Season 37 Cast Revealed

Inside Survivor reveals some of the rumored cast for Season 37!

As previously revealed on Inside Survivor, the upcoming cycle of seasons (37/38) will once again be located in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands. Season 37 recently wrapped up filming and will air this fall on CBS. The new season is rumoured to feature 20 brand new castaways.

Below are the 20 cast members for Season 37, with credit to @1elevenpaul on Twitter for help.

Update 05/26/18: Christian Hubicki and Natalie Cole added to the list thanks to an article at The Hollywood Reporter.

Martin is a 31-year-old writer from England. He’s represented by Berlin Associates for comedy writing and writes about TV and entertainment, currently for TV Insider and Vulture, previously ET Canada and Yahoo. A finalist for the Shortlist Sitcom Search in 2012 for “Siblings,” Martin received his BA in English with Creative Writing from The University of Hull.

Alison Raybould


Angelina Keeley


Bi Nguyen


Gabriela Pascuzzi


Jessica Peet


Kara Kay


Lyrsa María Torres-Vélez


Natalia Azoqa


Natalie Cole


Elizabeth Olson


Alec Merlino


Carl Boudreaux


Christian Hubicki


Daniel Rengering


Davie Rickenbacker


Jeremy Crawford


John Hennigan


Mike White


Nick Wilson


Pat Cusack


Stay tuned to Inside Survivor for more updates in the coming weeks.

  • Eric David

    Wait, John Morrison is going to be on this season?? That’s pretty cool.

  • aries

    I think 1 or 2 of the 3 unidentified women were of African-american Decent or is there a season with no AA women representation?

    Also i think there will be a mother/milf/hagress/older on the 3 unidentified women. All 7 identified so far were all young adult females.

    • kyle

      Worlds Apart didn’t but there could be others

  • FR3

    I’m pulling for Johnny Mundo to win.

  • Drew Kropp

    Yellow vs Blue tribe?

  • BobbyKe

    2 Reactions to this list
    Stoked for John Hennigan. Quite a fan of him as a wrestler. He’s VERY athletic. Charismatic aswell. So could be a threat taken out early or the charm he has could push him far. Depends he well how takes to the strategy of the game. Hasn’t been in WWE for a few years but multi time Tag & IC champ

    Jessica Peet, it says she’s from my hometown, so that’s so cool. Don’t recall any past Survivors from my hometown of Lakeland. So gotta want her to succeeed based on that

    • Nick Moless

      Isn’t Dr. Mike’s practice in Lakeland?

      • Andy Pfeiffer

        Parkland, FL – yes, the city where the massacre occurred.

    • TommyReinke

      Spencer Duhm from Tocantins was from Lakeland, FL., so Jessica Preet won’t be the first. Kind of interesting because both of them played the game at 19 years old.

  • Lisa Pineau

    Time to have an all stars cast.

    • Karel Zich

      I dunno, I feel like Game Changers suffered partly because they did it too fast after Cambodia. at the same time, I rate both this and last season really low so I wouldn’t be 100% against… but I’d rather they waited more.

      • JennyWren

        I think game changers suffered because casting for the last several years, with exception of MvGX has been somewhat lacking, and so they were stuck between having threepeats and Sierra snoozers.

  • Sabi Tron

    Can’t wait!

  • Adli Hanif

    Any idea what the theme of the season will be?

    When was the last time Survivor cast 3 African-American male in a season? Is it Fiji?

    • renyap

      i have the same thought with u, i think that season 37 will be the cook islands 2.0… because it have 3 african american in one season… but later we know that title is David VS Goliath… David Means Underdog sand Goliath means Superpower peoples….

      btw your name is sound likely Indonesian’s name in common…. are you indonesian or malaysian?
      i’m Indonesian…

    • Chris Rand

      David vs. Goliath

  • Tiaan Smith

    Looks like a Male vs Female season…maybe another One World?

  • Jasmine

    Yet another blonde beauty in Jessica. They seriously just cast the same blonde girls…now we have another Jessica who looks like a cross between 36 Libby and 35 Jessica.
    All the men look like cocky douchebags except for Mike and Carl. More excited about the females, which is typical for me since I tend to root for women more.

    • Devin Thai

      Mike looks like a cocky douchebag to me. Jeremy also doesn’t look that douchey.

  • BetaMan

    Reddit is speculating that it’s a David vs. Goliath theme, which would explain the surplus of athletes/heavyweights.

    • Yes that is the theme. There is a post about it on this site. 🙂

  • BetaMan

    Angelina’s last name is Cardona, it’s posted on her Twitter handle and an article related to her MBA.

    • That was before she got married.

      • BetaMan

        Oh whoa, I didn’t know she was married. My bad.

