Australian Survivor Cast Revealed

The 24 castaways for the brand new series of Network Ten’s Australian Survivor are revealed.

It’s been a busy week for Australian Survivor news. First, we got a look at the rumored buffs and tribe names, and then Network Ten released a sneak peek trailer of the series. But today comes the biggest news so far – the reveal of the brand new Australian Survivor cast. The Herald Sun have announced the 24 Aussie castaways that will be taking part in the 55-day adventure on the islands of Samoa. Check out the profiles below.

Andrew_LargeName: Andrew Torrens | Location: Brisbane | Age: 28 | Occupation: Marketing Expert

Barry_LargeName: Barry Lea | Location: Cairns | Age: 43 | Occupation: Former Professional Rugby Player

Name: Bianca Anderson | Location: Melbourne | Age: 36 | Occupation: Private Investigator

Name: Brooke Jowett | Location: Melbourne | Age: 23 | Occupation: Sales Executive

Conner_LargeName: Conner Bethune | Location: Canberra | Age: 22 | Occupation: Law Student

 Craig_LargeName: Craig I’Anson | Location: Brisbane | Age: 32 | Occupation: Recruitment Officer

 Des_LargeName: Des Quilty | Location: Brisbane | Age: 59 | Occupation: Courier Driver

El_LargeName: Elena “El” Rowland | Location: Brisbane | Age: 33 | Occupation: Army Corporal

Evan_LargeName: Evan Jones | Location: Melbourne | Age: 30 | Occupation: High School Teacher

Flick_LargeName: Felicity “Flick” Egginton| Location: Gold Coast | Age: 23 | Occupation: Personal Assistant and Bartender

Jennah_LargeName: Jennah-Louise Salkeld | Location: Gold Coast | Age: 27 | Occupation: Law Graduate

Kate_LargeName: Kate Campbell| Location: Perth | Age: 28 | Occupation: Financial Analyst

Kat_LargeName: Katherine “Kat” Dumont | Location: Perth | Age: 26 | Occupation: Partnerships and Brand Manager

Kristie_LargeName: Kristie Bennett | Location: Sydney | Age: 24 | Occupation: Senior Account Executive

Kylie_LargeName: Kylie Evans | Location: Melbourne | Age: 38 | Occupation: Firefighter

Lee_LargeName: Lee Carseldine| Location: Brisbane | Age: 40 | Occupation: Former Pro Cricketer

Matt_LargeName: Matt Tarrant | Location: Adelaide | Age: 29 | Occupation: Magician

Nik_LargeName: Nick Iadanza | Location: Adelaide | Age: 28 | Occupation: High School Teacher

Peter_LargeName: Peter Fiegehen | Location: Canberra | Age: 62 | Occupation: Air Traffic Controller

Phoebe_LargeName: Phoebe Timmins | Location: Sydney | Age: 27 | Occupation: Criminal Lawyer

Rohan_LargeName: Rohan Maclaren | Location: Melbourne | Age: 28 | Occupation: Model

Sam_LargeName: Sam Webb | Location: Sydney | Age: 28 | Occupation: Charity CEO

Susan_LargeName: Sue Clarke | Location: Perth | Age: 59 | Occupation: Personal Trainer and Retired Customs Officer

Tegan_LargeName: Tegan Haining | Location: Sydney | Age: 33 | Occupation: Personal Trainer and Model


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35 responses to “Australian Survivor Cast Revealed”

    • To be fair, Australia’s population is 92% white. Naturally it should be expected that the cast would be overwhelmingly comprised of white people. What is it with people obsessing over race on Survivor?

  1. I gotta ask: why, as an American, would I care about Australian Survivor when we can not watch it in the United States? I find it unfair & unacceptable that other countries (Australia, Canada, UK, etc.) get US programming (for example, our versions of Survivor & Big Brother) but we can not get/watch there versions of such programing! If we in the Streets can not watch there versions then they should not be able to get ours!

    • I live in the UK and we don’t get any Survivor, but I still find a way. We’ll post nearer to airing how international viewers can watch. 🙂

      • Well, that doesn’t tell me anything about your UK version of Big Brother that I have been trying to get. Didn’t I indicate I was/am talking about BOTH Survivor & Big Brother?

        • In the UK we don’t get Big Brother USA or Survivor USA or Survivor Australia or a bunch of other shows. But I find most either on YouTube or other streaming websites, or you can download them. You can do the same for international versions of Big Brother and Survivor. 🙂

          • Martin you’re too nice. I would’ve just told this angry whiner to google how to watch and stop complaining. Lol.

        • Im In the UK & no we dont get your versions of Big Brother & survivor we have to find other ways to watch IE downloading them etc

        • You can actually watch BBUK via YouTube. Don’t freak out you’ll get to watch Survivor AU. In fact, I would say it might be harder to watch US TV shows abroad than the other way round. I’m french and I know what I’m talking about 🙂

          • Newsflash: not everyone watches YouTube….I hardly ever & the few times I have searched it I’ve never found anything!

      • TenPlay is the official streaming site for channel 10… so with a vpn service like hola you should be able to get around it

        • I have already tried TenPlay & it doesn’t work as all I have ever gotten are error messages telling me that the content is not available in my region/country (as I had clearly stated in my original posting)….as a matter a fact, I have actually emailed Ten only to be told that there programming is not available outside of Australia – so anyone that is telling me I am not “looking hard enough” are full of crap!

