Australian Survivor Season 2

Kat and Matt Cast Assessment (Part 1)

Australian Survivor’s Kat Dumont and Matt Tarrant break down the men of Australian Survivor Season 2.

Hi guys – it’s Kat and Matt from Australian Survivor Season One here. While you probably don’t remember us (LIES. YOU ALL BETTER REMEMBER US)… we both have some pretty good banter and hope to give you an entertaining insight into the upcoming Season Two contestants. While they won’t have an outfit as fabulous or a job as cool as us, they will be battling it out as we did in the Samoan jungle. So good freaking luck to them!

Having just announced the cast last week, we don’t have much to go on, but we both have reallllllllllllllly good gut instincts (well that’s what we keep telling ourselves). So, based on minimal info, here is what we think. P.S we’ve tried not to be too judgey – but hey, the fact is: we’re both judgey moles.

Starting with the boys…


Luke is a 30-year-old mining technician from Perth. He is married with two boys and is apparently “very likeable.”

Kat’s first thought:  He looks like a pretty cool dude with good social skills, but I wonder if he has the smarts to play hard….we all know nice guys never finish first.

Matt’s first thought: I’ve been told Luke is a bit like a combination of Rohan, Sam, and I. That sounds like the worst possible combination of people I have ever heard. Superfans will hate him; the Australian Public will build gold monuments of him on the streets of all capital cities.

Kat’s prediction:  Jury… maybe even final 3.

Matt’s prediction: 100% Jury. 6th place, just like his mirror image Sammy.


Ben is a 20-year-old fast food attendant from Perth. He lives at home with his parents and is a self-confessed ‘super fan.’ He is the youngest person to play Australian Survivor thus far. 

Kat’s first thought: While I do have major hair envy, I think his age may work against him. Being so young he may not have the skills to know when to play a certain persona. He appears to be quite full on, and this may get under people’s skin.

Matt’s first thought: He’s going to be Season Two’s version of Conner. Great dude, people will like him, but his excitement of being out there and his youth will kill him. Hopefully, the couple of bucks he earns on the show are enough for a visit to JustCuts Hair Salon.

Kat’s prediction:  I think he’ll go early… definitely pre-merge.

Matt’s prediction: Surely one of the first to go.


Kent is a 51-year-old Chief Financial Officer from Adelaide. He works for the South Australian Parliament and is one of the eldest contestants on this season. He has some impressive achievements under his belt — including swimming the English Channel and is apparently “stubborn and mentally very strong.” 

Kat’s first thought: Kent’s a bit so-so for me. While I do love his spectacles, he seems like he may be easily frustrated. And we all know what happens when you can’t bite your tongue…

Matt’s first thought: I have always thought most people who work in Parliament were a bunch of Kents, this just proves it. Sounds very much like Pistol Pete from our season, strong dude who has achieved a heck of a lot – but his age and thin fuse will be his demise.

Kat’s prediction:  I think he’ll go deep… but just miss out on a spot on the jury.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Jury.


Adam is a 40-year-old professional poker player from Queensland. He has watched the game of Survivor since its inception and hopes his expertise as a poker player will help him get through the game. “I’m a nice guy outside of poker, but put me onto the poker table; it’s a different story.” 

Kat’s first thought: Playing a game as a profession definitely gives him an upper hand… but will people trust him? I wouldn’t. He also said we all suck. BYE FELICIA.

Matt’s first thought: Poker Players as a general rule suck at Survivor, they come in confident, thinking they will be able to read everyone like a book (the same could be said for Magicians/Mentalists tbh) but it turns out they don’t actually have mystical powers. He also said all of the 2016 contestants suck, so um, no thanks sweetie.

Kat’s prediction: Pre-merge.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Merge, in the first four to go.


Mark H is a 51-year-old Lime Farmer from Queensland. He has two children and values family above anything. He hopes to play a strong social game. “I will be your best mate, your confident, that’s how I am in life. But I understand this is a game, and I’ve got to make sacrifices.” 

Kat’s first thought: I FREAKING LOVE MARK. He seems like an absolute ripper of a bloke. Why couldn’t I have gotten him instead of Des?!

Matt’s first thought: This guy would have hated Kat, so I like him. He won’t be the first to go like ol’ mate Des, but I don’t know if I can see him getting too deep into the game. People will like him, but I think he may trust the wrong people.

Kat’s prediction: As much as I want Mark to do well, I think he will be pre-merge.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Merge, but not too early.


Lockie is a 27-year-old adventure guide from Western Australia. He is super fit and played American Football in Europe. 

Kat’s first thought: First of all… HELLLOOOOO LOCKIE. In my eyes, he’s the Lee 2.0 of this season. He seems super likeable and fit, and every man and his dog will want to align with him. Wish I had him on Aganoa instead of old mate Rohan.

Matt’s first thought: The girls are really Lockie to have this hunk out there (how good are puns also just as an FYI). Good looking guy, super fit, seems lovely, he’s basically this season’s Matt (or Lee depending on who you ask). I can see him being the head of a young person’s alliance which I can see getting him deep into the game.

Kat’s prediction: Lockie seems to have it all, so I’m predicting he’ll go far. Maybe even Top 3 ala Lee?

Matt’s prediction: Top 5.


Jarrad is a 29-year-old international photographer from Perth. He has a whopping 193,000 Instagram followers and has worked with the likes of Passenger, Matchbox Twenty, and Ed Sheeran. Look familiar? He made headlines after impersonating Steve Aoki at a Perth music festival in 2014. 

