Rumor: Australian Survivor Planning Heroes vs. Villains Season

Aussie Survivor is brining back a popular theme.

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Australian Survivor is gearing up for its eighth season and is putting its own spin on one of Survivor‘s most beloved themes: Heroes vs. Villains.

According to Inside Survivor sources, Season 8 is expected to begin filming in August somewhere in the Pacific and will see 12 former Australian Survivor castaways mixing it up with 12 new players. Each of the two tribes will consist of six returnees and six newbies, divided by their heroic or villainous qualities.

This isn’t the first time Australian Survivor has adopted a popular theme from its US counterpart. The show has previously done its own version of Brains vs. Brawn and last year aired its first Blood vs. Water season, which featured Survivor legend Sandra Diaz-Twine playing with her daughter Nina Twine.

The last two seasons of Australian Survivor were filmed domestically, in Queensland, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Inside Survivor understands that the upcoming season will return to an international filming location, somewhere in the Pacific.

There is currently no word on which 12 former castaways will be returning for the upcoming season.

Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more information over the coming weeks.

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14 responses to “Rumor: Australian Survivor Planning Heroes vs. Villains Season”

  1. some guy on reddit knew the season theme 20 days ago 0_0. He knew how it was half new players as well.

    Also do you have any idea if it will premiere this year?

  2. Australian Survivor is my favorite, the American version went down the tubes when they changed from a great program into a wimpy version of Survivor! Love Australian Survivor!

  3. Such a great idea… Would love something like this :
    Heroes: Luke, Lee, Josh, Nina Diaz, Sharn, Pia
    Villains : Benji, George, David, Sam, Haley, Janine

  4. it’s very good that they’re going back to the Pacific and I hope in a place not yet explored like Tonga, the Solomon Islands or Papua New Guinea or even the Marshall Islands in Micronesia, on the other hand, it’s a pity that they don’t try Southeast Asia or Indian Ocean or Central America

  5. This is awesome news!!! but I wish that they will consider bringing the show back to paramount or other channel that can be watch here in the states. Because this survivor show is actually great to watch

  6. sam gash should not get to play again. what a boring person. kristie and nina are gonna have massive targets if they are there.

  7. Australian Survivor: 24 players-50 days-epic. Challenges are physical like no other Survivor. Season 5 was stunning. Can’t wait for next Heroes vs Villains in Fiji or Samoa.

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