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The Round-Up (Finale Week)

What went down in the final week?

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Each week, Gia and Garrett will round-up the week of Big Brother Canada 9 as they list their top moments in various important categories. This includes the most essential information, the most stand-out houseguests, and the key moments from the week.

Here, Gia and Garrett break down all the action from the final week, including who won it all!


Final Four Overview

HOH: Tychon

Gia: The Final 4 HOH competition was a close race between Tychon, Kiefer, and Tera. Players had to rely on fast reflexes and good memory as they guessed the contestant evicted a particular week after being shown the same week’s Veto players. In dramatic fashion perfectly fitting for this season, it all came down to the final question after the finalists were locked in a 2-2-2 tie.

Tychon was the first to buzz in and answer correctly, locking in the win. Not only did this win grant him a pass to the Final 3, but it also cemented his status as one of only a handful of North American players to reach the Final 3 without ever touching the block. With little options available to him, the newly-crowned HOH nominated Tera and Kiefer for eviction.

Veto: Tera, Breydon renom by default

Garrett: The Final 4 Veto is extremely powerful, more powerful than the HOH. Tera secured her safety and the power to evict either Breydon or Kiefer. The competition was slightly confusing in execution and involved a series of puzzles. Tera was the fastest and won the POV!

Eviction: Kiefer

Gia: The self-titled best Big Brother player ever left just short of the finale. It was no secret that Kiefer had to win out from the Final 4. He was the favorite to win with the jury, but everyone still in the house was aware. So, after he failed to secure the win for the HOH and the Veto, Tera chose to evict him with her sole vote. He had a fantastic run and was excellent representation during his time in the show. The extra 10k for his troubles certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Final 3 Overview

Final HOH

Garrett: The Final HOH, as usual, consisted of three parts. In part one, the houseguests transferred and stacked 60 discs, 5 at a time. The competition maxed out at 4 hours and went to sudden death, where they only needed to transfer and stack 40 discs. Breydon took home the win in part one.

In the second part, Tera and Tychon were asked a series of questions and had to knock down all numbers but the correct one. Tychon ultimately pulled out the win. In the final part, Breydon and Tychon took part in the classic A/B question comp about the jury. Tychon won and became the final HOH of the season. This meant that Tychon was never eligible for eviction all season long!!

Tychon vs. Breydon Final Two, Tychon Wins 6-1

Garrett: This final jury vote was monumental in several ways. First, Tychon and Breydon made history as the first all Black Final 2, with Tychon furthering it by becoming the first Black winner in the history of North American Big Brother (Celebrity Big Brother aside, love you Tamar). It was really enjoyable to see the new casting efforts pay off—special shout out to Arisa Cox, who has been the champion of the fans behind the scenes.

Additionally, Tychon’s win says a lot about the state of the show. The majority of the jury respected the cutthroat game that Tychon played. Hopefully, this will lead to more impressive gameplay in future seasons!

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Gia: While she was dismissed for a large portion of the season, Tera set herself up for quite the underdog story during the endgame. She was the HOH the week that Jedson was blindsided and then found herself the second victim of the fake double eviction. She won her way back in and secured her spot in the Final 3 by winning Veto.

By far her best move in the game, she cast the sole vote to evict Kiefer, the frontrunner to win. She had a good case to win had she made the Final 2. Sadly for her, she couldn’t win Part One or Part Two of the Final HOH competition, which all but confirmed that the duo of Tychon and Breydon would be our Season 9 finalists.


Garrett: I want to give massive props to Breydon for playing one hell of a game this season. Up against Tychon he wasn’t able to draw the jury votes, but I think he stood a greater chance against Tera. His under-the-radar social game kept him alive every week, but it seemed like the house largely saw him as a pawn they could use, which is really unfortunate. Breydon was a great character, and I’m glad he could take home second place.


Gia: “Based on first impressions, Tychon is here to win it all.” I wrote this when we did our Draft and Cast Assessment, and this statement has aged like a fine wine. My first draft pick, and the first pick overall, Tychon exceeded my already high expectations of him. He never touched the block and was the second person (and first Canadian) to never be in danger after he won the Final HOH comp. Even more impressive, he is the only person to achieve this in their first season.

Finally, he made history as the first Black contestant to win a civilian North American season. There is no question that Tychon has not only earned his win but also secured his status as one the best to ever play the game.

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Canada’s Favorite Player

Gia: For the first time ever, Canada had the chance to vote for their favorite player of the season. The player with the most votes would win the title of Canada’s Favorite Player and receive $10k for their time. As an American, I sadly couldn’t vote, but I’d say most were very pleased with the results when it was announced that Kiefer won the title and the money. My one note regarding the new addition would be to tell us the top three players next time, because what a great cast we had to highlight this season!

Garrett: Kiefer has been a central character of the entire season; it’s no wonder he was able to earn the win here. Kiefer’s personality and story made him incredibly likeable, even if the game brought out some arrogance at times. Representing Haida Gwaii was a large part of Kiefer’s story, and I’m really glad he was able to share his life with the audience. Let’s hope Kiefer is a step in the right direction for Indigenous representation in Big Brother.

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History is Made

Gia: Big Brother Canada 9 was a season filled with non-stop fun, epic blindsides, and numerous noteworthy contestants. Once Tychon evicted Tera, it was confirmed that we would finally get a Black winner, something that was never before achieved in a civilian season of Big Brother Canada or the United States. Considering the show’s history of racism and microaggressions, Tychon’s win holds a lot of weight as the show has begun to implement important changes.

It’s no coincidence that all of this was achieved on the franchise’s most diverse season ever, a creation of Arisa Cox’s own design. Tychon and Breydon were an excellent Final 2 to finish off an excellent season. I hope CBS has been taking notes for the upcoming US season because now we have a blueprint for what can be achieved when these new diversity initiatives are in full effect.

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