The Amazing Race 32

Episode 2 Recap – Red Lipstick Is Not My Color

The race continues!

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Episode 2 picks up right where we left off, as Phil informed teams at last week’s Pit Stop that they were still racing; next stop, Bogotá Columbia.


Proceed to Bogotá, Colombia

The teams are instructed to board a flight 1400 miles to Bogotá, Colombia. Once arrived at the airport, teams will receive their next clues.

All ten remaining teams will be on the same flight, making it an even playing field to start the second leg. It will be interesting to see if the teams follow a similar order of finish to the last episode, given that they are all on this same flight. Will teams like Kellie & LaVonne and DeAngelo & Gary continue to struggle – OR – was it just one particular Road Block that slowed them down?

Quote of the night contender: “We are here to kick ass, and don’t give a damn about your name!” – DeAngelo

So far, the show has done a decent job of letting the audience know about each team. Considering twenty people are racing, I feel even under an hour into the series that we quickly know who each team is and what they are about.

On the way to the airport, we are given further insights into two of the lesser-examined teams:

  • Leg One leaders, Hung & Chee: Hung describes the couple’s hectic home life over the last ten years, stating The Race will give the pair some much-needed time to reinvest in one another
  • Father and Son, Jerry & Frank: Father Jerry humbly admits that though Frank naturally relied on Jerry growing up, Jerry now knows that it is Frank who he will depend on, a symbolic passing of the torch

Both of the above teams seem to possess the poise needed to win, but do they have that cunning and cutthroat nature often needed to reign supreme on The Race? Only time and Phil will tell.

Once touched down in Bogotá, teams are seen sprinting out of the airport, where it’s brothers, Riley and Maddison, who are the first to retrieve a clue.

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Proceed to Nemocón Salt Mine

Once arriving at the mine, teams must search the underground tunnels for either 10 or 20-minute hourglasses and then sign up for a departure time in the morning. Teams’ hourglasses will give them the power to stop another team racing for 10 or 20 minutes at a future Yield in the race.

Will the yet-to-be-cut-throat Hung & Chee, Jerry & Frank, or frankly ANY team pull the trigger this early on a Yield?

Hung & Chee are again the first to arrive (greeted by a dog in the mines), followed closely behind by the “really $%&!ing smart” siblings, Eswar & Aparna. At this point, we see that there are indeed TWO departure times, five teams being able to depart at 6am, with the remaining five teams departing at 6:30am.

Both teams at this stage have failed to find an hourglass. Chee deduces that there is more to this than just finding the hourglass at stake. The longer you take scouring the tunnel for a coveted twenty-minute hourglass (technically, minutes-glass) will result in risking NOT signing up for the earlier 6am departure time the next morning.

One by one, teams arrive at the mine with the above in mind, and we quickly see teams’ strategies come into place. DeAngelo & Gary are the first to locate an hourglass; however, they elect not to retrieve it, risking their time seeking the twenty-minute option.

First four teams to retrieve an hourglass:

  • Hung & Chee: 10 Minute Yield
  • Will & James: 20 Minute Yield
  • DeAngelo & Gary: 20 Minute Yield
  • Riley & Maddison: 20 Minute Yield

The above four teams are also the first to sign up for the early next morning departure, leaving only one slot left for the remaining six teams.

Three next teams to find an hourglass:

  • Leo & Alana: 10 Minute Yield
  • Kellie and LaVonne: 10 Minute Yield
  • Eswar & Aparna: 10 Minute Yield

Bolting through the tunnels, Eswar & Aparna earn the last slot on the early departure.

The remaining teams’ hourglasses:

  • Kaylynn & Hayley: 20 Minute Yield
  • Michelle & Victoria: 20 Minute Yield (early prediction, Michelle will definitely use this)
  • Jerry & Frank: 10 Minute Yield

Teams appear to have an incredibly uncomfortable sleepover, accompanied by sleeping bags in the mines, gearing up for the next day.

6am Departure:
Hung & Chee
Will & James
DeAngelo & Gary
Riley & Maddison
Eswar & Aparna

6:30am Departure:
Leo & Alana
Kellie & LaVonne
Kaylynn & Hayley
Michelle & Victoria
Jerry & Frank

The 6am crew depart, make their way out of the mines, and receive their next clue.


Proceed to Templo Parroquail San Francisco De Asís

Teams must make their way on foot to the Templo Parroquail San Francisco De Asís. Once there, teams must climb the bell tower for a piece of Colombian art (golden raft) or an emerald.

