Survivor Fantasy: Champions vs. Challengers (Results)

Inside Survivor reveals the results of the Survivor Fantasy: Champions vs. Challengers vote.

Two weeks ago we opened voting polls for our fantasy season, Survivor: Vietnam – Champions vs. Challengers. Inside Survivor selected 16 former winners and 16 former finalists for you the readers to vote for and decide your 20 person cast.

We received over 79,000 (!) votes which have been counted and verified and we can now reveal the cast that you picked! We have separated them into two tribes of Champions and Challengers. Artwork provided by ColYok17.

For full voting results plus simulation of the season scroll to the bottom of this article.

The Champions tribe aka Hanoi (named after the capital of Vietnam) is made up of Denise Stapley, Kim Spradlin, Natalie Anderson, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Sophie Clarke, Adam Klein, Earl Cole, Richard Hatch, Tony Vlachos, and Yul Kwon.

The Challengers tribe aka Da Nang (named after the third largest city in Vietnam) is made up of Carolyn Rivera, Cirie Fields, Cydney Gillon, Kelley Wentworth, Natalie Bolton, David Wright, Hayden Moss, Jay Starrett, Malcolm Freberg, and Yau-Man Chan.

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Check out the full results for each category below.

Female Champions

Natalie – 3559
Kim – 3511
Sandra – 3339
Denise – 2938
Sophie – 1919
Michele – 1648
Jenna – 1483
Sarah – 1470

Male Champions

Yul – 3213
Tony – 3197
Richard – 3012
Earl – 2796
Adam – 2206
Tyson – 2086
Mike – 1852
Fabio – 1291

Female Challengers

Kelley – 3444
Cydney – 3207
Cirie – 3127
Natalie – 2779
Carolyn – 2020
Kathy – 2001
Stephenie – 1738
Chelsea – 1179

Male Challengers

Malcolm – 3357
David – 3159
Jay – 3152
Hayden – 2652
Yau-Man – 2273
Ken – 2137
Fairplay – 2017
Lex – 1818

After putting this cast into the BrantSteele Survivor simulator, these were the results (I used the Caramoan template as I wanted a 20-player season but with a late swap):

Thanks for voting and taking part!

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4 responses to “Survivor Fantasy: Champions vs. Challengers (Results)”

  1. This is the first I am hearing of this simulator thing and I just want to know more about that! Also, who do you think Yau-Man would have would have voted for?? Yul or Earl??

    • Yeah it is really cool you can do it for a bunch of stuff including BB, BBCan, Hunger games and of course survivor and you don’t even have to use reality stars you can use animated characters even. Possibly even celebs

  2. Lol @ simulator results, but I’m so here for a Natalie A, Natalie B, Cydney, Kelly Went alliance! Surprised Yau edged out Kenny for a return, a bit unrealistic with age even if he came back tomorrow. All in all this would be a great season, would love seeing Rich back too!

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