Australian Survivor Season 2

Kat and Matt Cast Assessment (Part 2)

Australian Survivor’s Kat Dumont and Matt Tarrant assess the women of Australian Survivor Season 2.

On Monday, we posted the first part of the Kat Dumont and Matt Tarrant cast assessment, where the two former Aussie castaways gave their thoughts and predictions on the men of Australian Survivor Season 2. Today we have part two, as Kat and Matt bicker and banter about the twelve ladies who will be battling it out on the islands of Samoa.

To read Kat and Matt’s assessment of the men click here.


Ziggy is a 26-year-old Olympian from New South Wales. She is the most high-profile of all the cast after winning bronze in water polo at the 2012 London Olympics.

Kat’s first thought: Ziggy’s hat is giving me life!!!! So based on that I already love her! She seems young, fun and the ultimate competitor, so I think she will do really well. I wonder if she’ll let them know about her profession early on, I mean some people may see that as a competitive advantage?

Matt’s first thought: If she tells people she is an Olympian, she will be Pre-Merge. If she keeps that secret, she might make it to Merge. I don’t really get why she would tell them, I can’t imagine anyone is  going to recognize her from the Water Polo Team, and it would be smart to keep it a secret. I just feel like it’s going to get out and it will be part of her demise.

Kat’s prediction: I think she will make the merge… but just.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Merge.


Jacqui is a 50-year-old wedding celebrant from New South Wales. A self-confessed straight-shooter, Jacqui is one of the oldest contestants on season two. A lover of life and the odd glass of champagne, Jacqui is married with two kids, is super-fit and loves running, riding and surfing with her husband Gaz.

Kat’s first thought: I just want to sing Jack, Jack, Jackieeee…cos I totally feel like Jacqui would be up for a good time. She seems like she is someone who I could drink copious amounts of champas with, but I also think she will drive people insane. When you’re cold, tired, hungry and paranoid, people like Jacqui can become overwhelmingly obnoxious.

Matt’s first thought: She’s going to be like Kylie, everyone will love her back home outside of Survivor, but out there in the game, the positive attitude and happiness will just piss everyone off.

Kat’s prediction: While I want to be besties with Jacqui, I feel like she’ll be pre-merge.

Matt’s prediction: Unfortunately I don’t think she lasts long enough to miss out on too many weddings. Pre-Merge.


Joan is a 29-year-old small business owner from New South Wales. She is a mum of three who runs escape rooms with her partner Frank, designing and facilitating large-scale games and puzzles for groups of friends and colleagues. A huge fan of the show, it has been her lifelong dream to be a contestant.

Kat’s first thought: JOAN, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? As the world’s worst puzzle doer, I totally could have used a friend like Joan to teach me some mad puzzle skills pre-game! But I am getting some really good vibes from Joan. She looks super bad ass and looks like a girl who can’t be told what to do. I really hope she is the Puzzle Queen that I wasn’t!

Matt’s first thought: I LOVE Escape Rooms, and I LOVE Puzzles. I’m just really worried I’m looking at the first boot right now. The issue with being a Puzzle King/Queen is that if you stuff up once, it’s on you. I feel like this could be the case for Joan, and I think she’s a very early boot. Pretty keen for a discounted trip to the escape room though Joan if you’re reading.

Kat’s prediction: As much as I want Joan to do well, I’ll think she’ll be an early boot. No one likes strong opinionated females (Trust me…I know!).

Matt’s prediction: First boot and I will never be welcomed to her Escape Room.


Sam is a 32-year-old endurance athlete AND lawyer from Victoria. She is teeny tiny but has an impressive record as an ultra marathon runner. She is what you would call a high achiever, and ready to take on anything that is thrown her way in Samoa.

Kat’s first thought: Way to make a girl feel useless Sam! What a freaking legend! I love the vibe Sam gives off, and her freaking red overalls are adorable. She totally reminds me of El – who I LOVE – so I think people are going to love Sam.

Matt’s first thought: Overalls aren’t a thing are they??!? From someone who has no knowledge of fashion, I don’t get them in the slightest. Total El vibes from Sam, and there is just nothing on her at all – going to be tough to survive 55 days with not a gram of fat on her. If she is as social as El, she has a chance. If she is as social as Bianca, she’s going home early.

Kat’s prediction: I think Sam will be a pocket rocket. If she plays a strong social game like El, she will go far. So I’d say Jury.

Matt’s prediction: She’s making the Jury for sure. Unless she isn’t, then she’s not.


Aimee is a 23-year-old plumber from Victoria. She is a self-confessed sheila who loves a VB beer and meat pie and believes many people will underestimate her. She has a positive attitude, and her motto is to “have a go”.

Kat’s first thought: Aimee looks like she is going to be freaking hilarious. I love a classic case of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and I think she’s going to be the perfect example of that. I think she will give it to anyone who stands in her way and be a real competitor. I will be cheering for her from my couch with my champas in tow! (Soz Aimee… no VB for me!)

Matt’s first thought: I love this girl, and she is basically my spirit animal. I’m looking forward to having a Melbourne Bitter and chatting to her about all things manly where she will clearly know more than I about basically everything. LOVE what I am seeing from her and really feel Phoebeesque vibes. PLEASE MAKE MERGE. The only worry I have with her BIO is that it states she’s a fan, but when she applied for Season 1, hadn’t really watched it before? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN.

Kat’s prediction: Jury. She’ll go far, but I think her mouth will get her in trouble – which is what I’m most excited for.

Matt’s prediction: Jury 100%. She won’t win, but she won’t care as she will earn enough to buy a couple of cartons.


