Survivor Fantasy: Champions vs. Challengers

Voting is now open for the new Survivor Fantasy season.

It’s time once again for another fantasy season poll, where you the Inside Survivor readers get to vote for the cast of a fictional Survivor season. We’ve previously run two successful fantasy season polls, Survivor: Rebels and Rogues and Survivor: Missed Opportunities. Our latest idea is Survivor: Vietnam – Champions vs. Challengers.

Inspired by the casting rumors surrounding Season 34, we decided to pick a theme which would see ten former Survivor winners go head-to-head with ten former players regarded as some of the “best to never win.” As usual, we’ve selected a ballot of 32 former castaways, and fans can vote for the 20 they want to see return.

We’ve attempted to make the ballot as realistic as possible, choosing people based on various factors: diversity, demographic, who CBS would ask, who would likely accept the offer, etc. To decide on the “Challengers” we made it a rule that each player had to have made a finale episode in at least one of their seasons.

Let’s enter the world of fantasy…


Vote for your FIVE favorite Female Champions.

Vote for your FIVE favorite Male Champions.

Vote for your FIVE favorite Female Challengers.

Vote for your FIVE favorite Male Challengers.

Voting closes Sunday June 25. The results will be revealed soon after.

Martin is a 31-year-old writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously ET Canada and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull.

  • Red

    If this was a real season I think it would be bad, I had trouble picking 5 of each that i’d like to see. The only ones i’d really like to see are Kim, Jenna, Tony, Mike, Tyson, Adam, Steph, Chelsie, Jay, Haydon, Malcolm.

  • I’d love a Survivor season in Vietnam.

  • Isa


  • Steven

    I’m shocked to not see Rob Cesternino on the list.

    • I debated about including him but I tried to make it as realistic as possible, and I’m not sure Rob would agree to play again.

      • Red

        You put hatch on here and he can’t play

        • Why?

          • Red

            He isn’t allowed out of the USA or has that been lifted?

          • I believe that ended a few years ago now. He’s allowed to travel outside of the US. 🙂

          • Red

            In that case i’d love to see him be an early boot

      • Steven

        Didn’t he go through casting for Blood vs. Water with his wife, though? I thought I remembered hearing about that.

  • Rosty McRosty

    Couldn’t hit Jay Starrett fast enough! I feel like his confessionals are vastly underrated!

  • Andy Pfeiffer

    Am I the only person who doesn’t like Stephenie LaGrossa? Sometimes it feels like it.

    I really don’t like how she uses the r-word so freely and acts like she’s so much better than everybody else. The way she treats others – especially other women (Jolanda, Kim Mullen, Brooke, Amanda) – is despicable. She reminds me of the jock bullies I dealt with in middle and high school. I can’t stand her.

    • Damien Roberts

      She didn’t get my vote.

  • Nicholas Parker

    Wtf this rule about finale episodes, if that wasn’t there I’d want to see Michaela Bradshaw and Michelle Schubert.

    • It was just an easy way to make the categories. I noticed that most the people I had on my list had made the finale episode, so it made sense keeping that as a rule. So it’s winners versus those that came very close to winning/FTC.

  • Alexa

    No Andrea?? I would definitely put her on over Natalie B and Chelsea.

  • Great selections! There’s such amazing potential in having a collection of one-time players with only a winning season, such as Earl, Kim, Yul, Natalie & Denise.

  • Whistler

    I don’t need to see Tony or Sarah again. One trick pony’s. Those games never work a second time.

  • I believe Hatch has said that is now over and he’s free to travel outside the US.

  • Ivanti

    Thank you for your amazing insight, Martin Holmes’ articles are always a great read, and I usually agree with your opinion, keep doing what you’re doing, Natalie B. (Why haven’t they brought her back yet?), Ken (One of the Gabon standouts in my opinion), Chelsea (for eye candy), Natalie A.(could be a potential threat to Sandra’s crown), CBS take note for future returnee seasons, oh and I know this has nothing to do with this fantasy league, but please bring back Morgan McLeod, I enjoyed her so much on the show.

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  • Ms.Vanilla

    What happened to Jeremy as one of the returning winners? He was great!