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Episode 21 Recap – Zingbot’s Revenge

Who won the Veto?

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Truly, we should have seen this coming. Each week we hope for the main alliance to crack, a dynamic to shift, or a player to change the game. Despite the power of manifestation, we still have yet to see that. After Memphis won his second Head of Household competition of the season, he nominated Da’Vonne and Kevin with the intention of backdooring his rival, David. Will the rest of the house agree with this plan? Or will they be too rattled by a visit from Big Brother legend Zingbot?

We start the episode with the reactions from the nomination ceremony. Dani claims that the reason for the nominations is due to Da’Vonne using the Veto on Kevin last week, which is just not true. The Committee has set their sights on Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David for weeks now. The order doesn’t really matter, but Memphis is set on backdooring David this week, using Da’Vonne and Kevin as pawns.

Memphis tells his alliance that they should throw the Veto competition so that he can succeed in his plan. Of course, no one agrees, since they see Memphis as a tyrant. Dani and Nicole want Da’Vonne to stay, but they won’t want to throw the competition. Tyler wants David to stay, so he won’t want to throw it either.

At the Veto selection ceremony, Kevin and Da’Vonne both get the opportunity to select someone, but instead of choosing David, their alliance member, they choose Dani and Nicole. Da’Vonne is still convinced that David was the one who evicted Ian last week, and not Nicole. This mistake was their last chance to gain an ally in the comp, as David was still very loyal to them and definitely would have used the Veto. The final player is randomly selected, which just so happens to be Tyler, who has competed in almost every Veto comp this season.

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Before the comp, Zingbot joins the houseguests in a “Tiger King” insult session. Most of the insults are pretty tame, but the highlight of the episode is Zingbot roasting Nicole, saying (in the tune of “Here Comes The Bride”) that her voice makes them want to die. As for the competition itself, the houseguests must run through a hedge maze to retrieve three tigers and return them to their cages. Whoever can do this in the fastest time wins. No one decides to throw the comp, so the results are pretty close overall. However, Tyler beats Memphis and Dani by around 30 seconds and earns the Veto.

Memphis, of course, is furious that no one threw the competition to him. That still doesn’t mean he won’t try to get Tyler to use the Veto on one of his nominees, allowing him to backdoor David. Tyler still does not want to do this, as he sees Da’Vonne and Kevin as too big of a threat to his own game. It is interesting that Tyler is afraid of Da’Vonne and Kevin, who have barely won anything and are on the outs of the game, but not afraid of Dani, who has openly considered backdooring him multiple times this season.

At the Veto ceremony, Da’Vonne firmly announces that she expects Tyler not to use the Veto, knows there is a bigger alliance in the game, and believes that the plan to backdoor David was all just a lie. It’s a powerful moment that will most likely be ignored by the house but hopefully ignites a fire in some houseguests to really see the bigger picture. Only one of them will be crowned the winner and not the seven people all working together. As expected, Tyler doesn’t use the Veto, leaving Da’Vonne and Kevin as the final nominees.

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So who goes? Da’Vonne will almost certainly become the second member of the jury come Thursday’s eviction. She has played significantly better than her two previous seasons but fell victim to a house dynamic that was impossible for her to crack. Da’Vonne has been one of the most entertaining, inspiring, and dynamic houseguests we’ve had in a very long time on Big Brother. Her story-telling ability is unmatched, and she will be missed.

Tune in on Thursday to watch her eviction, plus the next Head of Household competition where someone from The Committee will probably win again.

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