Kat’s first thought: What is with all these men having such amazing hair???!!! Despite him looking like an exotic warrior, Jarrad gives me good vibes. He seems super likeable and after his Steve Aoki stunt shows that he has a fun and jovial side. I have high hopes for Jarrad. I hope he can do me proud.

Matt’s first thought: How do I say this guy reminds me of Woo without sounding racist – because that. Not only does this guy take incredible photos, he seems like a totally lovable guy who also seems to know the game – and will play a very, very good social game. Will be one of the fan favourites for sure.

Kat’s prediction: If Jarrad can align with the right people, he’ll go far. I’m thinking Jury… maybe even just outside the final 3.

Matt’s prediction: Jury, but I think he may fall short of getting too deep into it.


Mark is a 37-year-old former special ops commander from Perth. He was an SAS soldier in the Australian Army for many years, with tours to Afghanistan. After he left the army, he went to live in New York City where he is starting a fledgling fashion business. He hopes all the skills he has learnt over the years in his various roles, will help him in Samoa.

Kat’s first thought: Mark looks freaking amazing. I mean he is wearing an incredible pair of crocodile or snakeskin boots!!! That makes him a legend in my books! He looks strong and tough and will be a force to be reckoned with in the challenges. I think the ladies will love him too. I mean a tough man who works in fashion? Yes please.

Matt’s first thought: Reading Marks bio I was all like: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Then I got to the bit where he said “I want to play like Lee” and I was all like:
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Kat’s prediction:  As much as I want my fave shoe wearing friend to do well, I think he’s just too much of a threat. He’ll be gone pre-merge… but just before the merge, I think.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-Merge, but knowing Australia he’s going to fall in love with another contestant and come second to Kristie Bennett.



Henry is a 26-year-old labourer from Adelaide. Apparently, his game plan is to deceive his peers by playing the role of a laid-back yoga instructor. He applied for Australian Survivor in honour of his mum, who told him to chase his dreams.

Kat’s first thought: Henry gives me those cool, calm and collected vibes. I feel like he will be able to play the game and manipulate those as he needs, but there is something which doesn’t sit right with me, and I can’t work out what it is!!! I think he’ll definitely be one to watch.

Matt’s first thought: He’s going to pretend he is a hippie and a yoga expert. I actually love that; I think it’s a more hilarious hidden occupation than Evan’s from last year. I think he’s going to finish the highest of any South Australian this season, but hopefully, fall just before everyone’s favourite South Australian (no not Nick) of last season and finish a respectful 7th.

Kat’s prediction: If he plays his cards right, he’ll go far. Jury.

Matt’s prediction: Totally Jury, and my title of highest finishing SA Contestant is at risk here.


Peter is a 22-year-old digital advertising producer from New South Wales. As one of the youngest contestants selected, Peter thinks people will underestimate him going on the show. “I can come across as ditzy and vibrant, so I don’t think people will see me as a threat. I think a big thing for me will be to form emotional connections with people, before going into strategy.”

Kat’s first thought: I just want to squish Peter! He is so freaking cute!!!!!! He looks like he is an absolute joy to be around and I want to be friends with him. BUT I think he might be too nice…

Matt’s first thought: I actually think Peter is going to be one of my favourites this season and despite not being the world’s best Survivor player could do alright. His social game should be good, and I think people will like him out there – but does he have the moves to get far in the game? I’m not so sure.

Kat’s prediction: As much as I am all aboard the Peter train, I think he’ll be pre-merge.

Matt’s prediction: Makes merge, but one of the first to go afterwards (possibly pre-jury if they do that again).


Jericho is a 25-year-old flight attendant from Victoria. Apparently, he is a mega fan of the show and is not afraid to show his darker, more competitive side. He apparently has his entire game plan mapped out and is going to go into the game pretending to be someone else entirely.

Kat’s first thought: First of all – HOW GOOD IS THE NAME JERICHO? He seems like a super cool guy who everyone will like. But I think his game plan is flawed. When you are sleep deprived, fatigued, hungry and mentally drained, your true colours come out. So if he is going into the game playing a completely different character, he could be seen as two-faced… and it could be his downfall.

Matt’s first thought: He’s cooked. He needs to change his strategy ASAP as you really can’t go into the game of Survivor with a complete game plan, it has to be able to change on the spot – and pretending to be someone else is just not something that you can do that with. The darker and more competitive side coming out has him at risk of getting kicked early, unfortunately.

Kat’s prediction: Pre-merge. Soz Jerry.

Matt’s prediction: Pre-merge.


Aaron is a 29-year-old wedding DJ from Adelaide. He is a self-confessed reality television addict and says his biggest fear is coming second.

Kat’s first thought: This guy reminds me of someone… and I can’t put my finger on who! I know Matt is going to have a lot to say about AK’s hat choice for the show, but I think Adam seems like a loveable and fun guy. I don’t get ‘game player’ vibes though.

Matt’s first thought: I’ve already been abused by his family and friends for calling him out for his horrendous choice of football team, but sorry not sorry. Adam is basically a mix of Evan and myself and I actually can’t wait to get a beer with him at a game of footy; unfortunately, that’s going to be sooner than he would have liked I think.

Kat’s prediction: Pre-merge. Sorry AK. Can you still DJ my wedding though?

Matt’s prediction: Pre-merge, just in time for the next Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide game to get a beer with his favourite South Australian magician.

Photo Credit: Nigel Wright.

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