Upon selection, teams will then head back to the center of Bogotá, where couples who selected the emerald must deliver their finding to an emerald street broker. Teams selecting the art piece have to deliver their finding to an archaeological professor from whom they will receive their next clue.

James proposes to the 6am crew that they all work together to maintain their leads; let’s see how long this lasts. The 6am-ers arrive at the bell tower.


  • Hung & Chee: Emerald
  • Riley & Maddison: Golden Raft
  • Eswar & Aparna: Emerald
  • DeAngelo & Gary: Emerald
  • Will & James: Emerald

Next, we see the 6:30 crew depart the mines and make their way to the bell tower, as the 6am-ers try not to implode sitting in that bumper-to-bumper Bogotáian traffic (side note, cannot wait to see Michelle’s handling of this situation).

Further Findings:

  • Leo & Alana: Emerald
  • Kaylynn & Hayley: Golden Raft
  • Jerry & Frank: Golden Raft
  • Kellie & LaVonne: Golden Raft
  • Michelle & Victoria: Golden Raft

Bearded bros, Riley & Maddison, are the first team to deliver their finding and receive the next clue successfully. Additionally, well played with Professor Fake Out, TAR, well played.

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Proceed to Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos

Teams must make their way by taxi to Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos and search for their first clue. This will be the first opportunity for teams to yield or be yielded!

As Riley & Maddison make their way to Escuela Nacional Circo Para Todos, teams begin to deliver their findings:


  • Hung & Chee
  • DeAngelo & Gary

Leaders Riley & Maddison have somehow misplaced their taxi, seeing DeAngelo and Gary leapfrog them into first place, well, leapfrog into inevitable traffic at least.

Hurdlers Kellie and LaVonne and sisters Kaylynn and Hayley continue their writhes with their respective taxi drivers en route to their deliveries.

Further Deliveries:

  • Eswar & Aparna: Emerald
  • Will & James: Emerald

DeAngelo and Gary, followed closely behind by Hung & Chee, arrive at the Yield with both teams deciding not to yield anyone yet as to not to upset the applecart (boring!) and receive their next clue.


Who Feels Like Clowning Around?

One team member must join a group of circus students and enter the Wheel of Death, followed by delivering (enough of these damn deliveries, Phil!) a tray of glasses and wine bottles while walking along a tightrope.

DeAngelo and Hung opt-in and get clowned, with DeAngelo saying, “red lipstick is not my color!” (hey, that’s the episode title).

Meanwhile, back in the city center, we have:

Further Deliveries:

  • Michelle & Victoria: Golden Raft
  • Leo & Alana: Emerald

Riley & Maddison make their way past the Yield and into the circus, with Riley opting to partake in the Road Block for the brothers. DeAngelo successfully graduates from circus school, as he and Gary are the first ones to receive the next clue.


Proceed to Carrera 26 #10-03 Bogotá

Teams must make their way by taxi to above, where they will receive their next clue.

As DeAngelo & Gary depart, Will & James arrive at the Road Block. When debating on who shall partake in the task, Will, without hesitation, demands James to “DO IT, DO IT!”. As per the last episode, James compliments Will on his dancing prowess and insists that WILL joins the circus. Will begrudgingly relinquishes.

(further further) Further Deliveries:

  • Jerry & Frank: Golden Raft
  • Kellie & LaVonne: Golden Raft
  • Kaylynn & Hayley: Golden Raft

Back at the Road Block, we see Riley conquer his fear of heights and complete the tightrope, along with Will-the-dancer making short work of the task.

NFLers DeAngelo & Gary are the fist to arrive to Carrera 26 #10-03 Bogotá.


Customize a Volqueta

Mirroring a model truck at the yard, teams must customize a truck with their given décor, with the critical decoration being a hidden horn that they must attach to the front of the vehicle.

Unintentional comedy moment of the episode: Hung arriving at the truck yard in her full clown regalia.

Meanwhile, back at the Road Block, Aparna crosses the tightrope, with Michelle & Victoria (come on, Michelle, use the YIELD!) arriving, with Victoria electing to join the circus.

Riley & Maddison, along with Will & James, have now arrived at the truck yard, looking to gain on a clowned-up Hung & regular-clothed Chee, and DeAngelo & Gary.

Quote of the night contender: (personifying their truck) “This is Claudia, she likes to dance…” – Will

Still yet to arrive at the circus are the last two teams, Kellie & LaVonne, and sisters Kaylynn & Hayley, with the sisters contemplating using their yield should the opportunity arise.

