Survivor Season 36 Title Revealed

Inside Survivor reveals the new title for Season 36 of Survivor.

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Inside Survivor recently revealed the title and theme for Season 35 – Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers – which was confirmed during the Survivor: Game Changers live reunion show. But now we have some intel on Season 36 which is currently filming in Fiji and is scheduled to air Spring 2018. If you thought Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers sounded ridiculous, you haven’t heard anything yet.

We can reveal that the rumored title for Survivor Season 36 will be Survivor: Ghost Island and will feature twenty all-new players. Personally, I’d have gone with Ghosts vs. Ghouls vs. Goblins.

Despite sounding like the title of a PC adventure game from the 1990s, Ghost Island is, in fact, the haunting new title for the thirty-sixth edition of Survivor. What to expect from the theme? The details are unclear at the minute, but we will update once we have more information.

Will it be a game-related twist similar to Exile Island or Redemption Island? Or maybe it will be based around the idea of “ghosts of Survivor past,” a sort of “flashback” season, perhaps channeling elements from previous years (old twists and challenges, etc.)? Or perhaps Jeff Probst has become a necromancer and has literally raised the dead to compete for $1 million?

UPDATE 06/14/17: Inside Survivor understands that Ghost Island will be more similar to Exile Island (but with a twist) than Redemption Island. It will be a separate location castaways are sent to throughout the game for short periods of time. It WILL NOT be a “ghost tribe” like the abandoned Season 30 version where eliminated players wait for a chance to reenter the game.

UPDATE 08/18/17: In a further update on the Ghost Island concept, Inside Survivor understands that Ghost Island will be populated with advantages from past seasons. These advantages are said to be ones associated with past mistakes, such as Erik Reichenbach’s Immunity Necklace and James Clement’s two Hidden Immunity Idols. It’s unclear at this moment whether all the advantages will be located on Ghost Island at the same time nor is it clear if/how a castaway will be able to utilize these advantages.

Ghost Island is the latest in a number of theme-based titles which have become a common Survivor trend in recent years. You have to go back as far as 2012 for a season named solely for its location, that being Survivor: Philippines. Since 2012, each subsequent season has featured a theme-based title or subtitle, whether that be Worlds Apart, Second Chance, or the multiple editions of Blood vs. Water and Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty.


With all four recent seasons filming in Fiji, it obviously limited the use of location-based titles; Survivor: Game Changers being the only one to include the name of the region in its logo (Mamanuca Islands), although the subtitle was never used within the show itself. The other three seasons – Millennials vs. Gen X, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, and now, Ghost Island – are all strictly named after their theme.

What do you think about the new title? More ridiculous than Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? What do you think the theme means? And what crazy theme will they think up next?!

Header Photo: CJ Isherwood via Compfight cc


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30 responses to “Survivor Season 36 Title Revealed”

  1. There was a twist done in french survivor called the black vote, every person voted out get to cast a secret vote against someone still in the game and at a certain tribal council all these votes are read. for some reason i think that might be that twist i don’t know why.

    • Cool idea, though I already see this enraging us fans when a great player who blindsided some people gets voted out by people… NOT in the game…
      And this would work better as a secret twist imo, so then there would have to be some public twist for Probst to reveal to the cast members.

    • Just to clarify, the “Black vote” is always read at the NEXT tribal council the tribe goes to. It’s a chance at revenge. Unfortunately, it was very rarely accounted for in the french version (they don’t like strategy !)

  2. I like the title it sounds pretty cool I hope it is an exile island season they need to bring that back it was really cool but maybe its a season where if you go to Ghost Island you have to face someone who was voted out? or a past challenge something along those lines

    • I think it would be a fun season if they had to go to Ghost Island and compete against some of the best previous players in an extreme endurance challenge. Something that’s harder than holding onto a big pole (not that I’ve ever done that) but just saying. Something that involves heart, shows who wants it more!

  3. I’m actually intrigued by this title. It totally sounds like a video game name, and I thought that before even reading your opinion lol, but at least it’s not too long like S35’s title. Plus, the possibility of Ghost Island being some kind of twist excites me!

  4. My guess would be a lot of skulls this season, more then the original Fiji haha
    But really I think it MIGHT be just a plain season, no real theme/tribe division, no returning players… That would be nice considering the last one of those was Samoa which will have been 17 seasons prior to S36. But I’ve actually read up on a bunch about Fiji and surprisingly enough there were several ghost stories floating around so I could see this being a very fun season.

  5. I was expecting Fans vs. Favorites 3
    I think Ghost island might refer to something like voted out players leave an effect on the game like “ghosts”
    As for the theme I don’t judge on the theme. As long as it is a good season I don’t care what they call it

  6. I think I’ve seen every twist imaginable by watching the Dutch Expedition Robinson. I always liked the black vote for last in the immunity challenge or give the contestants all votes to use freely after the merge. There are so much great twists they still didn’t try.

  7. Maybe it’ll work like what happened with Debbie where she was able to get an advantage in the game after being exiled. The person is exiled and becomes a “ghost” but will come back and strike fear into their opponents because they’ll have an advantage unknown to anyone else. Just a theory, but it’s sort of how exile island was born in the first place.

  8. Maybe voted out players are able to send idols and advantages to players still in the game?

  9. I think there’s a big chance that Ghost island will be like the exile of Debbie. Instead of Chocran waiting there will be a eliminated castway just to mess with the game. It can be very interesting.

  10. Wasn’t this the format for the Philippine Survivor?

    IIRC, it is redemption island, but the castaways don’t know about it. It’s invisible, hence the ghost. At the merge a player reentered the game and “renamimated” and the game castaways didn’t know the battle had been going out of view from the start.

  11. Actually Survivor season 29 in 2014’s title was named for it’s location, San Juan Del Sur. Also, even though most of those seasons had themes, seasons 26, 28 and 31 went by location names first. Caramoan, Cagayan and Cambodia.

  12. In the end, both Survivor 35 and 36 will be great or crap becuase of the cast, though i am sick of all the Advantages

  13. I love the idea! I think survivor is trying to incorporating themes into seasons now without necessarily basing the tribes on the theme which is new and exciting. A great middle ground between going a little old school but also keeping us on our feet.

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