Australian Survivor Pre-Season Poll

Australian Survivor is just around the corner and it’s time to pick a pre-season fave!

On Sunday, August 21st, twenty-four fresh-faced Aussie castaways will burst onto television screens in Channel TEN’s brand new Australian Survivor. But before we get to see them in action out on the islands of Samoa, Inside Survivor is letting you vote on your pre-season favorite based on nothing more than cast photos and short bios.

Check out the full cast here and vote below.

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  • Anonymous

    Its between Sam & Phoebe for me. I ultimately voted for Phoebe just because of one Sam’s confessionals in one of the trailers. Honorable mentions are Des and Bianca.

    • Anonymous

      Phoebe seems to have it in the bag. I’m a huge Survivor fan and I’m thinking this girl has got game. Excited to watch her pull some big moves!

  • Mandy


  • teamtv

    Played against Andrew in an ORG once. Know that he’s a super fan of Survivor.

    • Anonymous

      Which ORG?

  • Leifs box

    Team Andrew FTW!!

  • Anonymous

    Go get ’em Andy!

  • Anonymous

    Andrew – he’s a huge super fan of the show and is an awesome guy, shame they’re not showing him more.

  • Anonymous

    Go Andy!

  • Richard

    Andrew, looks like he actually wants to play the game not just get famous.

  • J

    oh my gosh. When I saw the name “Flick” on your diagram, I thought it said F*ck and not Flick. Lol.