exactly high on her, her tribe might decide just to cut their losses.
WooPic WooPic JoePic
15. I still think that if Angkor loses this week, Woo is going to be cut over Abi. Tasha has Abi in her corner and I don’t see her being voted out as long as she’s loyal to Tasha and Savage. 15. I think that Savage and Tasha will value Abi’s loyalty over Woo’s. Woo has already sweet talked himself out of one vote, so it’s not entirely impossible that he survives another tribal. 15. Joe may be a recent player, but his game thus far is way more “Old School.” Joe is a resource for survival and immunity challenges, but everyone knows they can’t keep him around. He’s the biggest, most obvious threat. The more I think about Stephen’s moment in the preview, the more certain I am of a coming swap and Stephen has been targeting Joe for weeks now.


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