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Player of the Season (Results)

Who did you vote as Player of the Season?

Throughout Survivor: Game Changers we have been running a Player of the Week poll after each episode. However, last Monday, we opened up a fan poll for Inside Survivor readers to vote on their Player of the Season. We asked the fans who impressed them the most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance during the season?

Readers were able to vote on any of the 20 castaways that participated on the season. Over 2,600 people voted, with the winner receiving 846 of those votes.

With 32.13% of the vote (846 votes), the Inside Survivor Player of the Season is…


Sarah Lacina, the winner of Survivor: Game Changers, finished in second place with 28.79%, while two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine finished in third with 12.34%.

The full results are below:

Who was your Player of the Season?

Thanks for taking part in the poll each week. Stay tuned to Inside Survivor during the off-season for all the latest Survivor news and features.


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4 responses to “Player of the Season (Results)”

  1. I disagree I don’t think she deserves it and the fact that Sandra got third shows that this is more of a popularity contest then who played better

  2. I would say Ozzy, Tony and JT also came in with bigger targets then her. And you say she went out because of bad luck, It was pure luck that she didn’t go home premerge the fact that she was always on a strong tribe saved her. And when it came merge her target shrank because she is not a threat she can’t win a challenge so everyone knows we can take her out right before final tribal. I agree with you that had she been at final tribal she would have won. But I think the chances of that happening were nill cause she would have been voted out.
    I don’t believe Ozzy or Sarah were actually considering keeping Sandra.
    I don’t think Jeremy’s target was that big coming into the game.
    As for Brad he is a former football player he has fans

  3. Agreed I didn’t even vote for Ozzy or Malcolm I voted Sarah cause I thought she played the best. I don’t even like Sarah

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