Update: Fiji Flight Situation, Survivor Season 42

Survivor looks to be going ahead as planned.

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Last week, the Fijian government announced it was extending its ban on all international passenger flights due to a recent rise in COVID-19 cases, seemingly putting the filming of Survivor‘s forty-second season in jeopardy. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I want to be clear with everyone: Fiji suspended all international passenger flights from all countries on the 22nd of April,” said Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr. James Fong. “We are not labelling countries as high-risk or low-risk—we simply are not taking passengers from any countries at all.”

He continued: “Our quarantine capacity has been directed entirely dedicated towards contacts of local cases in Fiji… We need a much firmer grasp on this outbreak before considering reopening international passenger travel.”

However, despite our initial reports, it appears that the season 42 cast was able to make it to Fiji to begin the government-mandated 14-day quarantine. Inside Survivor sources tell us that filming is expected to commence this coming weekend. We also received emails from Fijian locals reporting that certain passenger flights have still been operating.

As with season 41, which wrapped up filming earlier this week, season 42 is expected to be a shortened game, somewhere between 26-29 days.

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12 responses to “Update: Fiji Flight Situation, Survivor Season 42”

  1. Really disappointed about the shortening of the game. 26-29 days feels rookie compared to the standard 39 and I can’t quite grasp why they have shortened it.

    • It shouldn’t feel any different to us though, just to the players. Survivor South Africa Champions was 27 days and 18 episodes, and the game felt longer than an American season. S41 will still be 14 episodes.

    • it’s to squeeze in 2 seasons this year. don’t you worry my friend, an accelerated game might be just what the doctor ordered 😉

  2. Fiji is having its first covid19 serious outbreak and you only care about a sitcom TV show. If it gets worse then the survivors will be those that don’t get covid.

    • As a “die hard” survivor fan I am eagerly awaiting my next fix but that doesn’t mean I don’t take Corona seriously and I also understand that if under the circumstances it can’t be filmed then I can completely understand the position of fiji and the well being of their citizens is absolutely more important. If I only get 1 season then it is what it is, if I don’t get any seasons then it is what it is. It will make me sad but other things are way more important and I will get over it and not blame anyone. Just like I’ve done for the last year I will get my fix from rewatching old season and continue to eagerly await when it is safe to film them. No show is worth putting people in danger or adding problems to a country trying to protect its people from a pandemic. But it does make me happy that they did get the 2nd group of contestants in and I eagerly await when they start to air. I appreciate the fajians who made these season possible and opened their country to so it could film, I appreciate the crew who have traveled far from home in these troubled times, I appreciate the contestants who took the risk of traveling, and I can’t wait to see what curve ball Jeff will throw at them this time

    • Well this is a Survivor-related post / website so yeah, it’s about this reality TV show, not a sitcom. Don’t know why you’re here complaining

  3. Why the shortened seasons? Does that mean a smaller cast or just a bunch of double tribal councils. It’s a terrible idea. The Voice has screwed with its formula and it’s terrible. Unless they go back to their regular formats, to purists like me, I won’t be able to take the competition seriously (well, as seriously as anyone should take reality television).

  4. Agreed to this. You can make an argument that the winner of these shortened seasons will have asterisks to their victories. It’s like playing an NBA game with only 3 quarters with it.

  5. They likely shortened these two seasons because everyone has to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, then followed by a few days of preshow production with interviews, pictures, physicals etc.. that would put the cast in Fiji about 18-20 days before they start filming. They likely didn’t want the cast in Fiji for over two months for both financial and the overall health of the cast, mental and physical. Maybe they’ll tie into the show the fact each cast member had been in isolation for two weeks and somehow blend it into the show as the reason for the shorter season.

  6. I hate the 26 days too but it is what it is and i hope they just have game talk no side stories pleeeeeeease for 41 i don’t think 41 will be up to par and will be a potential mess so hopefully 42 will make the adjustments also agree that the winners will have asteriks beside there name however i do a manage they will get slimmer rations but they wont endure the full 39 exhaustion days

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