Sarah is a 22-year-old model from Perth. She was runner-up on the Australian modelling series The Face and is prepared to take risks. “I want to play a game that is worthy of being on the show, not someone that just sits and coasts through.”

Kat’s first thought: Sarah seems to have it all. She is the epitome of brains, brawn, and beauty. She seems super likeable and much more than just a pretty face. Coming from the modelling industry, I think she’ll be tougher than most people expect and may be the surprise package of the series. I have high hopes for Sarah.

Matt’s first thought: She rocked it on The Face, she will dominate Survivor. She reminds me a lot of Brooke, and I felt Brooke deserved to win our season – I think Sarah is the next best chance. I hope the producers aren’t building us up for another Phoebe/Brooke blindside, but I’m looking forward to Sarah’s game most of all.

Kat’s prediction: She’ll go far. It’s a big call, but I’m saying top 3.

Matt’s prediction: Top 5.


Tessa is a 29-year-old Doctor from Victoria. She is often underestimated by her work colleagues and patients because of her age and gender but is intelligent and ready to compete. Apparently, her strategy is to form an all-girl alliance and to work her magic when their backs are turned!

Kat’s first thought: OMG TESSA I LOVE YOU. While I don’t get the Harry Potter hat (soz, not a HP fan), you have the exact same strategy as me going in. Build that bond with the bitches then smack them down! Let’s hope a Phoebe doesn’t get in your way.

Matt’s first thought: I wish I were out there to be the Charlie to your Angels. You could blindside me any day.

Kat’s prediction: JURY! I really want Tessa to make the Jury.

Matt’s prediction: Kat’s wish will come true. Jury.


Kate is a 47-year-old Financial Executive from Victoria. After recently resigning from a 17-year career with a global investment bank, she is now looking for her next career opportunity and thought she would give Australian Survivor a go in the meantime. She wants to be a role model for young women, especially her children.

Kat’s first thought: Her motives for applying are A) she wants to be a role model and B) you have some spare time on your hands. Sorry, Kate, you’re doomed.

Matt’s first thought: Can you not.

Kat’s prediction: Early boot.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Jury.


Anneliese is a 23-year-old journalism student from Victoria. She is a survivor super-fan, and after recently losing 35 kilograms she plans to fly under the radar.

Kat’s first thought: I love that Anneliese is a super fan. It means that she has an upper hand in terms of knowing what kind of savages exist in the game!!! I’m excited to see how she plays. I like her and have high hopes.

Matt’s first thought: I just don’t know about Anneliese. I’m getting weird “I’m better than everyone” vibes from her bio and get the feeling she’s not going to be able to bond as well with the other contestants. I’m feeling kinda Bianca vibes here, and that may be a worry. The fact she is a Survivor super fan helps – but I’m just not sure if it’s enough.

Kat’s prediction: Jury.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Jury.


Michelle is a 33-year-old nanny from New South Wales. Apparently, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell people how she is going to get it. While she admits she is not used to roughing it, Michelle is out to prove that she has what it takes to win.

Kat’s first thought: YASSSS GIRL. I love Michelle already. She’s totally rocking some exotic Camilla piece and is giving me all of the Tropical Goddess vibes.

Matt’s first thought: Her outfit is as stupid as Kat’s was going into the game and it sounds like she talks as much, if not more than our Puzzle Queen – that doesn’t bode well. She’s going to play a flirty game; I smell a romance on the cards.

Kat’s prediction: Her social skills and fabulous outfit will get her far. But I fear she’ll fall JUST short of the jury.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Jury, but close.


Tara is a 32-year-old barrel racer and mother from the Sunshine Coast.

Kat’s first thought: When I read barrel racer all I could think of was Sierra Dawn Thomas! I didn’t even know barrel racing was a thing in Australia, but if it’s good enough for Queen Sierra and Tara, then it’s good enough for me!!

Matt’s first thought: I honestly thought I would forever hold the title of “Dumbest Job on Survivor, ” but here we go with Tara taking my title instantly. I am getting nothing but vanilla from Tara and really feel like she is going to come and go without much fuss.

Kat’s prediction: I literally have no feels for Tara. We haven’t been given enough info! BUT I like her. I don’t see her making the merge though.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Merge, Barrel Racing within a week or two.


Odette is a 32-year-old podiatrist from Sydney. She is a hard worker and a go-getter and worked to get her Master’s degree in Podiatric Medicine while attending university during the day, working nights and also looking after her son. Apparently, Odette is here to play an honest and moral game.

Kat’s first thought: Odette’s work ethic has me intrigued. She seems like she’s smart and not afraid of hard work. But I read on Ryan’s Behind Survivor assessment that she isn’t a fan of the show… so good luck to her :/

Matt’s first thought: If you CRTL+C/CTRL+V Kylie/Lee/Mateship you’ve got Odette. No thank you.

Kat’s prediction: Pre-jury. Maybe an early boot.

Matt’s prediction: I can’t wait for you to Odette the hell out of here (that was terrible I’m sorry). Pre-Jury.

As we said, we don’t have much to go on… but as Julia Sokolowski said in her Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X assessment, “It’s always fun to be right and always fun to be proven wrong.” We can’t wait to see what happens and look forward to continuing the conversation. Feel free to tweet us and tell us how rubbish… or how legendary we are. You can find us at @Kat_Dumont and @MattTarrant.

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2 responses to “Kat and Matt Cast Assessment (Part 2)”

  1. I seriously have no faith on Matt’s assessment because I’m still pissed at him. Hahaha

  2. Nothing is set in stone but based on my first impressions:
    I like: Aimee, Tessa, Sarah, Sam, Ziggy
    Not sure yet: Kat, Michelle, Anneliese, Joan, Jacquie
    Dont like: Odette, Kate

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