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Episode 34 Recap – The Final Countdown

Who was evicted?

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The time has come. It’s been a frustratingly long season with more of the same aggravations on a weekly basis. The Veto ceremony has rarely brought any excitement (save for the one week that Da’Vonne won), but now the final one has concluded. Cody won the last Power of Veto and must decide whether to evict Christmas or Nicole. 

Enzo, the current HOH, wants Christmas to stay because he feels that his best bet to get to the final two is with her. Unfortunately for Enzo, Cody and Nicole have a close bond that spans across seasons, and Christmas had been trying to get Cody renominated the week before. It’s an uphill battle, but Enzo gives her his blessing to do whatever she needs to stay, even if that means throwing him under the bus. Christmas knows the odds are against her, and she’s determined to fight. 

Meanwhile, Nicole has achieved a milestone this season. She has reached 230 days inside the Big Brother House, making her the player with the highest number of days inside the game (at the time of writing this, it’s actually 254). She has aspirations to also be the first two-time winner, a dream she’s resorted to mumbling about throughout the day to visualize it. Frankly, it’s just uncomfortable to watch, and lord knows why it made the final edit. 

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Cody doesn’t think there’s any way Nicole is winning a second time. Enzo and Christmas are less sure, and both try to use this as leverage to get Cody to evict Nicole. Their efforts prove to be fruitless because Cody knows Nicole will take him to the final two anyway. Christmas’ best plan comes after a slip from Enzo, who refers to himself, Nicole, and Cody as the final three while Christmas is still in the house. Christmas is annoyed at the comment (which I find hilarious), and their BB relationship is strained as a result. 

Now Christmas has a new pitch to take to Cody. She vocalizes her distrust of Enzo and spills the beans on David’s eviction vote. Tyler, Enzo, and herself had made a last-minute decision to evict Nicole over David, only Enzo flipped and evicted David instead. She hasn’t trusted him since then and has no loyalties to him. Finally, she promises to take Cody to the final two should she win HOH. Whether this information actually swayed Cody at all is uncertain, but he at least pretended to be in a dilemma about the upcoming vote. Does he vote out Christmas, someone he knows he can beat in the end, or does he take Nicole, a former winner who will be much harder to win against? 

While Cody is left to mull over jury votes, the jury itself has plenty of time to think over the state of the game. As they wait for the new arrival, the current jury members discuss who they are rooting for and who they hope to see in jury next. Da’Vonne is rooting for Enzo, who she believes is playing a better game than what people are giving him credit for. Ian thinks Christmas is coming next, and Tyler thinks it will be Nicole. The only thing they do seem to agree on is that Cody and Memphis are running things. 

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On this note, they are all shocked to see Memphis enter as the latest juror. Even more shocking to them is watching Nicole sweep the week with both the HOH and POV win. Despite how she has rubbed many jurors the wrong way, Da’Vonne admits that she is impressed with her this week. 

Memphis is the only one considering Christmas as a contender for the win, which is fine since she’s all but confirmed to be going this week. While there is some back and forth between the other jurors, it all boils down to two main points. 1.) If Cody makes it to the end, he wins, and 2.) If Nicole or Enzo cut Cody in the final three, they win. If either of them breaks from their blind loyalty to Cody, it’ll be the big move the jury (and we) have been waiting for. Frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it, but hopes for any excitement seem slim to none. 

We finally come to the eviction, with Christmas and Nicole ready to make their final pleas. Christmas compliments everyone and thanks them for a great time, but not without congratulating Enzo for getting third place again (ouch). Nicole thanks everyone as well and asks Cody to do whatever is best for his game. When it’s time to vote, Cody tells both nominees that he’s grateful for the time they’ve all had together. He has to do what’s best for his game, and unfortunately for Christmas, that means evicting her. 

In her interview with Julie Chen, Christmas tells the host that she’s not shocked by Cody’s choice, but there’s a shock that comes with being evicted. Had she stayed, she probably would’ve kept her word to Cody and taken him to the final two, but she feels like her game was strong enough to have beaten any of them (which only further proves my point that she’s completely delusional). 

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Enzo and Nicole both say how much they’ll miss her in the goodbye messages, but Cody is a different story. He reveals the three final twos he made at the start of the game with Enzo, Nicole, and Memphis, as well as the other Wise Guys alliance. These messages really highlight the differences between Cody and his competitors. While Enzo and Nicole are appealing to the emotional side of Christmas, Cody is laying out his resume for her as she heads to jury. 

Before part one of the final HOH begins, the final three all receive video messages from home. Cody gets one from his girlfriend, Enzo has one from his kids, and Nicole’s is from Victor. We’re finally in the home stretch of Big Brother 22. The first part of the final HOH will be shown Monday, and the finale is Wednesday. While the season has been a mess of the worst kind, getting to write about the eviction episodes has been an absolute joy. Thank you to all who have stuck with me throughout the season. 

Also, voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest is officially open, so make sure to go vote! I’ll be voting Da’Vonne, if anyone’s wondering. Oh yeah, vote on November 3rd too!

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