Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 12

It’s time once again for the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance Power Rankings. In Round 11, we had our first three-way tie, with Rob, Shawn, and Jacob all placing Joe in 8th place and therefore gaining 8 points a piece. Rob remains in the lead with 114 points overall, Shawn stays in second place with 108 points, and Jacob remains in third place with 106 points. Only two episodes left – who will come out on top this week?

The Rules

Each week our three Inside Survivor contributors will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three contributors will earn. For example, if Tasha is voted out in Episode 13, Rob would receive 3 points, Shawn would receive 5 points, and Jacob would receive 1 point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor Second Chance Power Rankings Champion.

RobPic ShawnPic JacobPic
Score: 114
Score: 108
Score: 106
KelleyPic KeithPic TashaPic
1. Last week was great for Kelley (although not so much in real life with all of the internet trolls). She won both challenges, she still has her idol, and she helped to create the women’s alliance. She’s in a really good position going into the end game. 1. Despite winning immunity last week, Keith will likely remain off of any/all radars. His vote for Tasha is indicative of his current understanding of what’s going on – he has no clue. Keith is succeeding because bigger targets keep presenting themselves.  Unless Keith royally screws up, he’ll be safe. 1. THIS IS HARD. Tasha is in a solid position because both Jeremy and Spencer have worked with her plenty and the rest of the girls want to bring Tasha in for an all-girl alliance (potentially). I don’t think anyone is targeting her.
SpencerPic KelleyPic JeremyPic
2. There is no way Spencer should have made it this far. He’s been a target for such a long time, and every time he manages to get out of it. He’s now sitting pretty in a final 3 deal AND he’s got great relationships with the remaining people. 2. Assuming a Final 3, there are two remaining chances for an idol to be played. If Kelley gets even the slightest bit of worry, she’ll be playing that idol. I see other girls being targeted before Kelley, so she should be safe without the idol. 2. And because Tasha has worked closely with Jeremy, if Jeremy were targeted, Tasha would probably end up letting him know be it verbally or via body language and Jeremy would pull out the idol. This has been a crazy couple of weeks for Jeremy.
JeremyPic JeremyPic KelleyPic
3. Jeremy’s playing a great game and he’s somehow keeping his name off the chopping block each week. His shield, Joe, was voted out last week, so he could be the next target, but he has his idol, and he will use it if he feels threatened. 3. Again, Jeremy has an idol. I think he’s the most vulnerable male in the game right now, but also has small relationships with everyone (except maybe Abi). I think that Jeremy will play his idol this week in an attempt to rock the boat, build his final tribal resume, and preserve his allies. 3. I have to assume Kelley would play her idol correctly. I also believe that Kelley would play her idol in retaliation to Jeremy’s idol, possibly resulting in a standstill.
TashaPic SpencerPic KeithPic
4. We finally get to see this week where Tasha fits in the end of this season. She made herself a final 3 deal with Jeremy & Spencer, and she’s *somewhat* involved in the girls alliance. Either way, she’s pretty safe for the time being. 4. Spencer locked up a three-person alliance with Jeremy and Tasha, but I think he’d be stupid to take either of them to the end. He should be able to maneuver through past this week, but he needs to remind everyone why other people are bigger targets. 4. If this plays out like I think it might, Keith is a swing vote. At the same time, perhaps the whole all-girl alliance thing will come to fruition and they will target Keith out of fear of a Jeremy or Spencer idol play. He could just be a casualty of war.
KimmiPic TashaPic SpencerPic
5. I’m not sure how long the women’s alliance will last, but if it does, Kimmi is in a great spot. Unfortunately for her, if her spot is blown up, she could be voted out by her former allies for turning on them. Either way, she’s made a vast improvement over her game in Australia and you can see that the time she’s been waiting to come back has done her a lot of good. 5. Tasha’s decision to inform Spencer and Jeremy about a potential girls alliance will either be the death of her game or a ticket to the final four. There are definite positive and negative aspects, but the final impact lies on the formation, or lack thereof, of a female alliance. Tasha’s “wishy-washy” approach to alliances of late will likely be her demise. In other words, they can’t get a female alliance together because Tasha sucks. 5. If Spencer and Jeremy can’t rope in Keith and Tasha with certainty, either of them could be voted out. The difference is Jeremy’s idol. Honestly, I think Spencer needs to kick ass at this week’s immunity challenge.
KeithPic AbiPic AbiPic
6. Keith lost his closest ally last week, and I fear that we’re getting to the point where Keith is going to be seen as the biggest remaining social/physical threat. He outlasted Joey Amazing in an endurance competition, and he’s still one of the most likeable people left. 6. Abi had a far better episode than how she was portrayed. Abi was apparently playing up the whole “I’m going home” act.  Looking forward, Abi is still someone that could be perceived as a goat. If Abi spins it right, however, she could have one of the biggest cases for the million. 6. Abi may be a goat, but she’s still a close ally to Kelley. There are a million reasons to get Abi off that island, but the most strategic is to take away Kelley’s extra number in case Kelley herself can’t be targeted.
AbiPic KimmiPic KimmiPic
7. It’s getting close to the time that Abi was voted out in Philippines, and we could see her voted out right before the end again. Both seasons, she made it through as the goat, and I can see a repeat of the “deserving” people getting rid of her so she doesn’t make it to the end over one of them. 7. What didn’t work for Monica was a good enough idea for Kimmi to entertain – a female alliance. This is honestly the best strategy and route to the final tribal for Kimmi, but forming the alliance somewhat backfired. Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy formally aligned with each other, leaving Kimmi without the security of old Bayon.  Everyone now has someone they’re close with and Kimmi is seemingly left alone…. then there is Keith doing his own thing. 7. Back on expanded Bayon, Monica gave a brief confessional about a potential all-girl alliance. I predicted how this would backfire in the next episode back then, and I will do the same now. Kimmi had a brief confessional about an all-girl alliance but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Tasha already talked to Jeremy and Spencer about it and I’m sure Keith will be more than happy to try and stomp that plan out early.

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3 responses to “Survivor: Cambodia Power Rankings Round 12”

  1. For me Abi its not a goat, i think she has done well in the game she was the target since the begining so she has survive a lot of things, she is still there for a reason, honestly if she gets to the end she may have a shot at winning.

    • Sure, but this is going to be entirely contingent on who she is sitting next to at the end. The only real chance Abi-Maria has is to get to the final tribal council with Keith and Kimmi. In order for this to happen though, one (or more) of these three players is going to have to start making strategic plays to eliminate Jeremy, Kelley and Spencer. Could Abi-Maria be this person? Possibly. But I haven’t seen much active strategy from her yet. She has been primarily a reactive, emotional player who wants to vote off people she doesn’t like. (In her mind, I’m sure she thinks she has been playing a good game – after all, she is still there. But most of the time, she has been used as a vote by other more strategic players.) At this point, Kelley is the only person who should want Abi-Maria to stay in the game (in terms of loyalty). But you know others are going to try to keep her around as well – probably to the detriment of their own game. This is what I like about Abi-Maria the most: if she is a goat, she is an explosive one, ready to blow things up at any point.

  2. If we end up with a Jeremy/Kelley face-off at tribal council, with both playing their idols, a second vote would most likely target another key player: I’m going to guess either Spencer (for the women’s alliance) or Abi-Maria (for the men’s). I would still think that UTR players like Keith or Kimmi will be okay for another episode – it’s really going to depend on how unified the two core alliances are, b/c Keith or Kimmi should only be the victim of a stray bullet if the first round of voting is not cohesive. No matter which way you try to split things though: it should be a very interesting episode and tribal council!

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