    • Are you being serious?! There’s no Survivor on Polish TV yet I have seen every season. It’s 2016, there’s always a way 🙂

        • Maybe you’re just not very computer-conscious, lol?
          There are streams and torrents everywhere, it’s 2016, how have you never come across them?

          • Well, I hate to burst your bubble but every time I’ve looked for streams I haven’t found any….all I have gotten is error messages saying the content is not available in my region/country. As far as torrents, I know nothing whatsoever about that at all so that means nothing to me.

    • As an Australian I don’t care about your whinging about not being able to see it. Blame the US networks, they would not lower themselves that far to accept an inferior brand of Big Brother and Survivor. Give me the Australian version of Big Brother anyday. Instead of whinging how unfortunate you are, there are other ways to see it apart from relying on TV networks.

      • Well, if I can’t watch it I don’t want to even know about it! Heck, why is this cast even posted here anyway? I have never seen anything about any other international version of Survivor but all of the sudden all of this Australian Survivor stuff starts showing up! Why the [new] Australian version when no other international version has ever been posted? What sense does that even make? The fact of the matter is if I can’t watch it why am I seeing so much about it?

        • It might come as a shock to you, but this website is worldwide and it has a lot of visitors from Australia. We have posted about other international versions of Survivor before (New Zealand, Romania), but the reason we have a lot of coverage of Australian Survivor is because it has a lot of hype, and many of the people working on the show have previously worked on the US version. Many fans of the US Survivor will likely be watching the Australian version (whether via a VPN, YouTube, DailyMotion, torrents or a hundred other ways), and so that is why we are giving it more coverage.

          If you don’t want to read about it you don’t have to. Just don’t click on the article. 🙂

          • You miss my point….I am not trying to be a jerk so let me explain. You say you’ve posted about other international versions & list New Zealand & Romania but I only counted 1 about Romania, 2 about New Zealand & 9 about Australia. My point is this: with all of the searching I have already done myself for international versions I have not been able to find any yet I’ve noticed how popular the US version is in all these other countries but I have not been able to find any international versions & I don’t think that’s right. Let me ask you this though: everyone keeps saying I’m not looking hard enough but how do they even know how hard I’ve been looking? They have no idea so I do not appreciate them assuming things (you know what “assume” means, right….I’ll leave it at that). Yet when I have tried emailing all of the networks the shows air on in their local countries every single network tells me there programming is not available outside of their own countries? Care to explain that? I made a simple rant & everyone jumps up my ass not knowing the whole story yet I’m the bad guy for even saying anything….it’s bullsht!

          • That’s because Survivor New Zealand and Romania haven’t started yet and there is very little information out there. Whereas there is lots of Australian Survivor info, hence more coverage.

            It is useless emailing the official networks because of course they are going to tell you their programming isn’t available outside of their own country. I would get the same response if I emailed CBS and asked how can I watch Survivor in the UK. It’s all about licensing; most networks don’t have the legal licenses to air these shows outside of their country. You have to use “other means”, which yes, means streaming or downloading. For example, if you Google “Survivor UK Episode 1 stream” a bunch of links will come up. I’m sure when Australian Survivor starts it will be easy to find it somewhere. 🙂

        • The reason it isn’t on in the US is none of the US channels have decided to buy it. Take it up with them.
          The reason people are being vague about how we find the US one from abroad (as we keep telling you it isn’t on tv in most of our countries) is because they are not necessarily on the up and up but they are very easy to find. Literally the day after it;s on in Australia google “watch Australian Survivor online” or “Watch Survivor Au online”. There will be numerous websites and if that’s not easy enough for you google “how to watch tv shows online free” and you’ll find some websites that will act as guides.
          Your anger is really misplaced on this fan website for Survivor, it’s Martin’s fault you can’t find stuff.

    • Stop whining. I live in Switzerland and Survivor US and Big Brother US is not shown here. Be grateful that you can watch those on TV. Search through the internet and you will find at least 20 different websites were you can stream Survivor.

  2. By examining the promo video, I can place all the men in tribes… the women are more difficult.

    Three tribes: red (Aganoa), blue (Saanapu), yellow (?)

    RED: Bianca, Elena, Kristie, Phoebe / Evan, Lee, Peter, Rohan
    BLUE: Brooke, Kylie / Connor, Des, Matt, Sam
    YELLOW: Jennah, Kate, Sue / Andrew, Barry, Craig, Nick

    No footage/unknown: Felicity, Katherine, Tegan

    ywia 🙂

  3. Looking at this cast really frustrates me that I wasn’t selected. There’s really only 2 or 3 people who clearly are clued into how to play this game and I could’ve easily Richard Hatch-ed my way to the end.
    There’s no way I could do that with an American cast because they’re all too clued in to the game these days!

    My prediction: this season will suck, but I’ll still watch it.

    • I guess it makes sense, did you seem too knowledgeable? Either they want to emphasis the survival aspect or they want the game to evolve naturally. Having someone who is too much of a super fan could make it less interesting to watch I guess.

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