  • Jasmine

    First of all, I can tell them apart. I have no problems doing that. Don’t twist my words. It’s no secret that the producers tend to cast people who fit certain archetypes and the pretty blonde is one of the most overused archetypes…and Jessica (from 37) is that archetype. Just like Domenick (from Ghost Island) fits the Tony Vlachos/Joe Mena archetype. My original comment was just an initial reaction to seeing this cast reveal, meaning what I talked about in my post is what stuck out to me the most.
    And for your information, despite me being tired of the pretty blonde girl archetype, I was rooting hardcore for Jessica in season 35, as she was one of my favorites to win. And I had Libby (from Ghost Island) as my winner pick. So, come again, honey?
    Of course, they are all pretty, but the PRETTY BLONDE GIRL (SPECIFICALLY) is one of the more popular archetypes that is casted. You know each season has its eye candy contestants, and Jessica would be considered eye candy for most viewers. So don’t act as if I’m pulling this out of thin air. They talk about archetypes all the time on RHAP podcasts, so no, I’m not off base. You can go on rhap and listen to some podcasts that talk about the different archetypes of each season.
    So, there’s no need for you to jump to conclusions regarding how I feel about Jessica. I have nothing against her. I didn’t really say anything negative about her. I was only saying she fits the pretty blonde beauty archetype.

    • Spazztic

      Domenick is not anything like Tony and Joe. I would consider Dom as more of Hero and Tony and Joe as Villains. But, I see what your saying with Jessica (season 37) is definitely an archetype.

  • TommyReinke

    I am familiar that this season concept is David Vs. Goliath and just looking at the professions of the cast above, I can see where people are going to be. I would think that Bi, Daniel, and John are all going to be place on the Goliath tribe and Carl, Gabriela, and Jessica are going to be on the David tribe, but I don’t know. Should be interesting in due time.

    • Night

      I still have no idea in what aspect they categorize someone as ‘underdog’ and ‘superpower’, professional or physical?

      Again, the theme like this is arbitrary. (Many choices in HvV, BvBvB, HvHvH were debatable.)

      But, as you mentioned, Hennigan is locked for Goliath. Possibly, Daniel and Bi-Nguyen are included (based on their profession they are supposed to be physically strong?).

      Mike White has an outstanding profile as a celeb, but his personality can make him an underdog.

      • Daniel Natt

        Some times they do get into the name. Some in BBB and HHH took pride in their original designation. The Healer women drew quite a bit of pride. But it’s true they never stay together long

      • TommyReinke

        I remember watching the trailer and figuring out who was a David and who was Goliath. It looks like Bi is a David. I was right about John and Daniel being Goliath’s. At the end of the day, I do feel that the designation doesn’t matter because Survivor just loves its twist and there will be one somewhere in the season.

  • renyap

    sorry i didn’t mean anything about you name, but in indonesia, “adli hanif” is the common name for some of man.. i’m just like glad to meet another survivor fans from another country in Asian region… in indonesia there’s a little few of people who interest about this game…
    nice to meet u too adli, hope we will be good friend…

    • Adli Hanif

      Yeah me too. I’m also very glad to find another Survivor fans from Asia. It’s the same case in Malaysia. Very few people still follow the show. My friends were like “That show is still on?” Hahaha.

      Nice to meet you too. Btw, is Renyap your real name? I’m pretty sure we will be good friend.

      • Adrian Widjaja

        Never thought I find fellow southeast-asian who adore Survivor here…cheers from Indonesia.

        • renyap

          hi adrian… same with me since first time i watched my first season of survivor (pearl islands) over 10 years ago… i just found two fellows Indonesian with same entusiasm with me about survivor…. we talked a lot about it… so i hope we will be a good friend so….

          above your post i wrote my wa number and my IG… if u don’t mind please add mine… i’m glad we will share about survivor more often….

          nice to meet u Adrian, I’m Rendy from Jakarta…

      • renyap

        my real name is Rendy Yap… hahaha… Im Indonesian mixed sundanese and borneo-chinese… im moeslem…

        some of my friends always said that survivor is riddiculous show.. yeah they said that because they didn’t understand english too much… survivor is great…. agree hanif?

        this is my number u could text me via whatsapp +6281346346323…. my IG imrendyyap..“

        ohya selamat melaksanakan ibadah puase ramadhan ye…. muge berjaya / tahniah sampai Aidil Fitri….

      • Rhaac’var Jyesxisys

        malaysian here. never missed a single season or an episode. 🙂

  • TommyReinke

    I was watching the teaser during the live finale and it revealed two cast members not mentioned in the article, Christian & Natalie. Any idea who those two people are?

  • JennyWren

    Lol you certainly triggered somebody who didn’t appreciate you using facts and logic against them!

  • BetaMan

    Judging from last night’s teaser, it’s gonna be another Orange vs. Purple colored tribes. We also got two new names: Christian and Natalie.

