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Episode 22 Recap – It’s Possible, It Just Hasn’t Been Done

Who was evicted?

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While I’ve been regularly frustrated and at points disgusted with how All-Stars has been going thus far, I haven’t felt completely somber about the season until this week’s eviction. A terrible week only got worse when Tyler didn’t use the Power of Veto, leaving Da’Vonne and Kevin as the final nominees.

Originally, Memphis had wanted to backdoor David, but Tyler saw too many red flags between Dani and Da’Vonne. Things got worse after Da’Vonne and Kevin picked Dani and Nicole as their Houseguest’s Choice for the Veto competition, leading Memphis to concede with Tyler’s plan to keep the nominations as is.

With Da’Vonne, Dani, and Nicole being what Christmas calls an “obvious trio,” Da’Vonne’s chances of staying are not looking great. Her odds look even worse after Kevin talks with Memphis. While Kevin is still skeptical about where players stand, Memphis tells him that he believes Kevin is safe, especially after Da’Vonne’s Veto speech.

While Kevin is left feeling unsure but hopeful, Da’Vonne is feeling outright defeated. She says that being in the Big Brother house this season is making her lose herself. She became a popular player for standing up for herself and owning her voice, which fans have found strength in. This season, she wanted to go further in the game for “the bigger picture” of what it means to be a Black player in Big Brother. She wants to win, make history, and leave an impact. Now, she’s embarrassed that she’s hiding her voice for others, something that’s been a reoccurring issue for the Black players this season (and many seasons before this).

Da’Vonne is not the only one campaigning for her this week. Dani and Nicole have expressed interest in keeping her and believe that Da’Vonne staying will be better for their game. This really only adds to the assumption that Da’Vonne, Dani, and Nicole are a trio, so I’m not really sure if this helped or hurt Da’Vonne’s chances.

Kevin and Da'Vonne
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Another issue still looming over their heads is last week’s eviction vote. Kevin is finally coming to his senses about David voting to keep Ian. David had no reason to betray them in flipping the vote, and lying about not having the Disruptor power is much different than screwing over the two people you are closest with. It just doesn’t make sense that he would choose then to betray them in that way.

Da’Vonne still isn’t convinced. She believes that Nicole would have told her the truth by now since they were working on repairing their trust in each other from Season 18. When she asks Nicole again, she continues to lie. Da’Vonne believes her, but we all know that this isn’t the final say on the matter. Nicole knows that her lie is being blown out of proportion, and is worried about how it will affect her game in the long run. She says she is going to tell Da’Vonne the truth, but what this really means is that she will tell her in the goodbye messages when her game is no longer at risk.

While the nominees are continuing to scramble, those that are safe are planning for the next few weeks. Memphis suggests to Enzo that they make two final three alliances. They pull in two separate people to be the third person and keep them out of the loop. Enzo thinks it’s a great plan, and they easily recruit both Cody and Christmas as their thirds. The duo decided to call both alliances “The Wise Guys,” much to their amusement. Part of the reason this plan works so well is that Enzo and Memphis are both under the impression that they can beat the other in the final two. I’m praying we won’t ever have to find out the answer to that scenario.

Christmas is staying firm in her loyalty to Tyler, but she wants to have back-up plans in case Tyler gets evicted. So, she’s eager to join the (second) Wise Guys and wants to pull in David in the event something goes wrong with the Committee. With Memphis’ blessing, Christmas tells David she believes he voted to keep Ian and thinks that Dani and Nicole screwed him over. Her hope is that they can work together until the final eight (or the next two evictions) to get rid of them.

David—relieved that someone finally believes him—is more than willing to accept this offer. Honestly, it’s an awful deal, and David should be incredibly concerned that Christmas is only willing to work with him until the final eight. But he has limited options, and it’s possible this could be an opportunity for him to make a solid move, provided he wins some competitions.

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Next, the event I’ve been dreading all week, the eviction has finally come. And while I’m pessimistic about Da’Vonne’s chances, her final speech was a beautiful and powerful reminder of why she’s so loved. From Cassandra Waldon to Danielle Reyes to Tamar Braxton, Big Brother has been filled with strong Black women. And yet, not one Black contestant in the regular series has ever won the game. She wants to be the first to prove that it is possible—that the game isn’t rigged against them. I have a lot of thoughts on the treatment of Black contestants in Big Brother, but Da’Vonne was right in reminding us that it is possible, even if it hasn’t been done.

After a speech like that, it’s impossible for Kevin to follow up, especially since it’s likely he’s staying. He still does a fairly good job, reminding everyone that diversity and inclusion initiatives do not end with a seminar or a meeting (some shade towards the current houseguests, I can only hope). He thanks Da’Vonne for making his dream come true by getting to play with her.

In a 5-2 vote, Da’Vonne is evicted from the Big Brother house. Only Dani and Nicole voted to keep her, and I’m assuming it was to secure jury votes should they get to the finale. It’ll probably take more than that for Nicole, though, because Da’Vonne now knows for sure she lied about voting to keep Ian.

In her interview with Julie, Da’Vonne said she was happy to be out of the house and away from everybody, despite loving the game. She believes she was targeted because she won’t be a puppet for other players in the way Kevin can be. Things are cleared up a little more after the goodbye messages. Tyler reveals the Committee alliance once again and namedrops everyone. And Nicole finally admits she voted to keep Tyler and hopes they can be friends outside of the game.

Da’Vonne is understandably upset because her reasons for wanting to know about the vote was beyond the game. As a Black woman, she didn’t want to be bashing one of the only Black men in the game if he was telling the truth. Nicole knew that and continued to be invested in the lie.

Dr Will
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With the HOH underway, we finally get the BB Neighbor twist reveal. And the BB Legend is none other than Dr. Will, who comes with some interesting news. For the HOH competition and Veto, the contestants will have to choose between playing for power or playing for prizes. Oh, and they’ll be seeing a lot of Dr. Will this week.

This will be interesting to see play out, but that isn’t even the most surprising twist of the week. Next Thursday will be a special two-hour TRIPLE eviction, which means I probably will not be sleeping at all that night. Some players have already assumed this will be a double eviction week, so we can only hope a wrench will be thrown in everyone’s plans. Fingers crossed!

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