At the Road Block, we see hardly-seen-this-episode, Leo & Alana, arrive, along with Jerry & Frank. Victoria completes the Road Block (certainly part of Michelle wanted Victoria to fall, just a little). Alana is the first contestant we see struggle with the Road Block, dropping the wine bottle multiple times, attempting to cross the tightrope, seeing Frank overtake her.

From the remaining two teams, it’s the sisters who arrive at the Yield; choosing NOT to yield the hurdlers could be a costly mistake. The hurdlers finally arrive at the Road Block, while Alana successfully crosses sans bottle drop.

At the yard, it’s Hung & Chee who are first awarded their next clue.

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Go to Pit Stop

The second Pit Stop of the season finds teams racing to Parque Nacional Enrique Olaya Herrera. The last team to arrive… MAY be eliminated.

As Hung & Chee dash out of the yard, it’s the NFLers who are next to complete the task.

It’s Hayley donning the clown attire for the sisters at the Road Block, while LaVonne takes part for the hurdlers. Both women complete the Road Block with relative ease and make their way to the truck yard.

Hung & Chee, and DeAngelo & Gary vie for first place, seeing last leg’s leaders, Hung & Chee coming out on top.

  • Team Number 1: Hung & Chee (Last Week: 1st)
  • Team Number 2: DeAngelo (trying to out-backflip the mat greeter) & Gary (LW: 10TH)

Back at the yard, teams continue to fail with the horn, with teams being declined clues upon vehicle inspection. James insisting yet failing that he and Will re-read the clue. Riley & Maddison are the third team to complete the task, followed by Eswar & Aparna, and Michelle & Victoria, with Will & James still wondering how their truck is being overlooked. With all teams now at the yard, a lack of attention to clue detail could lead to a dicey finish.

Despite trying to deem their truck sexy, Alana & Leo are unsuccessful upon their inspection. Will retrieves their clue and realizes the missing ingredient, THE HORN (I type this in bold as Will & James say this loudly, leading to Alana & Leo hearing and deciphering what they too must do). Both teams receive inspection; however, only Will & James are given the go-ahead and make their way to the Pit Stop.

Quote of the night: “There is one detail we missed, reading the clue.” – Will

  • Team Number 3: Riley & Maddison (LW: 3RD)
  • Team Number 4: Eswar & Aparna (LW: 7th)
  • Team Number 5: Michelle & Victoria (LW: 2nd)

The four teams remaining at the yard are nervously awaiting approval for their decorating skills, as all four don’t have a clue (metaphorically and literally).

  • Team Number 6: Will & James (LW: 4th)

Alana & Leo are next in line for inspection at the yard and are successful as they receive their next clue, apologizing for wasting the judge’s time, as well as lending Kaylynn & Hayley a helping horn hand along the way.

All three remaining teams at this point are aware of their wrongdoings and frantically look to right their wrongs to receive their next clue, seeing Kaylynn & Hayley receive theirs first, followed by Jerry & Frank, and finally Kellie & LaVonne.

  • Team Number 7: Leo & Alana (LW: 6th)

In the blasted Bogotáian traffic, the last three teams weigh up their chances, with the sisters noting that they may have to be in a foot race with Olympic hurdlers Kellie & LaVonne (my money is not on the sisters). Avoiding said dreaded sprint with the Olympians, the next team to arrive at the Pit Stop is:

  • Team Number 8: Kaylynn & Hayley (LW: 8th). Phil making note that the sisters received a huge helping hand from Leo & Alana at the yard, with the sister saying they owe the couple their lives… let’s see how this plays out, as loyalty to someone you’ve known for less than a week usually doesn’t go far.

In a tense finish between the last two remaining teams, we ultimately see:

  • Team Number 9: Jerry & Frank (LW :5th)
  • Last Team to Arrive: Kellie & LaVonne (LW: 9th)

Sadly, as per Nathan & Cody, Kellie & LaVonne were eliminated from The Race. I loved the casting of these two women. They had an interesting backstory, both of whom were full of character and heart, which was showcased through their final combined words of “…we even hugged liked four times – YES, and we never hug!” Kellie & LaVonne are hopefully a positive trend in casting diversity. Also, it was refreshing to see an all-female team getting much of the air time.

Next stop: The Amazon AND a dreaded Double U-Turn.

Power Rankings Based on Placement Average:

  1. Hung & Chee (1)
  2. Riley & Maddison (3)
  3. Michelle & Victoria (3.5)
  4. Will & James (5)
  5. Eswar & Aparna (5.5)
  6. DeAngelo & Gary (6)
  7. Leo & Alana (6.5)
  8. Jerry & Frank (7)
  9. Kaylynn & Hayley (8)

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