  • Mark F

    From analyzing the preview, I think the tribes are:
    Gabby, Carl, unknown purple hair woman, Nick, Davie, unknown male, Christian, Jessica, Bi, and unknown blonde woman
    John, Alison, Kara, Jeremy, Natalia, Alec, Mike, Natalie, Angelina, and Daniel.

  • Red

    Anyone pay close enough attention to the Previews to figure out who is on which tribe? I got some but not all

  • Demetra

    Could this be the tribe divisions?
    1. Gabby
    2. Jessica
    3. Natalia
    4. Purple hair
    5. Woman with braid
    6. Nick
    7. Carl
    8. Christian
    9. Davie
    10. Big redneck guy

    1. Bi
    2. Angelina
    3. Alison
    4. Kara
    5. Natalie
    6. Daniel
    7. Jeremy
    8. John
    9. Mike
    10. Alec

  • David Harrington

    Natalie’s last name is “Cole.” She is a newspaper publisher from Los Angeles.

  • Demetra

    Are these the official tribes?
    -Johnny Mundo

    -Purple hair lady
    -Lady with the braid
    -Big redneck guy

  • Hunter Smith

    the country girl’s name is Elizabeth.

  • BetaMan

    Updates on Christian and Natalie from the teaser:

    Natalie’s last name is Cole (just like the singer), and she’s the CEO/Publisher of OurWeekly, an entertainment and news magazine for African-Americans. She’s yet another SoCal resident but has one a helluva resume. Judging from her LinkedIn, I’d ballpark her age at 48.

    Christian’s last name is Hubicki, and he’s a robot scientist that works for Georgia Institute of Technology, so he must be located in the Atlanta area. No clue how old he is, but his personal website states that he’s got a Ph.D, so he can’t be any younger than mid-to-late 20’s

  • Nick Moless
  • Charlie Jenkins

    Lyrsa is an archeologist studying the global history of food and cook books (from a gastronomy school website posted on Reddit.) You could specify that Gabby is a technical writer and Natalie is a newspaper publisher, which is pretty fun (both from Josh Wigler’s Hollywood Reporter article.)

  • Emily Dakota

    Lyrsa isn’t from Boston, she’s from Puerto Rico but living in Boston.

    • I use current location. 🙂 I will include those details in the longer bios when I write them.

  • Aren Williams

    I don’t see why it’d be beauty vs beauty honestly lol, most the people on this cast aren’t particularly good looking (which is a good thing; i’m tired of literally everybody having a pretty face on the cast)

  • renyap

    So, tribe divisions will be :
    David :

    Nick Wilson. Christian Hubicki. Carl Bodreaux. Davie Richenbaker. A Hugh Bear-Man
    Jessica Peet. Bi Nguyen. Gabriela Pascuzzi. Elizabeth Olson. Lyrsa Maria Torres Velez

    Goliath :
    Daniel Rengering. Alec Merlino. Mike White. John Hennigan. Jeremy Crawford
    Kara Kay. Angelina Keeley. Natalia Azoqa. Natalie Cole. Alison Raybould.

  • Ivanti

    Jeremy is a property investor

  • ياسر

    My pick to win this season would be this unidentified guy, he wears a NY Giants shirt and that’s all I need to place my pick… GO BIG BLUE

  • Koadey Kambell

    I wonder if Bi Nguyen will live up to her name and literally be a two-time winner.

    • Damien Roberts

      I don’t even get one time winner vibes.

    • David Harrington

      Actually, I think it’s pronounced as “Bee.”

  • HiloWahine

    Can we have astrological signs added to bios please ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️

  • Donnie Johnson

    If I am wrong…and i pray to the Survivor Gods that I am..they are actually naming these tribes David and Goliath….DAFUQ what, you ran out of places in Fiji to name tribes after or just no longer giving any Fs?? What are they gonna call the tribes after they swap on, like day 3 or 4?? All and all NOT hyped at all about this season….except for Natalie Cole. There is promise with her.

    • Ben Dover

      Glad you think so, she’ll be the first one gone, lol.

  • Donnie Johnson

    In Survivor: Millinnials vs Gen-X (33) a blonde girl named Jessica fell for good looking moron (Taylor) and he screwed her game. In Survivor:Heroes vs Heroes vs Hustlers (35) a blonde girl named Jessica fell for a good looking moron (Cole) and he screwed her game. Soooo… Jessica Peet….what dumb hunk are you fallin for?? My money is for Alec.

    • Ben Dover

      There has been no such thing as ‘Survivor: Heroes vs Heroes vs Hustlers’.

  • Courtney Kreitzer

    Alison looks like Janet from the good place lol

  • eli

    We would appreciate if there is no censorship of any sort in Survivor.

    • Ben Dover

      OK, but we don’t want you going back and watching season 1 for Dick’s Richard.

      • eli

        hahaha That episode was experimental of sort. The worst probably but Survivor had gone a long long way.

  • Ben Dover

    You need a new hobby. Try fudge.