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Episode 10 Recap – The Worst-Case Scenario

Who was evicted?

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Well, the week is over, and the event everyone’s been dreading has finally happened. Janelle and Kaysar are on the block together, with no other means of saving themselves. With neither of them being saved by the Veto, one of them is officially guaranteed to go home. 

After the Veto ceremony, Janelle and Kaysar realize that they both have to begin campaigning to stay in the house. For his part, Kaysar knows that since the majority seems to favor evicting Janelle, his best bet is to continue talking game with houseguests in hopes of increasing his longevity in the game. He doesn’t want to campaign against Janelle, but he can certainly campaign for himself. 

Meanwhile, Tyler comes to a realization as well, getting rid of Janelle, the biggest threat in the game, will only increase his own threat level to other houseguests. He nominated Janelle and Kaysar because it was best for The Committee alliance, but it may not have been what was best for him individually. He’s right, but then again, hindsight is always 20/20. 

As the nominees begin their fight for votes, the rest of the house weighs their options. Kevin and Christmas momentarily discuss the merits of keeping Janelle over Kaysar. The Slick Six (basically Tyler, Cody, and Dani’s back up alliance) are split. The consensus seems to be to evict Janelle, but Bayleigh and Da’Vonne secretly want her to stay. They bring up the fact that Janelle leaving will mean that three women have left consecutively. Despite this, the rest of the Slick Six decides it doesn’t matter because the plan is to eliminate whoever stays the following week. 

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That seems to be the final say on the matter, but Janelle is not going down without a fight. She begins her own campaign trail to save herself. There’s a montage of her pitching to Memphis, Da’Vonne, Kevin, Bayleigh, and Dani, with varying levels of success. In a confessional afterward, Dani states that keeping Janelle is “never going to happen” unless she can convince a big player like Cody to keep her. I’m not sure why anyone needs Cody’s permission to vote a certain way, but that seems to be the state of the game right now. However, Janelle does campaign to Cody and even offers her wedding ring to him as collateral to show how serious she is about working with him. 

Whether or not the gesture actually made him reconsider his vote is up for debate. What isn’t up for debate is that the moment that could have potentially sunk Tyler’s game didn’t come from Janelle or Kaysar. It came from David, who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut. First, he reveals to Bayleigh that Tyler and Cody told him Da’Vonne tried to flip the votes against him last week. He then brings the same information to Da’Vonne, who is understandably upset, especially since she risked her game for him last week. Finally, David tells Tyler that he accidentally told Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Now Tyler is worried about where he stands, especially since they are about to go into a HOH competition that he can’t compete in. 

Tyler tells Cody about David throwing them under the bus, and both of them are aggravated at David for making such a rookie mistake. While the past few weeks have proven that David is indeed a rookie both in status and in gameplay, I’m going to let it slide for right now. Not because I have any faith in David as a player, but because it was one of the only major events that happened this week that wasn’t bashing Janelle. 

Speaking of Janelle, her dress at the eviction ceremony is stunning (not that we expected anything less of her). In their final speeches, both Janelle and Kaysar give fairly generic pleas asking that players vote to keep them. In a final vote of 9-2, Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house. In case anyone’s wondering, it really hurts to type that out. The only two to vote to keep her are Enzo (most likely in a repeat of what he did last week) and Dani (who probably wants to place the blame of the stray vote on someone else).

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In her final interview, Julie Chen sings Janelle’s praises as a legendary Big Brother player, hinting to her that her fans are incredibly upset at her eviction (we are). Like last week, Julie reveals the members of The Commission alliance, which includes Memphis, someone Janelle thought was working with her. She congratulates Memphis for fooling her but is worried that Kaysar will continue to trust him and damage his game even further. Kaysar promises in his goodbye message that he will avenge her in the game, so perhaps some justice will be served soon. 

The episode concludes with the HOH competition, which will be played in multiple rounds. Split into two groups of six, houseguests will roll three balls up a ramp and try to get them into a slot. The first three to complete the challenge from each group will advance to the final round, and the HOH will be crowned from there. We won’t know who the HOH is until Sunday (or sooner if you watch the live feeds), but I think it’s safe to say we are all hoping for a much-needed shake-up in the game. Something’s gotta give. 

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