Sandra Diaz-Twine

First appeared on Pearl Islands

Best moments

Double Champ

You can’t talk about Sandra’s best moments and not mention the fact she is Survivor‘s first-ever two-time winner. Her victory against Lillian Morris in Pearl Islands is well-earned, but it’s her win over Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz in Heroes vs. Villains that cements her Queen status. Sandra did what many thought impossible, claiming the Sole Survivor title twice in her first two seasons. Her lauding her victory over a butthurt Russell during the reunion show is just the cherry on top.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Speaking of the Sandra and Russell rivalry, one of their standout moments comes in the Heroes vs. Villains finale. Sandra has enough of Russell putting her down and dismissing her chances of winning, so, while he’s away from camp, she takes his precious fedora and throws it into the fire. “I’m a burn his hat, so he can take his bald-headed ass to damn Tribal Council,” she says. “That’s how much game I got.”

Sweet Revenge

Game Changers is not a great season overall, but the pre-merge is worth watching for the many fantastic Sandra moments. The best comes in the fourth episode when some classic Sandra sneakiness leads to the downfall of James “JT” Thomas. Still annoyed with the Tocantins champ for messing up the plans at the Two-Tribe-Tribal, Sandra gets revenge by stoking the flames of the JT and Michaela Bradshaw beef. She eats the last of the tribe’s sugar, causing JT to accuse Michaela. Assuming Michaela is now public enemy number one, JT lets his guard down, not even bringing his idol to Tribal, and winds up being blindsided by the Queen and company.

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What we think

Sandra is certified¬†Survivor¬†royalty who undoubtedly belongs in the Island of Icons. Her credentials speak for themselves; she is one of only two players to win twice—and she did it first! She is a cunning player with good reads on her fellow competitors. On top of that, Sandra is one of the best personalities to ever grace Survivor. She is never afraid to stand up for herself or “get loud,” which makes for brilliant TV.¬†