Survivor: Cambodia Episode 6 – What You Didn’t See

Every week here at Inside Survivor we will be gathering a selection of behind the scenes information relating to the latest episode. Most of this information comes from the exit interviews of the recently eliminated castaway. The information is linked to the original sources within the article, but the majority comes from Parade, People, Entertainment Weekly and Xfinity – with a little bit of Redmond sourced info sprinkled on top.

Challenge Extras

The two challenges we saw in Episode 6, the Slip n Slide reward challenge and the Gross Food immunity challenge, both included details left out of the edited episode.

In the Slip n Slide reward challenge there were a number of rounds that we didn’t see in the episode itself. There were seven match-ups and each pair played twice, except for Kass and Stephen. The first tribe to 7 points were declared the winners. The complete list of match-ups and winners are listed below (the winners are in bold):

Jeremy (both rounds) vs. Savage
Ciera (both rounds) vs. Tasha
Spencer (round one) vs. Keith (round two)
Abi (both rounds) vs. Kimmi
Joe (both rounds) vs. Woo
Wentworth (round one) vs. Wiglesworth (round two)
Kass (round one) vs. Stephen


The Ta Keo tribe won with 7 points to 6. Also, to win her point against Stephen, it is said that while retrieving her ring, Kass distracted him by screeching and flailing her arms in his direction which put him off his shot.

In the Gross Food immunity challenge, each tribe actually got to pick their opponents from the opposing tribe. They started with a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which tribe got to pick first and then took it in turns after that.EdgicEp6Cover

Also, the gross food for each round was revealed before the competitors were chosen. Hence why Kimmi once again had to attempt to eat brain; it wasn’t just pure coincidence, she was the first person picked by the Ta Keo tribe when it got to the individual portion of the challenge.

Terry’s Exit


There has been some debate over whether Terry’s exit is considered a “quit” or not. While Terry was obviously going to choose to leave the game when given the tragic news, he really had no choice in the matter anyway – even if for some crazy reason he decided to stay. Before any contestant goes out to play Survivor, they designate one person who can contact production in case of an emergency. If that person and/or production think that the news is important and serious enough to tell you about, then you are pulled from the game. You have no choice. So Terry did definitely not “quit”.

In an interview with Dalton Ross for Entertainment Weekly, host Jeff Probst revealed that as soon as Terry got on the boat, Probst handed him his cell phone, and in the middle of the ocean in Cambodia, Terry got to speak to his wife and son. Probst mentioned that if they had a camera on the boat, they would have included the scene in the episode.

Woo’s Downfall


After the episode aired many people questioned why Ciera and Kass decided to target Woo instead of Savage. Ciera revealed on Twitter that the reason she targetted Woo was because she knew it would be easier to sway Abi-Maria to vote that way (rather than try and get her to vote-out Savage).

Bonus Info – Merged Tribe Name


Not technically to do with Episode 6, but as a bonus treat, Inside Survivor can reveal the new merged tribe name for Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance. The merged tribe will be named Orkun. This is an English spelling of the Khmer word for “thank you”. I think we can all agree; that is a much better tribe name than “Merica.”

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